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Miguel Tejada, Andrew Heaney and Carlos Marmol

Welcome back. Our blog server was targeted once again in some sort of cyber attack and was down for much of the day. But it appears to be up and running again, so let's see if we can't freshen up the site a bit with some of the day's happenings.

First, the Miguel Tejada signing. If you're like myself, you were probably wondering what in the world the Marlins were doing in striking a deal with a A) Soon-to-be 40-year-old infielder whose prime years are well behind him; B) A guy who is presently serving the second-longest drug suspension in MLB history; 3) A player who plays at positions where there is no current need.

So I asked Marty Scott, the Marlins' vice president of player development, to explain the signing, and here's what I got:

"The purpose is to provide a broader base of solutions to us in case we have injuries," Scott said Monday. "We're only a game-and-a-half out of first, and I don't want something to happen at the big-league level where we don't have someone we know who can come up and do the job, not have someone in place where we have to scramble for a week or so and fall further behind. I want to be able to hit the ground running. He's kind of a safety valve."

Scott said Tejada, who turns 40 on Sunday, impressed -- with the bat, as well as with the glove -- in private workouts for the Marlins.

So about that 105-game suspension for amphetamines. Tejada still has time to serve and would not be eligible to suit up again in a big-league uniform until after June 9. In the meantime, though, he can take part in extended spring training, and Scott said the Marlins received some slack from the league and union in terms of allowing Tejada a 10-day rehab session (without pay) at a club lower than the Triple A level.

Thus, Scott said, "On May 27 I can send him to Jacksonville if I want and rehab him for 10 days" before promoting him to Triple A New Orleans. The earliest he could play for the Marlins is June 10. For now, he will spend time at extended spring training in Jupiter.


Triple A New Orleans is listing "To be announced" as its starting pitcher on Thursday. Expect that person to be Andrew Heaney.

After proving himself to be more than capable at Double A Jacksonville, the Marlins' top pitching prospect is being strongly considered by the organization's front office for a promotion.

If all goes well in New Orleans, Heaney could be with the Marlins as early as June, depending on both need and the left-hander's performance at Triple A.

Read more here in the New Orleans Advocate.

By the way, Alex Sanabia delivered five scoreless innings Monday night for the Zephyrs. Sanabia recently returned to the Marlins organization after getting released by the Diamondbacks.


In case you haven't heard by now, the Marlins released Carlos Marmol on Monday. The veteran reliever was designated for assignment last week.


And you can check out my daily story for the paper here on Jose Fernandez and the impact his absence is likely to have on the team.


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Stan M

Heaney might not be the only minor league pitcher being groomed for the big club. Grant Dayton, a LH relief pitcher who was pointed out by Flav a couple of weeks ago has been promoted to AAA. His first appearance there was not good, but his second was just fine. Another relief pitcher who showed promise last year, Wittgren, was really knocked around for the first few weeks Thankfully, he as pitched well in 5 of his last 6 relief appearances. Both of these guys have shown promise and could be in our bull pen late this year or certainly in 2015. Boy I hope DeSciafani pitchers well tonight.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

A man who is being so garrulous as to state, "to provide a broader base of solutions to us in case we have injuries," when all he had to say was "for depth," is a man who is trying to sell you a bill of goods that he KNOWS you don't need.

The real reason they signed him, meaning Loria and Sampson, is because they think people are stupid, they think fans will be attracted to a recognizable name (even though he really should've retired about 5 years ago) and so more people will attend games. In other qwords, their lust for money outweighs any baseball reasons AND the issue of his questionable character. Once again, their greed eclipses the truth.

If I were running a team, this is not the kind of dubious person I would want hanging around my prospects. Especially when there are other much more pressing needs.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

btw Clark, I commend you for asking the questions.

Stan M

Bravo, DT

who's on first

so much ado about nothing......

Sunny Dee

Why not sign Barry Bonds? I'm guessing he has more in the tank than Tejada. I also hear Sammy Sosa is available.

Lou Vales

The Tejada signing is the work of lunatics-----no surprise!!!

Lou Vales

Furcal and Tejada, maybe they can serve as instructors in "various aspects" of the game. Furcal certainly has mastered the art of Idleness.

BJ Rassam

The Tejada signing and any time the organization took to pursue it, plus any resources dedicated to having Tejada play, is a complete and utter waste from resources that could have, should have, and will need to be expended for areas where the organization has much more pressing needs.

Juan Yanes

Why get Tejada instead of trust more in Jonavan Solano who has all the skills necesaries to be regular at 2nd. I no understand ? It seem like a discrmination


Beats me!
Besides Baker, Dietrich, Lucas, and Solano, the Marlins have Rodriguez and Valdespin doing average work at AAA. And, we are still hoping Furcal will play this summer. Someone in the FO must be thinking Tejada can still hit HRs like in the (cheating) past!

Lou Vales

In less than correct English-----Furcal ain't playin nuttin this Summer. He already "played" the Marlins.

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