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Redmond struggling to find the right time to give Stanton a day off; no timetable on Furcal return; Dobbs released

With an 11-game road trip set to begin on Thursday and his team in the midst of playing 20 games in 20 consecutive days, Marlins manager Mike Redmond said Tuesday he's been trying to find a window to give slugger Giancarlo Stanton a day off to rest.

It just hasn't been easy.

"Anytime you have a guy like that in the middle of that order doing what he's doing it's tough to sit him," Redmond said.

"That's not to say it might not happen here soon. It's just to get him a day whether he wants it or not. I remember Derrick Lee and Mike Lowell hated days off too. But at the end of the day we need him strong the whole year, not just the first couple months of the season. We'll see when that day comes. I've been able to get a guys a few days off here. We'll give some guys days throughout this road trip."

Stanton, who leads the National League with 10 homers and all of baseball with 37 RBI, is one of three Marlins who has played in every game this season. Third baseman Casey McGehee and shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria are the others.

"It's just hard in the National League to get guys a full day off," Redmond said. "The pitcher's spot comes up and you do have to use your best guys to hit in certain situations with runners in scoring position. We play close games. So we end up not having that luxury to take a guy and park him, say you're down the whole day. But we try."

Redmond said when he does finally get Stanton a day off in right field veteran Reed Johnson will replace him in the field. Redmond said he prefers to keep the rest of his outfield where they are comfortable.

> Redmond said second baseman Rafael Furcal is back in Jupiter on rehab assignment after aggravating his groin in his first game back with Double A Jacksonville last Friday. But Redmond said Furcal isn't playing in any games yet, and "as of right now there's no timetable for him to come back."

> Pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs, who privately worked out a $1.7 million extension with owner Jeffrey Loria to play for the Marlins this season, was officially released on Tuesday. 

The 35-year old left-handed bat was designated for assignment back on April 29th to make room for Ed Lucas. Dobbs had just one hit in his 13 pinch-at bats and had not seen any action in the field this season. He and his agent reportedly negotiated his extension without the knowledge of then president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and his staff.

> As part of the Marlins' Think Tank program, an online curriculum-enhancement program for local fourth through sixth graders in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Redmond and a handful of players split up and visited students from four different schools on Tuesday.

So what were some of the best questions the players fielded?

"Do my parents still love me now that I play in the big leagues. That was my favorite one," said left fielder Christian Yelich, who along with catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia visited the Renaissance Charter School in Cooper City. "I was laughing pretty hard. I didn't even know what to say. I was like 'I think.'"

Said first baseman Garrett Jones, who visited the Mater Academy of International Studies in Miami: "One kid asked me how much I make in a day. We had a lot of fun. Mostly, everybody wanted to know where Stanton was."


> Mets (16-15): 1. Juan Lagares CF, 2. Daniel Murhpy 2B, 3. David Wright 3B, 4. Curtis Granderson RF, 5. Chris Young LF, 6. Lucas Duda 1B, 7. Travis d'Arnaud C, 8. Ruben Tejada SS, 9. Bartolo Colon RHP.

> Marlins (17-15): 1. Christian Yelich LF, 2. Derek Dietrich 2B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Casey McGehee 3B, 5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 6. Garrett Jones 1B, 7. Marcell Ozuna CF, 8. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 9. Henderson Alvarez RHP.


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Lou Vales

I'll tell you the timetable for Furcal's return---NEVER. Why not just let him keep the 3,000,000 and get him the Hell out of Dodge. As I said earlier, the dude has the body of Warren Buffet. He sets a bad example for all the young players who see him getting away with this junk(substitute your own favorite word)


Stanton's play will let Redmond know that it's time to give him a night off. Not now though; he's hot and they're about to go out West, where he usually rakes.


There's no better way to not have to deal with the Marmol, Dunn, and Ramos issues than to have the starter pitch a complete game gem like Alvarez did tonight. This team is starting to get on a nice roll; the starting pitching is definitely a strength and they are starting to get it together. Hopefully Turner pitches better his next start on Thursday than he did his last one; I already expect Koehler to give us a nice start tomorrow. Go Fish...the way things are starting to look we might have meaningful baseball games to watch this year!

Marlin Fan

Alvarez pitched great tonight . Stanton and Mcgehee RBI's . Btw , I got in tonight WITH parking for $12.50. That wouldn't even cover the bridge tolls to get to the Met game .. Lol .. To echo everyone else , yes get rid of Furcal and Marmol. Hopefully Turner turns it around , but I'm not confident in that. Hopefully someone will assert themselves as a number five . At the very least eat up innings and keep the games close . ... Coughlan made his debut with the Cubbies I think today or yesterday .( Sweeny went on the DL) .


All the good parts of the team have been brought in by the baseball people, one of the last bad parts, which have all been Loria picks, was just let go.

Stan M

Bob, as of right now, there isn't a position player who needs to be replaced in my opinion. This team can win just as they are. If we could just replace Turner and Marmol, and Ramos gets healthy, there is no telling how far this team could go. Salty and Ozuna may fade a little with the bat, but Dietrich and Yelich should improve to make up for it. The batting averages in general will probably cool a little, but then the situational hitting should pick up. Maybe not like the last few games, but better than what we saw in a lot of April.

Stan M

This coming 11 game road trip with no days off could tell us a lot about where this team is heading. Here are the matchups for the first two series showing the opposing pitcher's ERA and WHIP:

San Diego 9 and 9 at home
Turner vs. Kennedy.. 1.12 and 3.43.. forget about it
The Kid vs. Ross.. 1.37 and 3.30.. we should win
Eovaldi vs. Stults.. 1.77 and 5.40.. we should win
Alvarez vs. Erlin.. 1.32 and 4.95.. we should win

Los Angelos 6 and 9 at home (surprising)
Koehler vs. Haren .. 1.17 and 2.39.. doesn't look good
Turner vs. Beckett.. why list, we will lose this baby
The Kid vs. Maholm.. 1.57 and 4.70.. we should win

We could easily be 4-3 after these games. Even 5-2 if Koehler is on or Haren falters. In 4 games at SF, they are 10 and 5 at home, we should see Cain, Hudson, Lincecum, and Vogelsong (vs. Turner). If we get out of there with a split I'll light a candle in church. Probably 1 and 3. That would mean a difficult road trip with a record of 5 and 6 and I'd be happy with that. If we have a winning record on this trip, this could be one very interesting year!!!

Lou Vales

Stan, I missed Ramos not being healthy. What happened. It's strange that baseball more so than other sports is reluctant to admit mistakes. I guess they believe the 162 games buys time BUT since divisional play was initiated over 75% of races have been decided by 5 or less games. Thus means ALL the games count even in May. The Detroit Tigers continue to carry Phil Coke even though he has stunk for 2 years and has no business on a contender's club. Why is this done? Valverde will end up costing the Mets games and yet many clubs would rather have the BAD status quo than roll the dice.


Ozuna appears to be confused at the plate sometimes. He looked at a three pitch strikeout last night. He also is going to injure himself on one of his swings. More often that not, he is way off balance when he swings. Just the opposite with Yellich. His swings are smooth and almost effortless. Once Yellich has a better idea of inside and outside corners of the plate, he will become a solid .300 hitter. Right now, he looks at 3rd strikes which are usually borderline. No wild swings at low outside pitches from him.

Alverez at times looks like he can be an Ace. Sometimes not so much. Last night definitely an Ace.

This next road trip will be huge. Marlins need to at least go 5 and 5. Anything less can be a big deflator.

Lou Vales

We will miss the Padres best starter and we will also miss Kershaw who goes on Sunday, I hope we can be 4-3 heading into San Francisco. We will be fortunate in being done with the Dodgers for the year and not having faced Kershaw once.
Please dismiss Marmol. We can't afford his lack of ability.

Flav C.

Y'all are being very, very quick to dismiss Turner. He can (and will) be very effective as a #4 or #5 in the rotation.

I had written about it before, on another blog. Before Turner's start last Saturday I had mentioned it was an error to bring him back after pitching only 12-13 innings at A+ level. He needed more conditioning, and when back to the rotation, he was set to fail, since he had to face a complete Dodgers' lineup (with Uribe and Kemp back). It would have been smarter to have given him one more start at AA level and have him back to face either the Mets today, or the 1st game against the Padres tomorrow. Anyway, that's in the past already.


Dayton had another 2 innings of no-score last night. On top of that, Dyson is pitching really well in NOLA, with much better command of his pitches and allowing very little runners on base. Another guy who is doing really well in relieve playing for NOLA is Josh Spence, who did a fantastic job in Spring Training. Now, even though I criticize him a lot, the ideal guy to bring up would be Henry Rodriguez, maybe in a near future in this season. He can strikeout an awful lot of hitters with his 100-101 mph fastball. But at this point, he is still working on his command. Too many free-passes (almost 13 BBs/9 innings). It would be like having Marmol all over again. Bottom line, Dyson and Dayton are in the 40-man roster, so it would be easier to move them around. Spence and Rodriguez aren't.

Now if the Marlins wants to think out-of-the-box, the cellar-dwellers D-Backs have some pretty good relieve arms in their bullpen. Addison Reed and Joe Thatcher have been doing an excellent job. Reed is younger and would be under team control until 2018. Thatcher is a veteran, but with a very manageable salary. I'm not sure which parts the D-Backs would be interested on getting back in return from the Marlins on a trade.

Now, the best of their arms is veteran Brad Ziegler. He is lights out. The negative aspect of bringing him is his salary. $4.5 mil this season and $5 mil next season. I would say is out of the Marlins budget.

Lou Vales

Flav, Something remains wrong with Turner. I mentioned earlier in his career there was that special explosion when his ball hit the mitt. That is all gone now. I have no idea if it can be renewed. I always wonder about a guy going from a power pitcher to a low 90's guy hitting the corners.
We do agree that Marmol must be dispatched post haste?

A Realist

Hilarious, Stan! Light a candle in church?

The Marlins will, and should, get rid of Marmol. I like the idea of raiding the D-Backs bullpen. Teams have done that to us for years. It's nice to be on the other side of the equation for a change.

I think Turner is done. The kid looks afraid and embarrassed out there. He needs to get angry and play with some fire in his belly. Someone should punch him in the face prior to the first pitch. I bet you'll see that velocity go up.

Nice win, gentlemen. I would say give Stanton a day off today being a short turnaround with the day game. I hope to come out of this road trip 5-5. They have got to get it going on the road. There's no reason a professional team should have this much trouble away from home. It's a mind game.

Juan Yanes

In spite of Redmond is not a winner manager the Marlins are performing an overjob. I think pitcher Jose Fernandez and catcher Santalamankia lead the winning feeling among the team players

Flav C.

Juan Yanes, at some point you will have to concede that Redmond has been doing a good job managing this team.

It just doesn't work itself by default, or automatically.

Stan M

Realist, it's an 11 game trip. I've read that TV viewership has increased. Not really true. The upsurge is caused by all the Marlin players staring at the TV monitor while stealing the signs that are being forwarded to them from the Temple of Mediocrity out in CF.

A Realist

One game will be a draw :)

Stan M

There is great wisdom in that reply.

Cleveland Spider

We need to win today. I smell a loss coming tomorrow. Turner is pitching. He is the weak link of the rotation. We have a great 1-4 in the rotation. If we add Heaney to this rotation the Marlins could be a contender. Unfortunately, just as Fernandez is an automatic win, Turner is a certain loss every 5th day. I cannot wait until June when Heaney is eligible to be promoted (the cheap owner will not bring him up earlier).


Flav C - don't get too excited about Dyson's outings in Nola right now: he's out for 6 weeks with that broken jaw, courtesy of Hatcher...


Cleveland Spider

Is Tom Kohler the #2 pitcher in the rotation. Kohler may be an All Star if he continues to pitch this way. In June the rotation will look like this: Fernandez, Kohler, Alvarez, Eovaldi, and Heaney. The best young rotation in the game?

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