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Redmond's dirt-kicking ejection impressed soft-spoken Dawson; plus other Marlins notes

Mike Redmond rarely gets visits from Andre Dawson. Sometimes he won't even get a word out of him. 

So when the Hall of Fame outfielder and Marlins special assistant walked into the manager's office Wednesday afternoon Redmond said he knew it was for a special reason.

"I just told him, 'I'm impressed man. I liked that," Dawson said. 

A man of few words, Dawson was of course referring to Redmond's dirt-kicking, profanity-laced tirade that got him tossed by plate umpire Will Little in the sixth inning Tuesday night. 

Redmond felt a called strike three against Adeiny Hechavarria -- visibly high and inside by replays and pitch tracker -- was out of the strike zone. It was one of the many pitches the second-year big league ump missed for both teams.

Marlins outfielder Reed Johnson, who played for one of the best at getting tossed in Lou Pinella, said if Redmond hadn't exploded he's pretty sure Phillies skipper Ryan Sandberg would have.

"He's obviously into the game and wants to win more than anybody on that field. That's how he was as a player playing against him. You can see emotions wise how he's invested in the game," Johnson said. 

"Sometimes when you feel like calls are continuously going against you and something needs to be said he'll do it. It was a good effort. One of the better efforts I've seen in a long time. I know some of the guys on the other side looked like they got a kick out of it as well."

Redmond said his wife Michele and his sons Ryan and Michael got a kick out of it. Redmond said he didn't receive any ribbing from his assistants, but did get a lot of text messages from a lot of people.

"I didn't go out there with the intention to do that," Redmond said of kicking the dirt. " Anger just sort of took over. I don't even remember what I did I was so mad. [Pulling my shirt out of my pants] I think it just signified I was officially done."

First baseman Garrett Jones said Redmond's ejection fired the Marlins up. He said he'd never seen that side of his skipper. Trailing 6-3 at the time, the Marlins eventually lost 6-5, but had the tying and winning runs on base with two outs in the ninth. 

"You're not going to see too much of that out of Red," Dawson said. "But when you do you're going to document it because it's always going to be a keeper. Red got his money's worth."


Jones had four of the Marlins' six hits in Tuesday's loss -- his first four-hit game since Aug. 13, 2012. Since May 12, Jones has been on a tear. He's produced a hit in seven of his last eight games, batting at a .419 clip with five doubles, a triple, one home run and six RBI and he's raised his average from .238 to .273.

Jones, who had one five-hit game in his career back with the Pirates on May 14, 2010, said this is definitely the best groove he's been in at the plate in a while.

"Even a lot of my outs I've hit some balls hard lately," Jones said. "I feel comfortable. Timing feels good there. Like I said, I just want to maintain it, keep working in the cage to keep it going."

Jones ranks seventh in the National League among everyday first baseman in OPS (.807). His six home runs are tied for eighth among first basemen in the NL and his 21 RBI are tied for fifth in the same category.

In case you were wondering, former first baseman Logan Morrison, traded to the Mariners last off-season, hasn't played in a game since April 14 and won't begin a minor league rehab assignment until Friday at the earliest.

He's missed the last five weeks with a hamstring injury and reported discomfort running on Tuesday. He was 3-for-20 for the Mariners before being hurt.


Marlins second baseman Derek Dietrich said he was surprised to see Tony Gwynn Jr.'s sensational over the shoulder catch in the fourth inning Tuesday didn't make SportsCenter's Top 10 plays. Gwynn raced back to the warning track in center field and nearly into the wall to rob Dietrich of what would have easily been a run-scoring extra base hit.

"I didn't think I hit it out because only Stanton can hit a ball out to center here -- from what I've seen. But I thought I hit it well enough to maybe bang off the wall," Dietrich said. "He made a play like Willie Mays."

Dietrich was hit by a pitch for the seventh time this season on Tuesday -- tied for second-most in baseball behind only the Pirates' Neil Walker (8). He was plunked seven times all of last year.

Does he have a bulls-eye on him? "I think so," Dietrich said. "Whatever it takes [to get on base]. [My teammates] were like did you see that ball? I said 'No. I knew exactly where it was going.' Anything to get on in front of Stanton. That's my whole goal, getting on base in front of him. Just got to do what you got to do to get on base."

> Redmond said he's giving Hechavarria the night off "because he's a little banged up, got a few things going. Nothing major." Redmond said he plans on starting Hechavarria in Thursday's afternoon series finale.

> Asked if there are future plans to move veteran left-hander Randy Wolf into the starting rotation, Redmond said the Marlins are "working through that, trying to figure out exactly what is going to be the best for him."

"Do I see him in the bullpen for a long period of time? Probably not," Redmond said. "But that's something we're going to try to figure out as we go."


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I liked it. You never saw Fredi doing that for his players.


I would have been more impressed if he didn't just make that bone head move. And it's NOT the move so much of having Hand walk Gwynn intentionally to pitch to pitch to Burnett, which actually turned out to be Mayberry. No, THE MISTAKE WAS IN BRINGING IN HAND, THE LEAST EFFECTIVE LEFTY PITCHER IN THE BULLPEN TO BEGIN WITH! This is a recurring Redmond move, by the way: it's almost as if when he has to decide who to bring in he says to himself "Hmm...who is the absolute WORST PITCHER I HAVE"? That's how we got Marmol instead of Ramos on that infamous night in Washington back in April. AND HE DOES THIS CONSTANTLY!!! One of our posters called "experimenting", and that's a very good word for it. Of course, I call it SABOTAGING the team's chances of making the playoffs.

IF YOU ARE A MANAGER WHO THINKS YOUR TEAM HAS A CHANCE TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, YOU BRING IN YOUR BEST POSSIBLE OPTION. Last night he had a choice of Ramos, Capps, Dunn and Wood. And who does he bring in? BRAD HAND. Why? What has ANYONE HERE seen from Hand this year that made ANYONE think they were going to get out that inning? It's moves like that which make me believe that HE REALLY DOESN'T CARE ABOUT MAKING A PLAYOFF RUN WITH THIS TEAM.

I was going to LIFT MY SELF IMPOSED BOYCOTT OF THIS TEAM and start going to games again. Well, that plan is ON HOLD now.


1-0 Phillies. NATHAN EOVALDI WILL NEVER BECOME A GREAT PITCHER UNTIL HE STARTS THROWING A THIRD PITCH CONSISTENTLY WELL. He is a TWO TRICK PONY: Fastball and breaking ball, and THAT'S ALL. I don't care how hard his fastball is, if hitters only have to guess between TWO PITCHES, HE IS GOING TO GET HIT AND HIT HARD.

Redmond decides to give Ed Lucas a start at SS and he makes a misplay that was charged to Jones. But the truth is that the Phillies are barrelling up everything Eovaldi is throwing up there.

Hopefully he settles down. But so far I have big doubts that Eovaldi can step up and take Jose's place as this team's #1 Starter. I would LOVE him to prove me wrong.

A Realist

This team doesn't really believe in themselves. When these guys look back on these early years they will regret not having played with a little more urgency. I'm especially talking about Eovaldi, Alvarez, and Turner from the pitching staff. So much talent and yet so much left to be desired. Ninety percent of any sport is mental. These pitchers are not in control of their thoughts out there.

Alex, that's my biggest knock on Stanton. He's doesn't take an intellectual approach at the plate or on defense. He either isn't putting the time in the video room or he simply isn't getting it, which would only further my point. An athlete blessed with his physical attributes should go on to be an all-time great. I don't think he will because he's mentally mediocre. And again, sports is 90% mental like almost everything else in life.

Mtn. Landis

Red is 9 for 10 in challenges this season. Someone posted he was perfect. Close but not perfect.


A Realist, you are certainly entitled to your opinion on Stanton. I disagree simply because the kid basically was a football player, he is just 24 years old, and very few kids at 24 have any kind of an "intellectual approach" at the plate. That takes TIME TO DEVELOP my brother. You and I can see it clearly, of course. We KNOW that he's gonna get a curve ball on the next pitch based on what the pitcher has set him up with during that AB, and it KILLS US when he doesn't figure that out himself.

ON THE OTHER HAND, he has gotten much better at it than he was when he first came up. Look, when guys first come up, you know what the coaches do? They tell them to KEEP IT SIMPLE: SEE BALL, HIT BALL. They discourage guys from doing too much thinking. Ozuna is a PERFECT example. He has NO PLAN WHATSOEVER when he comes up.

Anyway, on Stanton we will just have to agree to disagree! No problem, I still like ya, LOL!


Eovaldi's velocity seems a touch off. No 97 mph tonight. After this stuff with Jose, ya gotta wonder. Everything he throws is getting hit pretty hard. He's having trouble throwing a decent curve ball, so hitters are sitting fastball and it ain't that fast. And it's STRAIGHT TOO.


And what's wrong with Yelich? We are all ready to send Ozuna down but his numbers are about the same as Yelich's. The big difference is that at least Yelich is working out some walks and for a lead off guy that is key. But I'm sure we ALL expected Yelich to be around .300, and instead he's around .250.

Stam M

Thank you Giancano Swaboda. Great catch and he has been excellent at cutting balls off down the line, turning and throwing accurately to 2B. Flav, I'd love to see someone come up and give Ozuna some learning time in AAA ball. A little worried about Jenson's splits. His stats away from home and at night could be better. But we don't learn if we don't experiment.

DT, I have to mildly differ with your evaluation of the pitching coach. There are only 2 teams in the NL and 5 in all of baseball with a better run differential than this team. I think all of our present coaches are improvements over the past few years. There is one place when I would like to see improvement. Flav makes some excellent points about Redmond's motivational ability. I would think that a veteran dugout coach could help him to circumvent some of his questionable tactical decisions. And Flav, Ozuna has proved to be an excellent CFer. But Marisnick is as good or even better, and I have had no complaints with Yelich's routes to balls, or his initial jump on balls. His arm is accurate but not as powerful as either of the other options. And he's possibly faster than either of them. He won't kill us if he has to play CF for a while so either of the other two can refine their skills.

Eovaldi wasn't sharp, but he was taking his arm all the way back, not slinging it like in his last start. Purely my opinion. I really like Dietrich's future with this team. Some defensive liabilities, but he is good on both ends of the DP.


Good win, that's the way to play at home.


Well, I guess Ozuna & Yelich answered me pretty good, LOL. Both had a really nice game.

Stanton's catch saved that game, no question, saved Eovaldi from a loss, and saved the Fish from sliding under .500. Eovaldi had another sub par game, right when this team needs him to STEP UP. With just two pitches he's going to have problems.

The good thing is that this team HITS. That can overcome a lot of poorly pitched games.

Flav C.

I told y'all how Redmond has been more and more using the shift in the OF. Case and point tonight, with Stanton's catch , last night and against the Giants. No wonder iStanton is top 3 on defensive runs saved.
I guess Ozuna solved our CF debate for the time being. Maybe Red's decision in moving him to the #8 spot contributed to it? Guess not. Redmond doesn't make good and sound strategical decisions.

Stam M

Nice post until you sounded like someone else in the last paragraph. Anyway, good for Ozuna. Personally, I would say that Redmond's leadership and confidence building, which you frequently point out, would fall into the category of strategic decisions. It is more in the sphere of tactical decisions that he has been lacking. But we are in third place with him and he isn't going anywhere so let's hope that the learning curve gains momentum. Things could be a whole lot worse. Ozuna actually looked at some of the balls he swung at, something that had been lacking lately. Nonetheless, the man didn't get nearly 30 RBIs by sitting on his hands. Let's count out blessings.


Flav C, since I have been a vocal critic of Redmond, every time you defend him I feel like you are specifically talking to ME, although I know that's not true; I am far from the only guy who has taken his shots at the manager.

Still, I will answer your posts AS IF you were talking just to me. I have really only been critical of one aspect of Red's managing: his use of the bullpen. On everything else, I feel he has done a good job. Now as far as positioning guys in the field, maybe that's Red's doing, maybe it's some other Marlins coach. It doesn't matter; I will gladly give Red the credit for it.

Where I disagree with you is in his use of the pen. Too much "experimenting", too many games where it's almost as if he says "hmm..let's see if so and so (Marmol, Henry Rodriguez, Brad Hand, Slowey, etc., etc.) can be used in this situation". And of course, the answer has turned out to be NO, THEY CAN'T BE USED IN THAT SITUATION, RED! Which everyone already KNEW. Nobody had any doubt that Marmol, etc., would screw up in those games that Red brought them in to..nobody but Red, that is.

I listened to the Jack McKeon interview and he as much as said he feels Red has made mistakes. He said that ALL rookie managers make mistakes their first few years, and I agree. He made a LOT of them last year. I had hoped that as far as the pen went, he had learned from those mistakes. Yet he seems to continuously repeat them. It makes it easy to draw the conclusion that either he doesn't care if the team wins or loses...as long as he doesn't lose 100 games. I have made that statement hoping it wasn't true, but come on, Flav. Brad Hand the night before? And he intended to bring in Slowey in the 10th inning of a tie game with other pitchers available? Seriously?

But other than his use of the pen, I agree with you 100%: Red seems to be doing a fine job.

A Realist

Figures Stanton makes a great catch to save the game. Good for him. Happy they finally beat these guys. They always struggle against the Phillies no matter their record. We'll see how they finish the series. With Alvarez going, you never know what you're going to get. I'm leaning towards him sucking lol. H's a head-case. Kid is all over the place out there. H needs some yoga or something.

Juan Yanes

Marlins coaches should learn a little more about "game tactics" in the day before 6-5 loose off Phillies the coaches showed clear unknown: #1.- walk intentionaly to Tony Winn off lefty Hand ignoring pitcher Burnet has already 94 throws. # 2.- Bottom of inning 8 with Macchhgee running at first base and two outs (he was the tie run)a pinch runner should be replace him because he is slow; could be score with the hit of Jones to the outfield. Nobody say nothing about the lack of TACTICS Marlins have in every day games, WHY??????

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