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Report: Fernandez has significant UCL tear, surgery recommended

LOS ANGELES -- CBSsports.com's Jon Heyman is reporting that Jose Fernandez has a significant tear in his ulnar collateral ligament and Tommy John surgery was recommended by the first doctor to examine him -- Neal ElAttrache, the Dodgers' team physician.

But the Marlins are waiting to hear the results of a second exam that was expected to take place today in Miami by the Marlins' team doctor, Lee Kaplan, before deciding which direction to go with Fernandez.

On a positive note, Heyman also reported that Fernandez's elbow is in otherwise "pristine" condition, improving his chances of a successful return if he undergoes surgery. But if surgery proves to be the case, the earliest Fernandez could be expected to pitch again for the Marlins would be sometime next season.

Meanwhile, the Marlins need someone to take Fernandez's start on Wednesday against the Dodgers and they might be forced to dip into their minor-league system for that person. Kevin Slowey threw 46 pitches in San Diego on Sunday while Brad Hand was used last night in relief, all but eliminating either of those two as possibilities.

Anthony DeSclafani is one possible call-up candidate. His start on Saturday for Double A Jacksonville was cut short after one inning by rain. Andrew Heaney went six innings on Sunday for Jacksonville and is likely not being considered.


Henry Rodriguez walked four batters in only two-thirds inning last night in what was only his second outing with the Marlins since being called up from the minors.

Only four pitchers since 1914 who have logged as many as 150 innings in their careers have averaged more than 6 walks and 9 strikeouts per nine innings. They are: Rodriguez (6.41 BB/9 and 9.04 K/9), Doug Creek (6.19 BB/9 and 9.08 K/9), Mark Clear (6.2 BB/9 and 9.00 K/9) and Carlos Marmol (6.16 BB/9 and 11.60 K/9).


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You don't want to be on that kind of list with Marmol.

Former Season Tckt Holder

Devastating news about the 2nd best athlete in Miami, Just devastating

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Has ANYBODY in baseball ever heard of HIPAA???

Soooooo... over an entire century of baseball, only four guys have been so wild as to average 6+ walks per 9 innings ... and we signed the only two that were available. THAT'S reassuring!

ware adams

Let’s face it: the Marlin “front office” as a matter of policy, should have physical examinations of pitchers and their elbows—as a matter of course so that the likelihood of injuries such as Hernandez’s could be prevented.
It’s all about Luria and an effort to field a competitive team on inadequate dollars.
In the meantime, the front office has wated precious $$ to obtain Furcal, whom the do not need.
As a Chicagoan familiar with the pitiful Cubs, to put Marmol on the mound was a clearly predicable disaster—and the vanity of putting this poor fellow on the mound cost the Marlins two wins!

Flav C.

Just finished reading an article by Tom Verducci on SI. I'd urge everyone to read it.

It is very telling on why "prevention" or anything like that has very little to do with the actual mechanics of the young pitchers of our days, and the extreme velocity they are using, since their young age in High School or College.

You just can't prevent it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Isn't Verducci the same guy who wrote the piece a few years back about how a large increase in innings pitched (50+) from one season to the next contributed significantly to arm injuries?

Flav C.

DT, sorry, really don't know. But I do remember a few years ago a Orthopedic doctor who writes for ESPN (Stephanie something), where she also wrote something similar to what Verducci's article mentions. At that time, she was bringing up the subject because of JJ'a surgery.

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