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Report: Hatcher punched, broke jaw of Marlins prospect Dyson in fight down in Triple A

Marlins pitching prospect Sam Dyson has reportedly been sidelined for six weeks with a broken jaw after he got into a fight with New Orleans Zephyrs teammate Chris Hatcher.

Citing a source in the Marlins organization, the New Orleans Advocate reported on Wednesday that the fight occurred at a Nashville bar on April 29th during the Triple A team's just-completed eight-game road trip.

Hatcher, who made 29 relief appearances for the Marlins from 2011 to 2013 and posted a career 7.22 ERA with the team in that span, was suspended five games by the organization and returned to the Zephyrs on Wednesday.

“I’m not getting into that; can’t do it,” Hatcher told The Advocate on Tuesday evening as the Zephyrs prepared for a home game against the Iowa Cubs. “I’m suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Unfortunately [the incident] happened, and I’m going to leave it at that.”

Dyson is rated the team's 14th-best prospect according to MLB.com. 

Hatcher told The Advocate he has spoken with Dyson since the incident, but didn’t want to say what was said. “There’s a lot up in the air,” Hatcher said.

Dyson has made eight appearances this season and is 0-1 with a 2.76 earned-run average over 16.1 innings. He has 13 strikeouts and six walks. Hatcher (0-2, 2.51), who tied a Pacific Coast League record with 33 saves last season, has been used as both a closer and set-up man this season.


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A Realist

Awesome! There goes one possible prospect coming up any time soon. Way to go Hatcher. You sucked as a professional so you have to screw it up for someone else.

Delray B

Two sides to every story. Way to jump conclusions without knowing shitttttt about the situation. Idiot.

Lou Vales

I know nothing of the situation,however, I do know from experience that ALL entities tend to not be too fond of an employee, with basically NO future, busting up an employee who could be seen of great assistance in the near future. The only side to this story is no matter what may have transpired, Hatcher probably just lost his chance to be a CAREER minor leaguer for the Marlins.


I still can't get over the posts criticizing Stanton. I mean some people just will never be satisfied, I guess! If Stanton hits .300 they will be upset it's not .340. Never mind that the kid is leading the NL in HRs and RBIs. Never mind that he got the hit in the 9th inning and scored the game winning run! No! Lets rip the kid for what? Hitting into 2 DPs BEFORE THAT! Hilarious. The Marlins only had THREE HITS the entire game.

I may not be as old as some of you, but I AM in my mid 50's. I have seen WILLIE MAYS hit into 2 DPs in a game. So did Hank Aaron. Mickey Mantle. Ernie Banks. Derek Jeter. Roberto Clemente. Hey, it happens. It's BASEBALL, not football. It's a game where failure 70% of the time means you're pretty good. When he finally leaves as a free agent or Loria trades him, I hope none of you complain about it. Some of you have done nothing but criticize Stanton since the day he got here. He's probably the #1 power hitter in the game and will most likely continue to be for the next 10 years. Enjoy his time here as a Marlin because he will soon be gone to a team with fans that will APPRECIATE HIM. Hell, I remember some of you guys RIPPING ON MIGUEL CABRERA TOO! He was too fat, too this, too that, for some of you when he played here. No big loss, you said! Well, fans in Detroit sure appreciate him! While some of you NOW wish we had never traded him. It will be the same with Stanton, mark my words.

Country Roads

Big deal...This type of thing happens more than reported. Only took the local beat writers a week to report this insignificant news. Hatcher gets a mere 5 days. Guess Dyson is no Tyson. Both releivers probably got fed up with each other's BS after 8 game road trip. In a Nashville bar. Boys will be boys. Move on. Hatcher may actually benefit by getting out of the Marlins org.


Disagreements & even dislike are common, broken bones after public fights aren't. The concern for management should be the common thread here is yet again one of these parties is involved in a situation that is far less than ideal (but for once good ol' boy charm & fact twisting didn't paint him as the hero/good guy).

Stan M

Flav, let me know if I'm wrong, but isn't it Dayton from AA ball that you have touted. Looking at his stats, I can't figure out why Dyson is even listed as a top 20 prospect. He was terrible when called up last year, and his minor league stats are far from eye opening. In fact, they stink for the most part.

DT, where are you? Things are fun now and you have been our resident scholar for some time now. I hope you are well, and if so, please don't fade away.

Flav C.

Whatever happened between Dyson and Hatcher we won't know and honestly, I couldn't care less. Too bad for Dyson who was putting together some good performances.

As far as Stanton, I agree with Alex 100%. Fans are never happy, even when Stanton is leading the MLB in RBIs, leading NL in HRs, leading the MLB in go-ahead hits, leading the MLB in game-winning hits.

But the aspect where I think there is a big gap between people's expectations for Stanton as a hitter and the naked reality, is the fact that several fans have this crazy expectation that Stanton is a great hitter. He isn't. He is not a hitter of the caliber of Cabrera, Votto, or David Wright, in the sense that he has a great eye for pitches or knows when to lay off of bad pitches. He will continue to strike-out a lot, he will continue to make some bone-head plays. Just like he will continue to drive in lots and lots of runs (if healthy). And believe me, there are tons of teams salivating to have someone like him to drive in all these runs.

As Alex mentioned several times, he is 24, still young, still learning. But the truth of the matter is that Stanton is a big, strong, football player, who happened to like baseball as well. He never was a "ball player", who has a lot of baseball instincts and understands its little nuances. So, looking for this perspective, his ceiling to improve is not that high. I don't see him as a .300 hitter, season-in, season-out, like the ones I mentioned above. Anyone who continues to follow his career when he is 25-26, or 30 years old, will realize that most of his traits as a hitter (positive or negative) will be there.

But I do see him as a younger version of Prince Fielder, probably a bit better. And for me, that is good enough. As long as he keeps driving and scoring runs, I don't care about his strikeouts, neither his double-plays (by the way, those two yesterday were only his 2nd and 3rd double plays in 130 at-bats this season).

Not sure if you guys noticed but, in 34 games this season, Stanton either scored a run, or drove in an RBI in 24 of those games.

I can live with that.

Stan M

Watched the game on Met telecast. Play at home plate was close because Stanton wasn't on third when ball was caught. He had to backtrack a little in order to tag up. Not the smartest maneuver, and where was Butler on the play.

Flav C.


Dyson (the one with the broken jaw) is in NOLA. His minor league numbers are pretty good (not sure where they stink). They actually are better than one known Tom Koehler whose numbers in AAA for 2 seasons were pretty bad. Dyson's stint in the majors was very short, and a mixed bag. He had good outings, and one disastrous outing against the Phillies where eh allowed 7 runs.

Dayton is in AA and has been dominating since called up from Jupiter last season. He is the one I've been mentioning for quite a while.

Bob Wilson

I saw Koehler pitch every home game in NOLA and whomever said he was"pretty bad" has "bad" info. He got better and better each year as the seasons progressed-and he never missed a start. I believe that's what a team would want in all pitching prospects.Please check the facts before making "factual" statements.

Stan M

Flav, did you watch the Met telecast? Keith Hernandez, when evaluating Koehler, said he had just finished 3 very good years in the minors. So I'm afraid in saying Koehler's numbers in AAA were pretty bad, you differ with him, for I don't think I discussed them.
Regarding Dyson, I probably should have qualified my remarks and said they stink for a prospect at his age and in the top 20. I always look at walks vs. Ks and hits vs. innings with minor leaguers and his are mediocre at best. A little better this year, I'll grant you. Of course he came to the majors last year and put 21 men on base in 11 innings before being sent back down. My point is that he is not a blue chip prospect and shouldn't rate above some of the prospects below him in the top 20. I'll take the kid you've touting any day.
As for Stanton, of course he is an asset. But there are areas where he is also a liability. You can all speak eloquently about his attributes, but he should not have bailed that kid out with those two ridiculous swings, especially as a 5 year veteran. Shades of Darryl Strawberry. Pundits would say, "But he's only 23 years old", then "but he's only 25 years old", then "But he's only 28 years old". In fact, I would compare him more to Strawberry or even George Foster, rather than Prince Fielder. And I do agree, he's better than Fielder. Perhaps some day Stanton can hit 5th, and play LF, and he would be accepted for what he is.

A Realist

Just because Stanton is a great power-hitter doesn't mean that we can't criticize him for making stupid plays at the plate and in the outfield. You want to be paid like a superstar, then you damn well better play like one all around. Yes, he can crush a ball, but he doesn't hit for average very well. And he is a very average outfielder defensively that hasn't made leeps and bounds since being up in the big leagues. At what point will his age stop being his excuse? When he's 60?

Besides, professional athletes are criticized everywhere they go whether it be Detroit, New York, or Miami. You mean to tell me that New York doesn't get all over their athletes and rip them and their personal lives' to shreds? It's not that we don't appreciate him. We want him to succeed and help our team succeed, as well. He isn't, and never will be, above the team. The Marlins will be here long after he is gone.

A Realist

And I don't want the Marlins to trade him, but I know they will. Mark MY words.....

Flav C.

Bob Wilson,

I always check the facts. If you're going to tell me that 2 seasons (2011 and 2012) pitching a high 4.60 ERA, allowing 1 HR per 9 innings, and a very high WHIP of 1.6, that those are good numbers...Well, who am I to say otherwise. I just beg do differ from you and Keith Hernandez (who probably had never saw Koehler pitching in the minors). His best minor league stint was years ago in Jacksonville. But yes, he is very durable, can eat innings and teams love that.
I am very happy for him and for his performance right now. I am just skeptical (very skeptical) that what we are all seeing from him right now is sustainable.

As far as Stanton, he is not above anyone and can (and should) be criticized. I was just pointing out that what you see is what you get. I don't expect him to be a .300 hitter. I know he will be a power-hitter, with amazing power numbers, who strikes-out a lot. As long as he continues producing at the level he is producing right now, I am fine with that.


I see Stanton getting better as a hitter--still chasing sliders, but not as often or predictably as before. He's more choosy now, and when other Marlins are patient too that makes pitchers work harder, tire sooner. I think we'll continue seeing his batting average improve.

Stanton does not exhibit the instincts of a natural outfielder. He does have a great throwing arm, but does not appear to have tried to make the most of that. He should, as long as he's in the outfield.

Does he have a natural defensive position? It might be a good idea to work him out at first base.

Stan M

Flav, those bad old meanies went and put Koehler on the All Star team in 2012. How could people be so wrong like that? I don't think that his present performance level is sustainable either. Should it be, he will have to be considered for the HOF. Through last September and all of his starts this year, his ERA must be close to, or below 2.00. That must be over 10-12 starts. No one not named Pedro can keep that up. Right now he's one heck of a #4 starter. And as I said in yesterday's blog, I hope you are right and we are all wrong about Turner. If he finds himself, we will really have something. Just out of curiosity, if you could have either Koehler or Turner for your ML team, which would you choose.

Flav C.

I would pick Turner.

One thing very interesting about Koehler this season, compared to last season is related to something I wrote about after his 2nd start! and I'll get there...the interesting detail is that most of TK stats are mirror image: if you look at his SO/9, BB/9, SO/BB, they are identical. The major and most important detail of his stats that has improved so far compared to last season is the number of hits allowed. It has reduced drastically.
Now, how can it have reduced since he is the same pitcher who pitches for contact? He strikes out very little, that didn't change.
The key difference probably has to do with I had written before: the addition of a sinking fastball. He's been using it more than 20% of his pitches! and that wasn't part of his repertoire before. That has helped him to induce much more groundouts versus line drives he allowed last season.


Stanton is really bad isn't he? He struck out earlier and popped up! Of course he also hit an unbelievable HR to RF that I am telling you very few guys, if any, could hit. There are almost NO PLAYERS with the strength this kid has.

I mean the professional Stanton haters around here have ALWAYS made me shake my head. There are guys here (I won't name them; they know who they are) who have wanted to TRADE STANTON ever since he got here. I believe Stanton for Mark Teahen and a bag of baseballs was one of the potential trades I heard over the years. And me, I just could NEVER UNDERSTAND YOU GUYS. Was the kid a finished product? OF COURSE NOT! The kid is STILL LEARNING! He's nowhere NEAR his peak. Yet so many guys here just hated on this kid over the years! Why? Seriously, WHY? Have you no patience? Did you take a look at the 21 year old Stanton (or the 22 year old or the 23 year old) and make the decision that he would NEVER GET ANY BETTER? What made you come to THAT conclusion? Because I have watched just about every game this kid has played and I HAVE SEEN IMPROVEMENT IN EVERY PHASE OF HIS GAME. Yet some of you guys actually post that "he has learned nothing". Well, you guys are entitled to your opinion, I guess. Me, I think this kid is on his way to greatness and I consider myself blessed to be able to witness his progress!


Oh and Ramos and Dunn both looked ok; not great, not overpowering, but both got the job done, Ramos for two innings. And lets not forget the nice inning by Capps. It may be that Capps' presence is just what this bullpen needed.

Stan M

Gobble, gobble, crunch, crunch...that's the sound of me eating crow after seeing Turner pitch well. Can Flav be right for more than one start with this guy? Lets us all hope that Flav possesses magical powers and Turner continues on like tonight.

As I have been trying to tell Alex for weeks, Stanton is like the second coming of the Messiah But the guy won't listen Look what he said last month:

Am I the ONLY guy in the universe that can clearly see that Stanton's biggest problem is he lets just about every pitcher get Strike One on him IMMEDIATELY? Opposing pitchers ALWAYS throw pitch #1 to Stanton RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. And he TAKES IT, for Strike One. That's often the last really good pitch he sees! And if they get TWO STRIKES on Stanton, he might as well have a seat. Cause the next three pitches will be big sweeping breaking pitches OUT OF THE STRIKE ZONE that Stanton will take the lamest WAVE AT for STRIKE THREE.

Alex, the guy is only 24 YO and is still learning. Give him time; be patient.

Stan M

Now Alex, don't get your bowels in an uproar. I'm putting you on. My point is that anyone can criticize Stanton and still realize that he is a great talent. In the past you have mentioned, rather unkindly, that I wanted to trade Stanton. Back then, yes. Major reason being that I felt that Loria would never be able to sign him. Even then, I emphasized that the Marlins had plenty of prospects, and he should only be traded for ML players. That Pittsburgh trade sounded awfully good, even if Cole wasn't included. Circumstances change and right now, excluding a bull pen improvement, this team has no glaring weaknesses. And most importantly, Stanton is smiling and having a good time on this team that seems to have a good chemistry about it. I think the guy will be willing to sign long term, but it will be for impossible money. Sell a picture or two, Loria, and grab him while you can.

A Realist

Alex, calm down, please. No one ever said Stanton is not a good player. He is not above criticism. And while he hit the game winning homerun, he has areas to improve upon. Areas that have been weaknesses since he came up to the bigs.

He will be traded. Loria will never give him the money that he wants and probably deserves. He will be traded, not because the fans don't appreciate him, but because Loria doesn't.

A Realist

Stan, you are totally correct. Stanton might as well sit down with two strikes. He knows that the pitcher isn't going to throw strike 3 anywhere near the plate, yet he swings at sliders in the dirt!! Why?! He continues to struggle with plate awareness, while Hech and Yelich have made significant improvements from year 1 to year 2. And these guys are younger than Stanton. He just seems to totally forget his approach. I love his power, but I would equally love some better decisions on no-brainier situations at the plate.

And Alex, don't take our criticisms of Stanton as a personal attack on you. They are not. You're not his agent or anything so there's really no point in you getting annoyed by our comments. He's a great player, but how much better could he be with simple adjustments.

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