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Marlins sign Randy Wolf

LOS ANGELES -- Anthony DeSclafani is scheduled to make his major league debut tonight for the Marlins. But it could be one and done deal for the rookie as the Marlins have signed 37-year-old veteran Randy Wolf (see stats here), who has not picked in the big leagues since 2012to a one year deal and intend to put him in their rotation.

According to the Arizona Republic, Wolf opted out of his contract with the Diamondbacks and was headed to the Marlins. ESPN's Jayson Stark was the first to report the Marlins intended to put Wolf in their rotation.

Wolf will fill the roster spot created late last night when the Marlins designated Henry Rodriguez for assignment and optioned Dan Jennings to Triple A New Orleans. It's possible the Marlins could keep DeSclafani on the roster and use him out of the bullpen. But so far the Marlins haven't announced the Wolf signing, so more details will come later.

Wolf, a lefty, did not pitch at all in 2013 after undergoing Tommy John surgery for a second time. He had gone 5-1 with a 4.50 ERA in six starts at Triple A Reno this season. He last pitched on May 9.

Over a career that began in 1999 with Philadelphia, Wolf is 132-117 with a 4.20 ERA. He has also pitched for Dodgers, Padres, Astros, Brewers and Orioles.


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Wolf is having command issues. His AAA results are not as good as what Flynn has so far accomplished. Besides his prior MLB experience, he does not have better stuff than Flynn.


Randy Wolf? Really? Well, he could be decent. I remember him as a serviceable lefty who kept his team in the game. We'll see.


I think I'd still prefer DeSclafani in the rotation over Wolf. Try him in the 'pen before giving him a game.

A Realist

Agreed, Bob. They might as well bring up someone from the minors and try them out. It's not like we are going anywhere this year, or next year, for that matter. Allow these younger guys to get some experience. They won't though because that starts the clock on how long the FO has control over these youngsters. We won't see Heaney or Flynn until next year most likely. It was an aberration to see Fernandez up so soon, honestly.

A Realist

This goes back to a point I made earlier this year.

This FO and owner are not fans of the team because of a love of the team like some owners are (Mark Cuban, Cubs owners, Magic Johnson, Steinbrenners, John Henry). The FO wants to see the team do well because that means THEY make more money and further their own career aspirations.

They will continue to slow-play bringing up minor league talent because this leaves the FO an "out" to say, "Be patient. These guys are young and the ceiling is still high for what they can accomplish." This is always the quote we get from the Marlins front office towards the fans.

Tired of being a fan of this team. I really am. The sad thing is I won't quit supporting them because I don't turn my back on my hometown teams. However, I will not attend games. Not until Loria sels the team after 2015 (He keeps all profits after 2015 season) or they miraculously start behaving as a franchise that wants to win.

Sorry guys. Had to get that off my chest.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Realist, the only thing Loria has changed, on someone's advice I'm surmising (NOT the advertising yahoos), is that he now operates behind the smoke screens named Michael Hill and Dan Jennings.

Stan M

The only positive I could see from The Kid's injury was that at least the team would be forced to bring up some prospects. But no, we get Randy Wolf. I don't give a damn if he is moderately successful. His signing, simply put, is not a step forward.

Last night I had on the Dodger telecast. With Puig up and the count 3 and 1, there was a close up of Turner. He licked his lips and gulped. The kid looked scared. Two pitches later the roof fell in,


I guess Flav C might say that I'm taking a shot at Redmond because he's an "easy target", but COME ON. Jeff Baker batting CLEAN UP? Yeah, I saw that Baker has decent numbers lifetime against Maholm, but HE IS NOT A CLEAN UP HITTER. Now I am posting this EARLY, which means that if Baker hits 3 HRs I will look stupid and Redmond will look like a genius, but I don't care. This is a stupid move. Even if Redmond gets lucky and it does work out, it's still a stupid move. Counting on GETTING LUCKY is always a bad move. You should never count on getting lucky. Luck either happens or it doesn't, but only the DESPERATE count on luck.

Flav C.

Alex, agree with you, my friend. Baker is not clean up.


Here's what I noticed, Stan, and I'm not pointing this out to criticize you but just to make you aware of it, because I don't think you even notice that you are doing it. If you don't like a guy, God help him. Nothing he will ever do will be good enough. Stanton is a PERFECT example. You say nothing about him when he's playing great but you absolutely RIP HIM when he hits into a DP or otherwise fails. Same with Turner. Now I'm no big fan of the kid either, but he has pitched very well lately INCLUDING yesterday up until the 6th inning. I watched that entire game and I didn't see the kid "lick his lips and gulp" or "look scared". I think you see what you want to see when it comes to players you just don't like.

Now I am not immune to doing that type of stuff myself, but at least I'm aware of it, so I TRY to give a player I don't like too much the benefit of the doubt. For example, I do not like Mike Dunn. I can be hyper critical of him, Although he has pitched better lately, he has given up some hard hit balls that were caught. I could easily point that out, but instead I congratulate the guy for his recent success, because I would rather not let my prejudice against the guy show so much. And I'm a Fish fan and want him and ALL Marlins to do well. Anyway, I'm not trying to start an argument with you. Just pointing something out. Hell, I could be wrong; I've been wrong before. And when I am I admit it. So don't take it the wrong way. We're both die hard Fish fans, and I'm not much younger than you at 58.


Fish bust out for a FIVE RUN SECOND INNING! WOO-HOO! Eddie Lucas (how can you NOT root for that guy?) goes DEEP and the kid pitcher hits a grounder to the right side with bases loaded and one out (so many of our REGULARS have been unable to do that lately) and ends up with an RBI. They gave Gordon an error, but even if he fields it cleanly, the run scores; it was not a DP ball.

Then Stanton hits a freaking LASER to LF that Crawford backed up on but had NO CHANCE to catch. That ball was hit so hard the seams were WHISTLING as it went over Crawford's head, LOL! I know some of you guys played ball; I'm sure you remember that sound! And then the "Clean up hitter" Baker hits a monstrous swinging bunt to 3rd base and when Maholm throws the ball to 1st, Stanton scampers all the way home. Great play by Stanton who continues to become a better all around baseball player with every game.

Man, I haven't had this much FUN watching the Marlins in at least a week! 6-0 Fish! Now please, Desclafani, DO NOT BLOW IT!


Three innings in and Desclafani looks very good. He's pitching a shut out and I can see what they mean when they say he's "polished". He looks relaxed but focused, in command, and he is USING HIS HEAD, setting hitters up with an assortment of pitches. NOTHING is up in the strike zone so far. His fastball has hit 95 which is very good, and he is featuring an awesome curve ball at 82 MPH. He looks better than Turner right now. But of course they are already talking about putting him IN THE BULLPEN. Hey, the Marlins are nothing if not STUPID. IF HE CONTINUES TO PITCH THIS WAY THE REST OF THE GAME HE DESERVES ANOTHER START. Not a trip to the BULLPEN.

Still, he's only pitched 3 innings, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. But I like what I see SO FAR!

Flav C.

Alex, the issue with Sclafani and the bullpen is not new. Scouts had already pointed out in t,eh past that he would be a good long relieve guy because of the fact that he is not durable for , he runs out of gas much quicker than most pitchers. Also, as a reliever he would not need to tame his 95-96 mph fastball.
Agree on Turner as well. looked much better last night. Turner still is 22 , and he is a work in progress . I have no doubts with two more starts he will be showing why he is a former #1 draft pick. Not sure if you noticed, but his fastball topped 95 last night, and he hit 94 several times .

Stan M

Some thoughts during this game:
*Many on this blog, perhaps the majority have not been happy with the Furcal signing. However, this FO should be complimented for the two nondescript RH hitters who seem to be good role players who contribute.
*Loved that bunt single against the shift by Jones.
*Good luck seems to have returned.
*Vince Scully observed that if this were a prize fight, it would have been stopped long ago.

Flav, one of kids you touted last year, Galloway, has warmed up in AA ball. Keys is back from the DL and is playing in AA ball. I'm sure you are as disappointed in Wittgren as I am.

Alex, my observation of Turner had nothing to do with his ability. What I saw was a young kid who had pitched very well, but was in a difficult situation, obviously rattled, and needed a mound visit or possible removal. Irrespective of any viewpoint on my part, a 22YO Cy Young should also have had the same attention that Turner didn't get. That situation was more indicative of Redmond's mettle than Turners. A few days ago, I complimented Flav on his appraisal of Turner and even ate "crow" if you recall. I could copy and paste it if you didn't see that post.


Yes, I noticed Turner's velocity was much better each time he has pitched since returning from the freak injury swinging the bat. But as for this kid, he is pitching a really fine game. Using him as a long reliever? If he doesn't cut it starting, ok. But based on the way he pitched tonight the kid deserves another start. I like his poise, his manner on the mound, and his pitching INTELLIGENCE. Every pitch has a purpose, unlike some of these young guys who just THROW, rather than pitch. Maybe tonight is an anomaly, but Desclafani impressed me.

I'm glad you agreed with me on Baker batting cleanup, Flav. Although who knows; maybe Reed Johnson should be hitting fourth! What a great pick up by the FO. Or maybe Desclafani should bat 4th! That kid can handle a bat! What a BLOW OUT! 13-1!


The kid was sharp. 6 IP, 7Ks, 2 ERs. And who knows if he even gives up those two runs without a 12 run lead, cause with a big lead you pitch differently, less cautiously. In my opinion the kid has earned another start.

As for the Fish, this team NEEDED a Laugher like this game. After all the losing and the loss of Jose Fernandez, they needed a blow out win to make them feel good again. And gee, look at this: Stanton's 3 hits brings his BA up to .325. He already leads the league in HRs and RBIs; if he keeps this up he will threaten Tulowitzki for the Batting title too.

Stan M

I don't know about a batting title, Alex, but the MVP which is more important , could certainly be within reach.

I wonder if we will see Randy's Wolfpack in Florida.

When a batter is thrown out going to 1B, and then slows down after passing the bag, it would seem that the way many stop very quickly would put a strain on their hamstring. Yes they're all athletes, but there are too many leg pulls in this game. Just wondering.

Stan M

Flav, how do the top 4 minor league home fields rate in regards to being neutral, hitter friendly, or pitcher friendly? That young man the FO picked up to play 1B in New Orleans certainly hasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, the team doesn't have a place for him right now. Do we have a new prospect to keep our focus on? Scott Lyman is a little old for high A ball, but his results are worthy of note. Brent Keys I has started to hit again.

Flav C.


NewBridge in GSO is pretty much neutral. It is pretty interesting because you can have a good amount of HRs in that stadium, but runs in general are hard to come by. That's one reason the stats of Munoz (1B) are pretty impressive. He is leading the Class A- in RBIs right now, with a good amount of extra-base hits.

Roger Dean in Jupiter is famous for being pitcher-friendly. Very tough on hitters. Having that in consideration, Vyosergi Rosa's power numbers in Jupiter are pretty impressive.

Bragan Field is neutral. If you have hitters with good amount of HRs to the Center Field, you know they have power (i.e. Kyle Jensen). It is a very deep center field. But the longball isn't that hard to hit to the right and left fields.

Zephyrs is a bit of a contradiction, because its a balkpark in the hitter-friendly PCL. However it isn't that friendly for the hometeam. It is sort of neutral. So, again, when you have hitters like Bour (they guy you mentioned) and Jensen hitting HRs and extra-base hits, you have to keep an eye on them.

A Realist

Nice to see them win big, but it doesn't change the fact they lost 5 straight. That's the second losing streak of 5 games or more already 40 games into the season. Let's be honest guys.

Happy for DeSclafani. He pitched better than I thought he would, that's for sure. I hope that he can pitch in close games too. It's one thing to pitch in a blowout, but another to pitch in a nail-biter. Either way, congrats, man. Prove all of us haters wrong.

I hope he fills that void left by Fernandez. Maybe he will be a permanent fixture in the rotation from now on.

Or maybe we're going to lose another 100 games this season....

Lou Vales

Stan, I'm not mad at Furcal signing. It's not as it has had or will have any tangible effect going forward except to increase Furcal's coming generations ability to never work.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

If I were introduced to Furcal today, I would shake his hand vigorously and congratulate him for finagling $3M out of Loria's pocket for half a season's worth of work (if that).

Stan M

Ah yes, DT. But if that 3 million had gone toward a middle reliever it might have been better spent. Personally, I like Dietrich and want to see a lot of him this year. Last year he was easily fooled by high fast balls and low pitches, both out of the strike zone. I think he has made significant improvement this year and has the potential to be a fine offensive 2nd baseman.
Lou, being perplexed with the Furcal signing and liking or disliking Furcal are two different things. Maybe he could be a catalyst leading off, but Dietrich is the future and his playing obviates that.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

But, Stan, why would our inimitable bloated buffoon sign a middle reliever when the supply of has-beens and never-was's is never-ending.

Do you have any idea of the number of Marmols, Camineros, Henry Rodriguezes, Wade LebLancs, Duane Belows, and John Maines are to be found out there? The list is endless!

No, my friend, it'll be one of our minimum wage boys from the minors or a retread who'll be happy just the chance to extend an already dying career.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I mean, think about it for a second... at Furcal's advanced age he was expected to: 1) learn a new position, 2) lead off, 3) be able to pull off 1 and 2 on the heels of missing an entire year... again, at his age!

At this point, all I'm hoping for out of Furcal is for him to be smart enough to invest the money he getting this year.

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