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Steve Cishek is nervous Nellie inside dugout

If he continues to receive save assignments before the ninth inning, as he did on Saturday when he was summoned with two outs in the eighth, Steve Cishek may have to refine the way he prepares mentally.

Otherwise, he could turn into a basket case.

Cishek refuses to sit down for more than a few seconds the rare times he’s in the dugout between innings. He’s standing up, pacing and thinking about who he’ll be facing when he heads back to the mound for the ninth.

“That’s how I stay focused,” Cishek said. “I feel like I kind of lose some adrenalin just sitting down. I feel like if I’m sitting around, I become lethargic. When I was first coming up (through the minors), coaches would say, “Just sit down and chill.’”

On Saturday, after striking out Scooter Gennett to end the eighth, Cishek said he paced the dugout before heading into the clubhouse and knocking down a Red Bull to fuel his competitive juices.

Cishek delivered a 1-2-3 ninth for his 10th save overall, and the second of the season requiring him to pitch more than one inning.

There have been 22 saves recorded this season in the majors requiring four or more outs, and Cishek is one of only three pitchers who have done it more than once. The Cardinals’ Trevor Rosenthal and Yankees’ David Robertson have also recorded multiple-inning saves.