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Steve Cishek is nervous Nellie inside dugout

If he continues to receive save assignments before the ninth inning, as he did on Saturday when he was summoned with two outs in the eighth, Steve Cishek may have to refine the way he prepares mentally.

Otherwise, he could turn into a basket case.

Cishek refuses to sit down for more than a few seconds the rare times he’s in the dugout between innings. He’s standing up, pacing and thinking about who he’ll be facing when he heads back to the mound for the ninth.

“That’s how I stay focused,” Cishek said. “I feel like I kind of lose some adrenalin just sitting down. I feel like if I’m sitting around, I become lethargic. When I was first coming up (through the minors), coaches would say, “Just sit down and chill.’”

On Saturday, after striking out Scooter Gennett to end the eighth, Cishek said he paced the dugout before heading into the clubhouse and knocking down a Red Bull to fuel his competitive juices.

Cishek delivered a 1-2-3 ninth for his 10th save overall, and the second of the season requiring him to pitch more than one inning.

There have been 22 saves recorded this season in the majors requiring four or more outs, and Cishek is one of only three pitchers who have done it more than once. The Cardinals’ Trevor Rosenthal and Yankees’ David Robertson have also recorded multiple-inning saves.


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Marlins will DFA/release Randy Wolf before 3pm today.

A Realist

Ok, I'm done with Randy Wolf. This dude is a piece of S%$#!!! What the hell are we doing signing this old, washed up garbage. Please bring up one of the young arms and let them play. Why do we need this guy pitching when we have DeSclafani or any of the other young guns down there? How about trade for Samardzja? Yeah right, that ain't happening.

And on another note, watch how the Marlins are struggling again at the plate. Yesterday only 2 runs. Today they haven't done anthing yet. Watch this stretch into 6 or 7 games of not hitting. They did the same thing out west against the Padres and Dodgers. This is what they do. Here comes aother long streak of sucking!!!! I can smell it a mile away.

Pinocchio Frisaro

does it smell like rotting Feesh?


Slow down there, Realist, my Marlins brother, LOL! I don't think the lousy hitting will continue; it has NOT continued like that this year, where one game of poor hitting turns in to 6 or 7 games. The one consistent thing about this team all year has been their hitting. Only the Rockies have better hitting numbers in the NL.


Yeah, I guess Randy Wolf ain't gonna be another Mark Buehrle for us, I think that's pretty clear. I see him as a long relief lefty who could contribute, replacing Brad Hand in that role.

The truth is it's time to STOP FOOLING AROUND AND PROMOTE ANDREW HEANEY ALREADY. If the kid is what everybody says he is, a few more starts in AAA are unnecessary. I'm starting to think there's some kind of contractual reason that they are holding him back. Something like being able to keep him under their control for another year if they wait to bring him up. Typical Marlins strategy: the hell with winning, it's about THE MONEY!

A Realist

Alex, prior to going out on the 11 game est coast trip the Marlins swept th Mets, but scored no more than 3 runs in each of those games. They won the first game in San Diego 3-1 and then proceeded to lose 5 in a row. That was a 6 game stretch where they couldn't score more than 3 runs in a game. Don't be fooled by the stats in the box scores. This team scores tons of runs in single games, such as the 13-3 game against the Dodgers in L.A. and 14 runs against the Phillies. Games like these boost their averages. However, they do not score consistently in close games.

Their stats can show they are 5th in MLB batting average all they want to. I watch these games and I see these guys struggle against pitchers who are not highly regarded like today. Then they go out the next night and score 15 runs, which totally boosts their batting averages. It's a fascade. All of a sudden Garrett Jones is hitting in the 280's. Is he a .280 hitter? No way! He had one game where he went 4-5 and his average goes through the roof.

A Realist

The Marlins have more 10 run games this year than all other teams not named Oakland and Colorado. Those types of games help a lot on the stat sheet. But when we have a runner on 3rd with 1 out in the bottom of the 9th they can't come through. It's actual comical sometimes.


Pathetic ABs by Deitrich and Stanton with the bases loaded in the 5th inning; almost as if they've given up on this game, particularly Stanton. Surprising, because this team has made a habit of not giving up and making comebacks even in games where the score is lopsided like this one, 6-0. Stanton has been pure garbage since hitting those two huge HRs Friday night at the game I went to. Since then he looks confused, and what's worse, uninspired. I think Tommy Hutton made a comment about that yesterday, that since Friday night he's gone away from the style of hitting (going to RF) that had made him successful this year.

A Realist

This team is done. They are barely hanging around .500 as it is. It's a shame that the front office is so short-sided. If you promote talented younger players that have the potential to be impact players (Jose Fernandez) you have a better chance at winning and getting that fans behind the team. No one wants to see Randy Wolf. No one identifies with this guy. He's just trying to collect another paycheck. Fans want to see their own young players come up and succeed.



Good pitching always trumps good hitting, Realist. Scoring three runs a game for a few games in a row against good pitching is something we should be crying about? How quickly we forget LAST YEAR when we got shut out 15 times and scored LESS THAN THREE RUNS damn near every single game. That the Fish are not averaging 5 or 6 runs against the really good pitchers they face is not something to complain about. I mean seriously, did you look at this line up before the season started and say "Wow, we got a real Murderer's Row here!" Of course not; nobody did. I think that as a whole, most Marlins fans are pretty surprised at the offense.

Sure we have issues. The most worrisome to me is the constant FAILURES TO SCORE FROM 3rd BASE WITH LESS THAN 2 OUT. Teams that are winners do NOT consistently fail to make productive outs like the Marlins do. Also Yelich is struggling this year. I think we all expected him to have a BA up around .300, and he's actually hitting .250. He is at least getting walks which helps his OBP, but still. Deitrich & Ozuna are wildly inconsistent as well. Salty looks terrible at times. Jones & McGehee have been good. Hecheveria has improved from last year...


"This team is done. They are barely hanging around .500 as it is."

Wow. Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. It's May 25th. That's all I'm going to say.

pray, pray a lot

scary statistic-in the recent game where Marlins hit 4 homeruns, they only scored a total of 5 runs. this is troublesome but we don't hear anything about it.

A Realist

Alex, who are these really good pitchers you are talking about? We struggled to score runs against the Mets and Padres in 6 consecutive games. Two teams that are not exactly stacked with pitching or any other good players for that matter. Today again we struggled against a mediocre pitcher. In the 8 game losing streak earlier this year we scored 3 runs or fewer in 6 of those games. The stats are misleading to you, Alex. Yes the team average is good, but only because of sporadic offense outbursts where everyone goes off. In between those games we are not very good.

And yes, Alex, it's May 25th all day long, but it doesn't take a genius to see this team has major faults. They are going to continue to struggle because the front office will not get them the pieces they need this year. Slowly, but surely this team will fall further below .500. They don't have the confidence in themselves or the fire power to go on a run. A once stout pitching staff is now being pieced together with AARP recipients (not that there's anything wrong with AARP).

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Observations for today...

Am I imagining things or does Ozuna have Pedro Cerrano Syndrome? ("Jobu no hit curveball").

I just heard Redmond say the bullpen's in "good shape." Seriously, he really said that.

In my experience, the measure of as person's professionalism is evident in how they perform under adverse circumstances. By this standard, the Marlins announcers, Hutton and that other dunderhead, are not very good. PROMOTE ALLISON WILLIAMS!!!

Finally, Preston Wilson bears a striking resemblance to a childhood friend of mine, Walter "Potatohead" Love, a tall Black kid who played 1B on our team and would either strike out or hit it a country mile. Walter was also famous for having a concave-shaped skull, so that whenever it rained, a puddle would form on the top of his head.


Alex, who are these really good pitchers you are talking about?

In terms of STARTING PITCHING we've lost to Gio Gonzalez, Zimmerman & Strasberg, Dylan Gee (having a fine year), Josh Beckett and Dan Haren, Tyson Ross (an up and coming Padres pitcher), Cain & Vogelsong of the Giants, Burnett from the Phils, Estrada of the Brewers has a WHIP of 1.13 and the kid who beat us today is THEIR TOP MINOR LEAGUE PROSPECT. That's 11 losses right there to good starting pitchers, not to mention several games that we lost to good relief pitchers like Clippard, Storen, David Carpenter and Jacob Dieckman from the Phils. That's a total of 15 losses to GOOD PITCHING.

Look Realist, I'm not going to argue with you any more about this team. I thought you were a Marlin FAN. I hear a lot of negativity and gloom and doom from you. Listen, I RIP the team as well when they play poorly, or the manager manages poorly, and I ESPECIALLY RIP Loria, that cheap bum. But although your name says "Realist" I think I'm more realistic than you about this team. You are complaining they are just a .500 team. But WHEN THE SEASON STARTED I SAID THAT IF THE TEAM CAN HANG AROUND THE .500 MARK and stay within A FEW GAMES OF A PLAYOFF SPOT AT THE TRADE DEADLINE, I WOULD BE HAPPY. Because then it will be up to Loria and the Front Office to make some SERIOUS MOVES at the deadline, maybe spend some money to add a key player or two. And IF they do that, they will have a good chance to make a run at the playoffs in August and September, and that's all we can REALISTICALLY ASK FOR.

If you expected a team that would run away with the division and not have to struggle all season long, then you were certainly not a REALIST.


"Am I imagining things or does Ozuna have Pedro Cerrano Syndrome?" - Dionysius

No doubt, DT; I've said it several times that he has big problems with breaking pitches. He can hit the HANGING breaking pitches, and he can usually get around on fastballs, but basically Ozuna is a hitter who is susceptible to the breaking ball. If a pitcher has a good slider, or 12-6 curve, forget about it, Ozuna swings OVER THOSE PITCHES all the time. Change ups too, give him a hard time. Too aggressive of a swinger.

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