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Surgery set for Friday in L.A. for Jose Fernandez

SAN FRANCISCO -- Jose Fernandez will undergo Tommy John surgery on Friday in Los Angeles to replace the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic will be performing the procedure.

"It's been a process for him, and I'm glad he's having it done and starting the recovery process as soon as possible," said manager Mike Redmond.

Fernandez will be going under the knife exactly one week to the day of his last start in San Diego.


Anthony DeSclafani was so impressive in winning his major league debut Wednesday against the Dodgers that Redmond said he'll remain in the rotation.

"He'll make his next start," Redmond said. "Did great."

But that creates a surplus of long relievers in the bullpen. Most teams have just one long guy. But with the signing of Randy Wolf, the Marlins now have three. Kevin Slowey and Brad Hand have also been used in that role.

As a result, Redmond said Hand's role will change.

"We're going to probably need to have Hand fill that Dan Jennings role, come out and face early lefties," Redmond said. "We're probably going to ask him to do a little bit more and get out of that long reliever mentality, and get him into situations in which he starts to face some lefties early in the game."


There have only been three, 3-inning saves this season in the majors, and two of them belong to Marlins relievers: Hand and Wolf.

Wolf recorded his first big-league save Wednesday when he took over for DeSclafani in the seventh and covered the final three innings of the Marlins' 13-3 victory.

Wolf said notching a save has always been on his bucket list.

"I would call it a technicality save," Wolf said.


Giancarlo Stanton takes a 16-game hitting streak into tonight's series opener against the Giants. What's interesting about Stanton's career-long streak is that he's doing it mostly with singles, not home runs. He's hit only four homers during the streak, as well as five doubles.

Stanton is hitting .421 during the streak, which began on April 29. Of his 24 hits during that time, 15 have been singles.



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Much good news! Jose's surgery is set; thank God they are not going to play around with his injury the way they did with JJ's, trying to see if rest will do the trick. The sooner he has the surgery, the sooner he returns.

It's also good news that Desclafani gets another start; the kid deserves it.

I also like Redmond going with Reed Johnson over Ozuna in LF; Ozuna has been really struggling: it looks like a repeat of last year, great start, then back to the minors.


And the Fish lead 3-1, behind HRs from Dietrich and Jones. HOWEVER Eovaldi is NOT pitching very well at all. This is what worries me; somebosy needs to STEP UP and take that ACE role that used to be Jose's, and the logical candidate is Nathan. So far he has been shaky tonight, even walking the pitcher. Hopefully he settles down. And hopefully the Fish continue adding on runs against Matt Cain.


Wow, I can't BELIEVE how badly Salty is struggling. He's like 0-23 and most of those outs are K's. He already struck out twice tonight, and the last one really hurt; he whiffed with Stanton at 3rd base with only one out. I hate when the Marlins do that; almost ALWAYS their failure to score those runs with runners on 3rd with less than two outs COMES BACK TO HAUNT THEM LATER IN THE GAME.


Eovaldi is going to destroy this game, sucks.


Well, Eovaldi is showing everyone that he is NO JOSE FERNANDEZ. He is getting hit hard by the Giants; Fish now holding on to a 4-3 lead. Not every pitcher with good stuff has what it takes to be an ACE. Like I said a few days ago, I remember in 2011 when JJ got hurt. Anibal Sanchez was pitching well as the team's #2. But as soon as JJ went down and the pressure was on him to STEP UP and be an Ace, Sanchez folded like a CHEAP SUIT. Not only did he not step up and pitch like an Ace, he fell off badly and didn't even pitch like a #2 starter after that. I have a bad feeling this may happen to Eovaldi. I am not sold on him being a great pitcher.


The inevitable debacle by Eovaldi, ruined the game for the Fish, as expected.


Yeah, Eovaldi is doing his best Anibal Sanchez impersonation. He's just given up the lead; 5-4 Giants. The HORRIBLE UMPS screwed the Fish on a non reviewable play, but that clown Eovaldi DID IT TO HIMSELF by doing stupid things like walking the lead off hitter. I have never considered him to be that good, but as long as he was behind Jose, he was ok, nothing more. He's pitching like a complete and total BUM tonight. Redmond needs to get him out of there before the Giants hang a five spot on him in this inning.

Instant replay has saved the Marlins a few times this year, but any chance they get to SCREW THE FISH they still do so. My theory is that the umpires have NO RESPECT for the Marlins, which is no surprise as NOBODY has any respect for this organization and it's owner.

And Eovaldi continues to SUCK, it's now 6-4. How long is Redmond going to allow this bum to pitch BATTING PRACTICE?

Lou Vales

Alex, I guess you are referencing the OLD Anibal Sanchez.Once again the key AB in the game belonged to Mr Alphabet as it did Tuesday night and with a chance to make it 6-1 he fanned again. Well, at least I can go watch the NBA Playoffs in bed. Is there something sinister about being a Marlins catcher?


Oh god, ANOTHER hit. And Redmond the moron FINALLY comes out to get him.

This team is in BIG TROUBLE. The loss of Jose Fernandez has left them without a number 1 Starter, and with NO ONE that has both the ability and the DETERMINATION to BE a Number 1. Anybody who thought Nathan Eovaldi was going to be that guy must be smoking some awesome "Cuban cigars". Can I have some?


Eovaldi isn't ready for the big leagues. And what has happened to Salty? He's become an easy out.


What I have never liked about Eovaldi is that he's just a TWO PITCH pitcher: a four seam fastball and one breaking ball. No change up, no cutter, no devastating slider. Sure, we have HEARD talk that he was working on another decent pitch or two, but I guess he only throws them in bullpen sessions, not in games. In games he's a two trick pony: 97 MPH fastball and a breaking pitch. And that's a real problem because major league hitters are not intimidated by 97 mph fastballs, not if they are sitting on them, which most hitters do. And the other big problem he has is CONTROL. He gets wild at times, and when that happens, he has no other pitch to throw than the fastball. And hitters are sitting on it, licking their chops. Eovaldi MIGHT some day become a great pitcher, but only IF he develops some other pitches.


No Lou, Anibal Sanchez is STILL not an Ace, not a #1 type starter! He is a very good #3 starter on the Tigers, behind Scherzer and Verlander. Sanchez was about the same as Doug Fister on last year's Tigers. He is a good pitcher. But he is not a great pitcher, and he's nowhere near a #1 type starter. He wasn't an Ace here and he isn't an Ace in Detroit either. He has good stuff, but he lacks that fire, that arrogance that all #1 starters have.


Way to go Redmond leaving Garrett Jones in to face the lefty reliever that the Giants brought in! See, Jones went deep in this game, so NO WAY can Redmond take him out. Even with a man on base and a chance to TIE THE GAME. Of course Jones strikes out, and Redmond then pulls Jones for Baker anyway in the bottom of the inning! What a freaking MORON. Come on, Flav. I know you like this guy, but what the hell was THAT?


Thank God we have Alex posting here. If not, we would never know what should have happened after it didn't and what the perfect cure is. MLB.TV should hire him.

Lou Vales

Alex, The baseball FANaticS of the Detroit Tigers appreciate the largesse of the Marlins when it comes to Sanchez no matter how you label him. You are right he is not a Number 1 in Detroit. Currently, McClain and Lolich would be 3 and 4. Still like your passion.

Lou Vales

Alex, As I have said I have followed the Tigers since 1956 and have lived and MOSTLY died with them. Moved to West Palm Beach in 61 and lived there 41 years until moving to South Carolina--the home of 6 bedroom homes for 300,000 with homeowner's insurance of 800.00 and taxes of 1,500(BUT many Crackers)--became Marlins Season Ticket holder at their inception through 2001 when we moved. It makes no sense but I would pull for the Marlins if they ever played the Tigers in the World Series and agonize over the Fish while Detroit is on an 8 game road winning streak BUT as I tell my friends the Marlins have won as many World Series in 17 years as the Tigers have won since 1946. I believe the Marlins don't drive me nuts because I have a legitimate loyalty to a good team in another league if I needed to depend upon the Marlins for all vicarious pleasures I would be as fraustrated as you. You are a good man.

Stan M

What is frustrating is that this team can't win despite many favorable circumstances falling in their favor. We have missed some of these team's best pitchers yet we were beaten by the likes of Pedro Erlin, Sandy Stults, Cy Beckett and Randy Cain, The last two notched their first wins of the year. Tonight we miss Hudson and will see ex Marlin Petit who will probably look like Doc Gooden. And after seeing what I perceived to be positive moves by Redmond recently, he reverts back to the parvenu that he is. Eovaldi didn't have it, and even looked as if something was wrong with his delivery, Turner was visibly shaken recently, yet these guys remain on the mound until the game is lost. Why? To save the bullpen, of course. That is, save this bunch of motley incompetents who will be but memories in a year or two. But save them he must. Last night, his most egregious fault was actually hitting poor Salty 5th while mired in a slump where he hasn't has a hit in many games, is hitting far less than .200 for the month, and his overall average with runners on base or in scoring position is well below the Mendoza line for this entire year. And the team suffered for this mistake in spades. Flav, despite having the utmost respect for your opinions, I just can't see this guy as a positive force managing this team.

Flav C.

Stan, it really doesn't matter my opinion about Redmond. Whatever move he makes (or doesn't) will be more scrutinized than the fact that this is a $50 million payroll team, playing a .500 baseball, only 2.5 games behind the leader.

No one, and I will repeat: "NO ONE" thought this team would be this competitive at this point of the season. You can go back to all the posts during ST and before. They were all negative and pure criticism.

As far as how the players are in the lineup, they can be shuffled around, re-positioned, etc. It doesn't matter. They are what they are. We can criticize Redmond for putting Jones to hit against a lefty, or Salty to be hitting 5th. It would not change the fact that what is killing this team is pitching.

We are all a bunch of arm-chair coaches who think we know better than managers. No different from tons of other fans in other blogs.

The team is suffering because it is scoring 4 or more runs per game and starting pitchers cannot keep them in the game. Simple as that.

Salty has always been streaky, in his entire life as a professional. Even last season when he hit .270 or more, he went 0-for24, went 2 for 28, and 0 for 22. Three bad streaks throughout the season. It didn't matter where he was in the lineup. But it did matter that pitching was doing their job.

So, what is Redmond supposed to do every time a pitcher starts to struggle in the 3rd or 4th inning? yank him out? If that's so, the team should have only long relievers in the bullpen. Maybe that's an idea.

Stan M

At least go out and talk to them, in Turner's case. And Flav, 5th is a position with some degree of responsibility. You don't put a guy there when in a major slump, even we armchairs know that. As far as the team's progress, you are right...although a couple talking heads picked them to compete and several picked them for 3rd. In my opinion, this team is where it is despite, not because of Redmond. Regarding the pitching staff, it is beyond me as to why they are all faltering at once. Maybe they're not stealing enough signs as they do at home. Pitchers? Signs? Oh well, some games are still fun and thank goodness, the other teams in the division aren't lighting up any scoreboards either. One can be a Marlin fan and have hope. But how can a Philly fan feel about now? Ouch!

Flav C.

The funny thing is , in other games when starting pitchers were visibly shaken, didn't have their best stuff and still were able to get out of jams, I didn't see a single soul coming here to say "Hey, the pitcher was pretty shaken. Redmond should have taken them out". That's what starting pitchers are supposed to do: get out of jams, specially in the initial innings so they can give a chance to their teams. And that's what managers expect their starting pitchers to do.
Gimme outs and get out of the friggin' jam.

Flav C.

And hopefully by the time they are back, the camera at the HR monster is still working. So we can keep stealing signs.

Freddy was right.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Rather than think of myself as an armchair coach, I prefer to think of myself as a Marlins fan, a baseball fan, with opinions. After all, that's all everyone is posting here, is their opinion. There is no right and wrong. What there CAN be, which I try to avoid (sometimes failing) is second guessing. As the saying goes, everyone's a genius when you have 20/20 hindsight.

As for Redmond, I gave him the benefit of the doubt all of last season. My problem with him THIS SEASON is that he's continuing to make some of the same rookie mistakes. Stan is absolutely correct about batting Salty fifth... it's in the heart of the batting order and the guy is in a terrible slump, so why keep the pressure on him and make him feel even worse when he strikes out with men in scoring position? As for the in-game handling of the pitching staff, I honestly don't know much about Chuck Hernandez, and that in and of itself is a problem,, because he is INVISIBLE out there. There are most certainly times when a pitching coach should go out there, even if it's just to give the guy a breath or to help him with his tempo. I don't know who made the decision to hire Hernandez, but he seems fairly useless.

Regardless of Redmond's of improvement and Hernandez, and in spite of an awful western swing up to now, I'm enthused about this team. I'll be very happy if they finish .500.

Lou Vales

Flav, The ONE thing I will disagree with is your assertion that these managers are nuclear physicists. I will put your, Stan's DT's and about12 others butts in a room where you can can take the Wonderlich(Sp??)SAT basic IQ or any other test that measures intelligence and I will take all of you over Manual, Gonzalez, Mattingly,Redmond and a whole host of others. If you have followed this game for 20 years or more you have just as much a grasp of the strategies as the Phi Beta Kappas employed by a majority of these teams.Ausmus would probably beat everyone in that room but very few others. Read the way you guys write and express yourselves and tell me you are not as smart as manipulating the actions of a GAME as much as these other clowns. It ain't brain surgery.

Stan M

DT. I think the coaches are a huge improvement over what we've had in the recent past. And how can we really be disappointed in the long term over this year's performance. Personally, I see a difference in what a manager should expect from a 22YO coming off an injury and a disappointing close of last year and a veteran pitcher who is more experienced in working his way out of jams. In today's age, managing is also teaching. It shouldn't be, and it wasn't years ago, but the reality is there in all of the missed cutoff men, poor base running, swinging in what should be take counts, looking for a replacement after 6 innings pitched and so on. Turner was a rattled kid who was in deep trouble, needed some sort of reassurance and didn't get it...period! This shouldn't even be debatable in my opinion.

Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Always fun to see the differences people have dissecting the team. Flav seems to be the GM type with a lap top and statistics and a few others are managers. When I read the comments, I get images of Theo Epstein trying to have a conversation with Jim Leyland in my head. One drinking energy water, one drinking scotch. DT, I agree with you! It's all a matter of opinion. I'm sure a Manager who used to be a catcher has a good feel for when his pitcher is Shaken, and has to really get a feel for how he can pitch under circumstances. I also feel a team of projected stats takes out the human element. You can't measure desire, right place at the right time, or rising to the occasion. Pujols, and Piazza came out of nowhere. Well, I guess you can measure HGH and steroids, but that's another post. Hopefully the fish despite the odds, calculations and players being shaken can make this an interesting year. Now for my drink. Some scotch and energy water.

Flav C.

Cheers, Kenesaw!

Stan M

We just signed the wrong Miggy. Why? Another infielder? Is someone else hurt that we don't know about? And Lou, one must put Girardi up there with Ausmus. His siblings are either doctors or PhDs. And whereas I am obviously a legend in my own mind, I don't know about these other posters. What you are essentially saying in different words is that some arrive at their opinions using inductive methods (Flav), others use more deductive techniques (me). A little of both is a good idea, but the contrast in methodology can and should lead to many interesting but I hope respectful disagreements.

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