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The Jose Fernandez Situation (video)

LOS ANGELES -- Here's the latest: the second doctor who examined Jose Fernandez in Miami on Tuesday confirmed the diagnosis of the first -- a "significant" tear in his ulnar collateral ligament -- and recommended Tommy John surgery.

Michael Hill, the Marlins' president of baseball operations, confirmed the news tonight. While Hill said Fernandez is still conferring with family members and that no date has been set for the surgery, or even if he'll undergo the procedure, sources say he'll likely undergo surgery within coming days. Basically, he has no other choice.

Here's video of Hill discussing the latest involving Fernandez:


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Juan Yanes

Former Fernandez pitching trainer Mr. Chinea said he has a procedure for heal the elbow injury Fernandez has in eight weeks. So maybe this opinion will be considered by Fernandez

Helio de Luque

Not sure what Mr. Chinea offers but there has been great strides made in regenerative medicine using stem cells to fix the UCL. Healing takes considerably less than Tommy-John.

A Realist

It's really a shame to see te season come to an end like this. It's all over. Just like that.

You would still like to see the offense keep producing. Our starting pitching has nothing to do with why they are sucking right now.

Wake up you pansies!!!
You play a game for a living.

Please let Realmuto and Marisnick come up and play hard because lord knows, these guys aren't.

A Realist

You would love to see the front office go get a #3 or #4 pitcherto help out or bring up Heaney along with DeSclafani. This team can still compete. But, we know Loria is a cheap piece of garbage and this will prevent this franchise from anything great and enoyable.

Sucks to be a Marlins fan!

Flav C.

Heaney and Flynn just pitched this weekend, they are not available to have a start after 2-3 days, specially at a major league level.

Season went up in smoke

This is just devastating news. Get well soon Jose!!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

After a bit of research, it turns out the eight-week cure from this Chinea guy is the real deal. I've actually seen him work his magic before, when he was using his native moniker...



Despite poor results, another former patient of Mr. Chinea went on to do great things in another sport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDdh2439hnU

great news

Chinea, isn't he the guy who practiced Holistic Healing on Cosmo Kramer and appeared on the Seinfeld Show? As I recall, Kramer was very satisfied with Chinea as well as his friend Bob Sacamano.

A Realist

Flav, I know, but just hoping against hope....

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