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Which Marlins should be in the All-Star discussion aside from Stanton? Redmond thinks a few

The first results of the American League's All-Star Fan voting were released Tuesday and the National League will get its turn on Wednesday.

So who aside from right fielder Giancarlo Stanton should be in the discussion for the second-place Marlins? 

"I think we’ve had a lot of guys have some nice years," manager Mike Redmond said. "Casey McGehee has done a nice job. He's driving in a ton of runs. He hasn’t hit for the power, but he’s done a great job.

"Salty has done a nice job behind the plate. We've got a lot of guys. It's hard to sit here and single out one or two guys. I'm just happy with the way we’ve collectively played together. I know that our guys are out there focused on wha they can do to help this ball club win and its fun to come to the park every day and watch these guys compete."

What about closer Steve Cishek?

"That’s probably the wrong guy to forget about," Redmond said with a smile. "He's been so good. He has been for the last two years, last year too.

"Its so important for a ball club -- who you can trust down there to lock these games up. Steve's been able to do that. He's been patient. Its been tough at times to get him the ball. But when he’s gotten that opporurtity hes gone out there and he's done it. That’s been huge for us."

"He's a great competitor and a go to guy who wants to pitch and wants to win. That’s a perfect job for him, being a closer. Im glad he's on our side."


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Stanton, Cishek, and, maybe McGehee


Stanton, Cishek, and, maybe McGehee

Posted by: ASG

Agreed. And if he continues pitching decently, A.J. Ramos merits consideration as well. Sometimes they pick a middle reliever or a set up guy because those guys often get overlooked.


Oh and one more thing from the "I know it's Early, But.." department: I was watching the MLBTV channel and guess whose name was brought up as a serious early National League MVP candidate? That's right, all you haters, GIANCARLO STANTON.

Of course it's way too early to talk about Stanton winning an MVP award; to win an MVP award a player has to usually play on a GOOD TEAM. Our Marlins are not a bad team, but we are not yet a GOOD TEAM. I'm not sure Stanton could win an MVP award on a .500 Marlins team. Still, I think it's FANTASTIC that one of OUR MARLINS is getting that type of national media attention. If it does happen, will I GLOAT? ABSOLUTELY! LOL!

I basically posted this on another thread too, but what the hell, right? LOL!

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