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Wolf will get another start in Marlins rotation; Redmond talks Beckett no-hitter

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Randy Wolf's rough first start for the Marlins hasn't knocked the 37-year old veteran left-hander out of the rotation.

Despite getting rocked for six runs on eight hits by the Brewers and struggling to get through five innings Sunday, Redmond said Monday Wolf will get another crack at it Saturday back home at Marlins Park against the Braves.

"He hasn't pitched in a big league game in a long time, which is a testament to how hard he's worked to get himself back," Redmond said of Wolf, who underwent Tommy John surgery at the end of the 2012 season. "First outing was a little rough, but hopefully the second one will be lights out. Because I've seen him be lights out. You know it's in there."

Wolf is the second pitcher to try and fill-in for the injured Jose Fernandez. Right-hander Anthony DeSclafani made two starts after Fernandez went down for the season on May 9. Sunday, DeSclafani lasted only four innings in his first start since being sent back to the minors. He allowed one run on four hits for Triple A New Orleans, but needed 75 pitches to get through it.

Top prospect Andrew Heaney was recently promoted to New Orleans. Heaney tossed five innings of one-run ball with five strikeouts last Thursday. He's scheduled to start for the Zephyrs again Tuesday. It's expected Heaney will at least get a few starts in Triple A before the Marlins call him up.


Redmond said he sent a text message to former Marlins World Series hero and teammate Josh Beckett, who tossed his first no-hitter Sunday for the Dodgers in a win at Philadelphia.

Redmond said the two got a chance to catch up and talk baseball when the Marlins were in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. 

"I told him, 'Hey man you never know it might be your best year and where you have the most fun because you have no expectations on yourself. You're just out there pitching every five days, having fun, enjoying it,'" Redmond said. "It's great to see Josh is in such a different place than we played together. So different personality-wise. He has kids now, married. It's a totally different Josh. But it's great. I'm happy for him.

"I know personally for him he's not a guy who looks at the stats. But with all the big games he's pitched he definitely deserved the no-hitter. It was cool. I wish I could have been there to catch it."

Beckett no longer registers his fastball in the mid to high 90s like he did when Redmond was catching for him. Redmond said: "He's a pitcher now."

"Not that he wasn't before," Redmond continued. "He's just the true essence of a pitcher now where he has to throw off-speed pitches for strikes and still uses his fastball. But he doesn't have 96 or 97 in the tank all the time anymore. It's really made him learn how to pitch and carve through a lineup. He's a veteran that knows what he's doing. There were probably years there where that never would have come out of my mouth -- that he knows what he's doing. But he does now know what he's doing. It was good to see man. I'm happy for him."


With a father who was an officer in the army for 23 years, Marlins utility man Jeff Baker has a special appreciation for the military and Memorial Day. And being able to come back home and play in the nation's capital Monday against the Nationals is extra special.

Baker said although his father, Larry, never battled on the front lines, "he was in charge of people who were getting shot at" and he took that responsibility for what it was. Baker said his father worked in both air defense and nuclear weapons and was involved in Desert Storm.

An only child, Baker said he and his parents never stayed in the same city more than two years. Born in a U.S. base in Germany, Baker said the family moved from West Point to Norfolk to Egypt to Kuwait to Abu Dhabi to Key West and then Colorado Springs. Baker said he was a sophomore in high school when his father finally decided to retire as a Colonel.

"He was about to become a General when he basically gave it all up so I could concentrate on high school and baseball," Baker said. 

His father is now a computer math teacher at Gar-Field high school in nearby Woodbridge, Virginia.

"It's one of things when you're going through those things you don't realize that's not the norm," Baker said of being "an army brat."  "But for me I thought it was cool. You're in Egypt you go see the pyramids, hang out with the camels, do all that stuff. Being able to be exposed culturally -- not knowing baseball was going to be a career -- was helpful. When you're in the minor leagues you're here for one stop, there the next. You have teammates that are Japanese, Dominicans, it kind of helps you fit in seamlessly in a lot of places.

"I enjoyed it. I thought it was cool, traveling, seeing the bases. I always liked going out seeing the ships, seeing the soldiers march around. When we were in Abu Dhabi they actually set up a t-ball league. I remember that was kind of interesting because we played basically on sand. There wasn't a lot of grass out there. You look out and the right fielder is building sand castles, not really paying too much attention to the game. The thing that was great was the moms and the dads and the families bonding together and trying to help us play sports, whatever it was."


> Marlins (26-25): 1. Christian Yelich LF, 2. Derek Dietrich 2B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Casey McGehee 3B, 5. Garrett Jones 1B, 6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 7. Marcell Ozuna CF, 8. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 9. Nathan Eovaldi RHP.

> Nationals (25-25): 1. Denard Span CF, 2. Anthony Rendon 3B, 3. Jayson Werth RF, 4. Adam LaRoche 1B, 5. Wilson Ramos C, 6. Ian Desmond SS, 7. Danny Espinosa 2B, 8. Nate McLouth LF, 9. Tanner Roark RHP.


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A Realist

Watch the Marlins get smoked by Roark. He made us look foolish last time. Hope I'm wrong, but.....

And here we go again with Wolf. Can we just forfeit the game before we play to prevent injury and overworking our bullpen? Just a thought.

Cleveland Spider

I agree Realist. You can pencil in a loss for Saturday. This owner has no commitment to winning. I would rather see Descalfani or Slowey in there. Where is Andrew Heaney?

The Marlins are not going to make any big acquisitions, that much is clear. You look at all of their signings this year and they are all gambles. McGee, Jones, Johnson (Reed) and Salty have been good (not great) cheap gambles. However, Furcal, Marmol, and Wolf were stinkers. Expect a trade for that same type of player for the bullpen and/or top of the lineup. You just cannot compete with the big boys when you are just stubbornly cheap like Loria. He just needs to sell the team and let someone with some deep pockets and some pride buy the team.

Cleveland Spider

Evoldi is so frustrating to watch. He has a 100 mph fastball but yet he is so hittable. He just does not know how to pitch. He just puts you to sleep. Maybe it is the fact that he so deliberate to the plate.


Wow..the negativity of some of you guys is amazing to me. This is a team that LOST 100 GAMES LAST YEAR. Be happy at the improvement and hope they CONTINUE playing like this. Now IF they go on a losing streak and fall out of it, ok, I'll be pitching and moaning along with ya'll. But not BEFORE it happens. But hey, that's just me. You guys can of course choose to do it differently.


Baseball is such a game of MOMENTUM. As soon as McGehee got picked off I said that Eovaldi needs to bear down now and have a 1-2-3 inning cause the Nats now are feeling the MOMENTUM shift in their favor. So what happens? Werth hits a bloop single and LaRoche goes deep. I swear, it kills me when I predict these things and they happen; I wish I had been WRONG about it.

Anyway, now Eovaldi has to REALLY bear down. But I fear that even if he does get through the 7th this game might come down to one of our 8th inning pitchers. GULP.

Of course, if only someone would HIT so we can ADD A RUN OR TWO...


So Eovaldi hits McLouth. It's little things like that which prevent him from stepping up and becoming that Number 1 starter we need with Jose out. So here comes the Dunner to pitch to the Dobber. Oh oh.


So inswte4ad of Dobbs they pinch hit Moore. I would rather have had Eovaldi pitch to Dobbs than to Moore, but Redmond was right and Dunner K'd him. Here comes Span.


Nice job by Dunner! And as it turned out, good call by Red. Credit where credit is due.

A Realist

Alex, you said we should be happy with being in second place and a game over .500 since we lost 100 games last year. I don't believe that you really believe that. That's the mentality that plagues this franchise. Mediocre is not good enough! That's why this franchise is a perennial loser. The players come in with that same mentality and feel no pressure to succeed and elevate thier games. Do you think players that get called up to the Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox take that approach? What about the Cardinals and Braves minor leaguers? Definitely not. That's the difference between our organization and those successful franchises.


You are entitled to your opinion, Realist. I told you I'm not going to debate you any more about this team because you are NOT "A Realist". It's not REALISTIC to expect a team that LOST 100 GAMES LAST YEAR to be WORLD BEATERS THE NEXT YEAR. I'm 58 years old, and been a baseball fan since the days of Whitey Ford and Sandy Koufax. Teams going from the outhouse to the penthouse in one year are extremely rare. If it happens at all, it happens after teams go out and spend a fortune on free agents. Since that is not the case here, and since this team lost their Number One pitcher, they are doing just fine.

I said I wasn't going to debate you and I still wrote all that, LOL. OK, now I'm off my soapbox; I'm done.


And Ramos comes and goes 1-2-3 against Rendon, Werth & LaRoache. Beautiful. I think Ramos should be the main 8th inning guy, but Redmond chooses not to commit to that move. Oh well, he's the manager, not me, LOL...

Cleveland Spider

Realist I could not have said it better myself. To just be content with .500 is to have a losers mentality. In all sports most fans are hoping to make the playoffs. In Miami, .500 for the Marlins is good enough. The team is .500 now, why not improve on that.

Redmon and this franchise can still be criticized for not brining up a top prospect like Heaney or not making a move for a top reliever or top of the line up guy. I refuse to give the Marlins a pass just because they lost 100 games last year, have not been in playoff contention for 11 years, and now they are a game over .500.

A Realist

I never said I expected them to win the series. I'm stating that the fans and the front office should not be okay with .500 ball. It doesn't matter that they lost 100 games last year. This team is better than that. There's some good players out there, but mentally they are not in the right place. These guys aren't playing with the focus and intensity they would be playing with if they were on the Red Sox or Yankees. What will be the excuse next year, Alex. Oh yeah, they're young again lol. What was the excuse after the 2013 season where we had one of the highest payrolls in baseball? It's the franchise, guys. The way this entire franchise approaches the game is wrong starting from the top going all the way down to the field.

Hey no worries. It's fun to talk to you guys about this stuff. A lot of times when someone has a drastically different opinion people look at that person like they're crazy. Later on, people start to see that what that crazy guy was talking about wasn't so crazy afterall.

A Realist

Thx, Cleve.

Cleveland Spider

Since the Marlins have a day off on Thursday why not skip Wolf in the rotation? You are facing the division leaders and you are going to throw in Wolf as one of your starters? It is like they are content to give games away. Sometimes you wonder if any team would have hired Redmon to be their skipper? These are no brainer type moves.


And Cishek NAILS IT DOWN, as usual. What a money pitcher; the guy we want out there with the game on the line.

Great work by the Marlins pen, Dunn, Ramos and Cishek. That's the way I like the relief pitcher order to go, BTW. Nice to see Red finally agrees with me, LOL.

Stanton is back to taking good swings. McGehee continues his RISP dominance. Eovaldi pitched a good game; not quite #1 quality, but pretty close! What I really liked seeing was him throwing that 73 MPH pitch more today, I guess that's his change up. In my opinion his problem has been that he has relied too much on just TWO PITCHES; his 96 MPH fastball and his 86 MPH breaking pitch. Two pitches is RARELY enough in the major leagues. Unless you're Mariano Rivera and all you need is ONE PITCH, LOL.

Memo to Red: give Cishek a day off. The kid is PRESSING too hard; popped out on ball 4 in his last AB, a pitch he would usually take. Kid's trying too hard, let him take a breather for a game.

All in all, a very nice win against a team we NEED TO BEAT.


Spider, I definitely agree with you about Red just giving games away, and I have posted about that RIGHT HERE, MULTIPLE TIMES. So I have NEVER GIVEN REDMOND OR THE FRONT OFFICE ANY KIND OF A "PASS"; you must be talking about somebody ELSE. I criticize this team big time - WHEN THEY DESERVE IT. Ask Flav C about that, LOL. One of my beefs with Redmond is that I DO think he's content to just not lose 100 games. But I think the players feel differently. I see this team playing HARD and never giving up. FIVE WALK OFF WINS speak to that as do all the games when they were down but came back.

HOWEVER, based on the talent that this team has, in my opinion they are right where I thought they would be when the season started. As I have posted here numerous times, this is a team that has a shot at making the playoffs. How? By hanging around the .500 mark, and staying within a few games of a playoff spot until mid to late July. Then IF they bring up a good young arm or two from the minors and IF the owner SPENDS SOME MONEY at the Trade Deadline, they COULD MAKE A PLAYOFF RUN IN AUGUST & SEPTEMBER.

That's the way I see the Marlins making the playoffs; hang in there, get a little help at the Deadline, and sneak in with A Wild Card spot. To expect them to just TAKE OFF now, overwhelm the Braves and the Nats and grab an 8 game lead in the Division is NOT REALISTIC. They just don't have the talent to do that IMHO, especially without their Number One starter.


Giancarlo Stanton's Stats: 15 HRs (1st in NL) 49 RBI (1st in NL) and .316 Avg.(10th in NL).

And from the Stanton haters we will hear....crickets. That's ok; they'll speak up again next time he K's three times or hits into a DP.

A Realist

Alex, Alex....I do not hate Stanton. I feel that his game is one sided right now. A lot of power at the plate, but shaky pitch selection and shaky defense.

To your earlier remark about it not being REALISTIC for this team to take off. No one is saying take off. Just play with more consistency and stop alternating wins and losess. Win 3-4 in a row. Lose 1 or 2 and then come back with 3 in a row. Play winning baseball, not fickle baseball. Their heads aren't in it everyday. Why can they take 2 of 4 against San Fran IN San Fran, but get swept by the Padres????

And to the comments yesterday about hitting deficiencies. We were fortunate to win today with only 3 runs. Another lackluster day at the plate for the most part except for the usual suspects. Grateful for the win today!


To A Realist and everyone else: unless I go ahead and actually NAME YOU PERSONALLY in a post (which I am trying not to do for fear of the Board Police), please do not assume I'm talking about YOU or talking TO YOU. Case in point, my above post about the Stanton haters. There have been MANY Stanton haters on this board for MANY YEARS. That is no secret; it's a FACT. It also SEEMS to be a fact (or maybe it's just my imagination, LOL) that the only time one hears from them is when Stanton has a bad game; that's why I put up my post. It was not meant as a PERSONAL JAB at anyone, just an observation of what I have seen around here.

I just find some of this stuff HILARIOUS, that's all. It's very obvious why certain guys are suddenly SILENT when a certain player is playing real well (or real poorly) and it cracks me up.


Well, if they're gonna let Wolf start against 1st place Braves, it's clear they're throwing away the season.


"Well, if they're gonna let Wolf start against 1st place Braves, it's clear they're throwing away the season." - Posted by: Bob

Maybe, Bob. I mean maybe you're right; after all he looked horrible yesterday. On the other hand, he's a slow throwing lefty and the Braves have several lefty hitters and some right handed dead-red fastball hitters that COULD BE susceptible to his style. Ok, ok, so I'm reaching here, clutching at straws, I concede that. But as it seems that their minds are already made up, the way I see it I might as well HOPE for something good to happen rather than just throw my hands up and say the game is lost.

On the other hand, maybe this is a good thing. If Wolf gets LIT UP by Atlanta MAYBE they will finally bring up Andrew Heaney. Hey, I'm trying to look at the bright side of things with this team. There's a lot of things about this team that I can poke holes in, starting with the Owner, then the Front Office, the manager, the players and even our fans: look at how lousy the attendance is despite how well we play at home. But the team is playing just about how I expected they would; they're over .500, in the thick of things even though it's still May, and they are NOT boring. And they are much better than last year. So FOR NOW, I am trying to stay positive. FOR NOW, LOL...

Lou Vales

How this team is only 2 games behind Atlanta a 1/3 into the season is mind boggling. If CHUBBY had any brains he would surely try to build on this to increase the fan base and make team more valuable when he finally pulls the trigger. From the looks of things the man knows "talent" off the field and therefore should be capable of making a comparable decision on the field.

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