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Andrew Heaney promoted from minors, added to rotation in tidal wave of moves

Lots happening here this afternoon, with the Marlins calling up four players from Triple A New Orleans -- Andrew Heaney foremost among them -- and completely revamped their starting rotation by getting rid of Randy Wolf and sticking Jacob Turner in the pen.

Joining Heaney in the tidal wave of call-ups were Anthony DeSclafani, Jake Marisnick and Justin Bour.

Heaney will make his long-awaited MLB debut on Thursday while DeSclafani will take the mound Tuesday in Turner's spot.

The Marlins designated both Wolf and Kevin Slowey for assignment, and Turner will now slide into Slowey's long relief role.

Want more? There's more.

The Marlins optioned Donovan Solano to Triple A, placed Christian Yelich on the 15-day disabled list with a lower back strain, and transferred Jarrod Saltalamacchia to the 15-day disabled list. Saltalamacchia will begin his rehab assignment tonight in Jupiter.

The big news, obviously, is the Heaney promotion. 

The former first-round draft pick is the top-ranked left-handed pitching prospect, according to MLB.com, and will begin his big league career Thursday at Marlins Park against the New York Mets.

With Monday's avalanche of transactions, the Marlins now have 10 players on their 25-man roster who were not on the Opening Day roster.

Will have more on this as it develops.....


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Man they're just gonna let Dietrich toil in the minors huh? Glad to see Heaney make it up. It took them one Randy Wolfe start too long if you ask me.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

This is encouraging. Addition by subtraction.




Damn it's like a whole new team.

Marlin Fan

Glad to finally see Heaney. Discalfani needed more than two starts I felt. Great to see Marisnick back, already paying Dividends with a hit, sb, and run . Would like to see Realmuto a little more .

Flav C.

Some things are so predictable: Koehler melting down, Jones screwing things up against a lefty, and Redmond not replacing Jones with a right-handed hitter to hit against a lefty.
It is like a script of those bad B-movies that we always know how it will end.

Cleveland Spider

Good bye good ridden, Wolf. He was awful. I would reserve Turner for mop up duty. He should not be brought to the game in a close game.

I am so happy to see Heaney up. Now we need to make a trade for a front line starter. I am not comfortable with Descalfani down the stretch run.


Nothing new, Koehler and Turner still blow games.

Stan M

The euphoria and the meltdown.
Wonderful moves by the FO. Every one couldn't have been better. The good-byes were particularly poignant. Sad but oh so necessary.

Now to the game. We won in in the 7th, didn't we? Redmond pinch hit for Jones with the bases loaded, got a soft grounder which brought in the tie breaking run and it was all but over. What's this? No, you say. Rather the incredible happened. Redmond left Jones in there when everyone in the Western Hemisphere knew he would fail! Did he really make another blunder of that magnitude? Rich and Tommy attempted to cover it up with some nonsense about there being little choice with Furcal hurt and not eligible to take the field. Of course, the fact that Lucas was also available was ignored by the apologists.

Managerial motivation can go only so far. Everyone loved to play for Dusty Baker until someone noticed that he had a proclivity for destroying young pitching arms and wasn't too hot on in game strategy either. There must come a point when even the most loyal of players realize that they must win despite their popular and well intentioned manager.

We fans could sit back and see the need for multiple changes in player personnel. They took their time, but the FO finally made what this fan would call several perfect moves. Except for one. Again we fans, although passive bystanders, and far from omniscient, know what must be done next.

One last suggestion. If Marisnick proves his mettle, Yelich should resurrect his first baseman's mitt. Then, if Dietrich (he is hitting at absurd levels in AAA ball) can pick up an occasional ground ball, this team could be all that is needed for contention for the remainder of this year and even be favorites in a very optimistic future.

Stan M

Turner is sent to the farthest corner of the bench and he still pops up to hurt the team. Yes, the bullpen was blown out because the game wasn't put away in the 7th inning via a different blunder. But Turner? Again? And in an added insult, he let a pitcher beat him. Dyson was brought up to strengthen the bull pen. Turner was placed in the bull pen because there was no where else to hide him. Is it second guessing to say that this was another ill thought out maneuver. Isn't it pretty obvious that the man must be sent down. And if someone is foolish enough to claim him and he is lost to this team, so be it.


especially enjoyed pregame comments made by Conine about how the Marlins Front Office/Management is serious about winning. Bringing up a few Minor League Players and demoting a few Major League Roster Players. Actually I heard Conine recite his script twice in the pregame show. Reducing the Net Payroll for the Major League Team shows how serious they are? Maybe Conine was being sarcastic.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, I'm glad you mentioned the apologist nature of Hutton and that other yokel. Ordinarily, I keep the volume very low when watching a game, helping me focus on whatever else I'm doing, but I've had guests recently who wanted to hear them... they not only excuse every Marlins' mistake or bonehead play, they're also quick to jump all over anybody else's. There are certainly announcers who are worse than this crew, but that doesn't mean they aren't awful in their own right. And this goes on while Allison Williams gets the misogynistic assignments. I hope that one day some courageous woman files a class-action lawsuit against Fox and other networks for confining them to the more demeaning assignments because of gender.

Flav C.

I'd love to hear Hutton's excuses for this team be beaten twice in extra-innings by the same Carlos Villanueva, arguably one of the top 3 worst bullpen pitchers in the majors right now.

On June 6th and last night, this joke of a pitcher simply breezed through this lineup. 2 innings on June 6, and two more innings last night.

A Realist

I still can't figure out why so many people want Dietrich back up here. The kid can't hit! Yes he will hit an occasional homerun, but he doesn't hit for average or with RISP. Let's not even bring into the discussion his rancid play at 2nd base. Please.

Turner screws us again....

This front office is retarded. So they sign Wolf and send DeSclafani down. Why? Why didn't they just keep DeSclafani up and save a few bucks? Is it really a likelihood that Wolf is going to come in here and resurrect his career in his late 30's? So, we lost 2-3 games because of Wolf. Maybe we could've won 1-2 of those games.

Thank god they brought up Heaney. I really hope the kid has the confidence on the mound that he projects in the media. He stated he feels ready. Well here you go! Go kick some A*^!!

This team still needs another good to very good starter. Not just for this year. If they can pick up Hammel or Samarzdja they should retain them next year, as well. Imagine having Fernandez (probably in July), Alvarez, Heaney, Samarzdja or Hammel, and Eovaldi or Koehler? If Koehler doesn't work out as a starter he can definitely pitch out of the pen. The guy can pitch and he's a bulldog. I like him.

Stan or Flav, I didn't know that Yelich played first in the past. Now there's an idea!!! Get Jones out of here. Pay another team to take Jones. Please!!!!

What a crappy game to lose last night. We can't hit to save our life.

Lou Vales

EVERYBODY------Some very good and salient points. I will only add things that have not been mentioned. You CAN'T have a Major League catcher who strikes out 45%!!!!! of the time. That is not feasible. The guy who strikes out 45% of the time is a better catcher than Realmuto BUT the guy who strikes out 45% of the time has had a chance to deliver the game winning hit 5!!!!!!!!! times in the last inning or extra innings in the last 2!!!!! weeks and has not delivered once---As Stengel said, "You can look it" Also, although this is not why they lost last night, Redmond can't continue to go through 3 pitchers to get 4 outs as he did yesterday. He must be cognizant of his team's inability to score which suggests strong possibility of extra innings late in games and he must realize he just might need to let some guys who may not match up lefty versus lefty but who he needs to give the opportunity to retire more than 1 batter. Jones obviously should not have hit and I agree with all of you. Hutton and "It's out" like the first class travel, meal allowances and the good lives---they will say not a thing of note EVER!!!



Stan M

I criticized Rich and Tommy for making excuses last night, and they deserved the rebuke. However, most of the time I find them entertaining, very knowledgeable, and willing to point out Marlin errors. Granted they are not completely objective, but their job is to make the game interesting, not turn off potential fans with constant criticism. We've all heard them say things like, "That ball should have been caught", or " that runner should have scored on that play." With Direct TV, I sometimes have to listen to other announcers when our game is blacked out or not televised. Most other announcers border on different shades of awful. Exceptions are the Brave, Met announcers and Vin Scully. But give these guys some slack, they must obfuscate, alibi, and ignore when I'm sure they would rather fume. DT, Allison Williams seems like a nice kid and she serves as the politically correct token female better than most. The players seem to like her and I'd certainly prefer her to Preston Wilson who has never heard of the word "sustinct". If volubility were the sole virtue in broadcasting, this guy would go to the top. Regarding "niner", as a broadcaster, he will be best remembered as a fine player.

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