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Andrew Heaney scratched from start as Marlins begin to "guard" innings

Andrew Heaney was scratched from Thursday's scheduled start with Triple A New Orleans, and it won't be the last time his turn is skipped as the Marlins take measures to preserve the lefty's arm for September.

"We decided a few weeks ago we were going to skip a start here and there (with Heaney)," said Marty Scott, the Marlins' vice president of player development. "This is the first of several. We'll probably do this again in July and one more time in August."

There has been growing speculation about when the Marlins will call up their top pitching prospect, who is continuing to dominate in the minors. But Scott said the decision to scratch Heaney from his scheduled start Thursday had nothing to do with a pending call-up.

"Don't read too much into it," he said.

Rather, Scott said the Marlins want to make sure Heaney is still available to pitch for them in September, especially if the team is still in playoff contention.

Like Jose Fernandez last season, Heaney has a prescribed innings limit of 160-170 innings this season, Scott said. He's already totaled 72 2/3 innings between Double A Jacksonville and Triple A New Orleans. The Marlins want to avoid a situation like the one involving Stephen Strasburg in 2012 when the Nationals' pitcher was shut down in early September even though the team was still in contention and reached the postseason.

Scott said Heaney has been informed of the Marlins' plans and is on board with the altered pitching schedule.

"This way, we don't have to worry about shutting him down in September," Scott said. "If we don't let him skip a couple of starts and rest up and guard these innings, we'd have to shut him down in September, and that's something we don't want to do. We don't want to have to shut him down in the middle of a pennant race."

Heaney's next scheduled start for the Zephyrs is June 19. His last previous start was June 7.

Heaney told the New Orleans Advocate in this article that he feels like he is ready to pitch in the majors, but would prefer to receive his promotion under the right conditions.

"I feel like I am (ready)," Heaney said in Thursday's article, "but I don't want to be ready to fill a spot. I want to be ready to compete and help the team win. They're in first place. I don't want them to bring me up as an experiment."


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You Don't Kotsay

Jacob Turner is out of minor league options. Very interested to see what Hill and Jennings does with Heaney coming up.

Cleveland Spider

I just hope that we do not see Turner make another start. If they cannot trade him, I would waive him and I am sure that he will clear waivers.

Meanwhile this thing about guarding innings for Heaney is ridiculous. They did the same thing for Fernandez last year and how did work out. If a guy is going to get hurt, then he is going to get hurt. You cannot continue to baby these pitchers at the expense of winning.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

"Miami Marlins rotation must improve if team is to stay in contention"... what Flav said, what was it, 6-7 weeks ago?

Stan M

DT, this is astounding news! Someone should send it to ESPN. It changes my whole way of watching the team.

You mentioned misleading stats a short time ago. I think this sums it up pretty well:

There is a stat called WAR which indicated a players worth to his team as contrasted to (I think) a replacement for that player of exactly average skills. There is some validity to it, but I think its defensive criteria are overemphasized. As of today, Ozuna has a WAR number of 2.2. That's fine, but McGehee has a War number of 0.6. In my opinion, that is nonsense. Ozuna plays a more critical defensive position, and is a better overall defender. But that much better as an overall member of his team? I think not.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, I come from the Tom Brady School of Statistics... "the score is the only stat that counts."

I've read a bit about the "new age" statistics, the sabermetrics... there seems to be some element of subjectivity in them. These stats are greatly influenced by and promoted by the baseball staff at espn... and those guys are without a doubt NOT objective, so I don't pay it or them much mind. Besides, these stats attempt to compare players with each other. But it doesn't measure the most important traits of a players, the intangibles such as hard work, desire, discipline, heart, endurance, will to win etc).

And I have found that nothing tells me how good a ballplayer is like my own eyes can.

Flav C.


I love statistics, metrics, all the analytical stuff. You already know that. That's part of what I do for a living.

With that said, DT, yourself, hayu and others are completely right. All those stats they are extremenly subjective and they can be "massaged" any way you want it.

On the specific case of McGehee and Ozuna, the WAR stat is so off on McGehee that even his Offensive WAR is low. This makes no sense at all.

I think WAR puts too much emphasis on power, and very little on critical elements such as: clutch hitting, hitting w/ risp, productive outs, etc.

The fact that McGehee has so may RBIs with only 1 HR in the season, that alone tells a lot of how this guy has been critical for the Marlins current position in the standings.


Amen, Flav.

Stan M

Flav, I don't know how old you are, but there was a Cardinal 2nd baseman, probably in the late 70s or early 80s (at my age I can't remember names for the life of me, but I think it was Tommy Herr". Anyway, everyone made a big thing of the fact that he had over 100 RBIs with less than 10 homers. McGehee should crumble that record.

My first Bill James handbook was in 1984. It had an article showing how Fenway was not a RH hitters paradise, but rather favored LH hitters. I think the man is a genius and belongs in the HOF. The one thing about his and all stats, the criteria used is often subjective, especially regarding how one criteria is weighted over another. Speaking very broadly, I think the offensive stats are pretty good, the pitching stats are very good, and the fielding stats stink.

Lou Vales

Stan You are absolutely correct about James. Not with you or me, but for so many thousands of others he made into baseball fans. Even if it was just to play Fantasy Baseball--which I have never played in my life--he created an interest in the game for people who would have never cared. Most importantly he did it in a rational way that appealed to not only lifetime fans but dilettantes as well. His commentary on individual players were hilarious and usually spot on.

Lou Vales

To ALL the regulars and part timers, Do you have any idea what this organization could be thinking in regard to Turner. To me it is obvious the man no longer has Major League stuff and I don't see him regaining it IF he ever had it.

Marlin Fan

I think the problem with Turner is that he has no real trade value , and as someone said , he may be out of options . Maybe s long middle guy ??? He's still young , but has no consistency .

Marlin Fan

I also think it's great about Heaney . We don't play him as much so we can put off his eligiblity for arbitration . That's fantastic , especially with out pitching needs . If you shut him done early so be it , saving him for something thst may not even happen this year , late playoff contention .

Marlin Fan

But hey , let's sign washed up veterans , Furcal, gregg, tejada , etc

A Realist

Yeah, you guys (meaning the Marlins) suck! So you come back in the last innings for the second time in a week. Then you choke it away. All of that for nothing.

Better get Henaey up here soon because these boys are circling the drain. All that talk about how the Marlins had a long stretch of 1-2 months against good competition with winning records. Now we play a month schedule against teams with losing records and we can't beat them either! Lost 2 of 3 to the Cubs and get dominated by a guy who just got called up 2or 3 games ago! Come on you *^*^ng scrubs!

When you watch how they play so inconsistently game to game, it's hard to not to say that these players really don't give a crap about this team. Everyone is playing for their own stats. There is no team cohesion. Some guys have confidence while others are severely lacking it. This is why I've been saying this team can't hit. The Cubs pitchers are not that good and neither are the Pirates, but of course the Marlins hitters make them look like Darvish.

If the front office doesn't bring up Heaney AND acquire another solid starter, such as Samarzdja we can all just focus on the World Cup. Sucks to say because I was so excited for this season.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hill and Jennings will not be making any big decision on Turner (as in whether to get rid of him); they will only have suggestions for The Racketeer. Their primary function is to keep an eye on the MLB scrap heap to see who can be recycled as inexpensively as possible.

Flav C.

Part II of "deceiving stats" : Dan Jennings has the best ERA among all of the Marlins pitchers and the 7th best in the entire NL among relievers with at least 15 IP. His ERA is 0.95. Great isn't it? Which team wouldn't love to have a pitcher like that in their bullpen. But wait, there's more: Jennings has the worse WHIP among the current relievers in the Marlins bullpen (1.73), has allowed 11.4 hits per 9 innings and finally....has allowed 62% of the inherited runners score. Highest among all NL relievers.
Which brings the question: WTF is this guy still doing pitching in the major leagues???


Wait til August. The pitching will be shot. They'll be guarding the innings for their rag arm chicken wing cheapass starters and bullshitt pen.

Marlin Fan

Flav to answer your question , he's cheap

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