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Casey McGehee's road hitting streak, Marlins winning 1-run games

PHILADELPHIA -- Casey McGehee will put his 16-game road hitting streak on the line tonight when the Marlins face the Phillies and Cole Hamels.

McGehee is nowhere close to Luis Castillo's club-record 27-game road hitting streak, set in 2001. But he isn't far behind some of the others on the list.

Greg Dobbs and Cliff Floyd are tied for the second-longest road streak at 19 games. McGehee's streak is presently tied for the 10th-longest in team history. But a hit tonight would move him into a tie for the 7th longest.


With their 3-2 victory on Wednesday, the Marlins improved their record in one-run games to 18-10 -- a significant turnaround from last year's abysmal 24-35 mark in such contests. In fact, the Marlins are tied with the Pirates for the most 1-run wins in the majors.

Probably the biggest reason for the turnaround is the fact the Marlins are scoring far more runs than they did a season ago.

"I think part of it is probably our offense," said manager Mike Redmond. "But part of it is probably our pitching, too, and having a great closer down there helps. But definitely the offense has helped."


After wrapping up their season with the Phillies, the Marlins will return home to face the team with the best record in the majors, the Oakland A's.

The A's lead the majors in runs scored.

"I think there are some similarities between the two teams, just as far as they don't have a bunch of huge names," McGehee said. "I think they've got not a lot of household names who are doing a really good job for them."

Though the A's payroll of $83 million is much greater than the Marlins' figure of $47 million, Oakland still ranks 25th in terms of the money it spends on its roster.

The Marlins have gone 8-1 in interleague play this season. The A's have visited South Florida only once previously, during the 2003 season when they won two of three. Overall, the Marlins have gone 5-4 in their three series meetings.

"They've done a great job of bringing in guys and mixing and matching," Redmond said of the A's roster. "That's a team that doesn't get a lot of publicity, media attention, probably not as close as they should. But they're a great ballclub. Those guys hit. They rake. They've got some free-swingers. It's not the work-the-count-and-try-to-get-on-base anymore. Those guys are swinging the bats, and they can pitch, too."



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Lou Vales

Wow!!!!!!! Jake!! Jake!!! Jake!!!! Sorry. Just not seeing it. Some level of plate adjustments should have been evidenced by now. Wouldn't you think? Who gets called up to relieve
"Disco Early Exit" in the 4th tomorrow??

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The more I watch baseball, the more I realize how little I know about this game. Cases in point:

(1) Why would anybody with aspirations to be a major league pitcher throw a belt-high fastball on an 0-2 count to the opposition's best hitter in the 14th inning of a road game!?!?!?! (Smh) I don't know, man, maybe if the Marlins had a real pitching coach (instead of a bullpen coach who just sits in the dugout), Chris Hatcher might have been better informed last night about how a 96 MPH fastball alone doesn't get it done at this level. Good job, Chuck! And memo to Chris: it's called pitching, not throwing!

(2) Why does any pitcher opposing the Marlins continue to pitch to Stanton? No offense at McGehee, but I would take my chances with him any day of the week, whether it's the 1st inning or the 9th. Good for us, though

(3) I continue to be amazed at how opposing pitchers continue to provide Ozuna with the fastball he's steadily waiting for. Either pitchers as a group are a bunch of egotistical idiots or nobody is advance-scouting the Marlins. I suspect it's a little of the former but mostly the latter. Again, good for us.

Lou Vales

The sheer mediocrity of the NL East is dumbfounding. When I watched another Marlins extra inning game and realized it was just a matter of time before the Phillies won, it was a sense of--"What am I doing?" I actually thought life is passing by and I'm waiting for them to get hit, let alone a run. How many games have we watched like this when a string of borderline pitchers make the Marlins look totally inept until the hammer drops. We are in Boca Raton for the weekend and I don't even know if I want to go watch them play the A's. It's a matter of time management? How much time are they worth when the inevitability of the end result continues to smack you in the face. This game is a symbol of why I hate the word "fan", I don't want to be a FANatic about anything. I want to exercise discernment and always keep my mind open about what I am witnessing. A "fan" would trek down therefor the 3 game series, a "person" who takes an interest and follows them would just pull back and say if the entity itself cares nothing about making adjustment, why would I beat my head against the wall and make myself miserable. Their CF should probably be at Double A learning if he will ever hit? He is the most glaring. You guys enjoy yourselves.When it is no longer fun, its time to check out and save yourself the aggravation.

Stan M

DT, regarding your #1. We would have to look at where Salty held his mitt. Hatcher probably didn't want to throw it there, just screwed up. I was more ticked off at all the hits that kid 3rd baseman of theirs got. He couldn't touch a curve but they gave him fastballs. His defense is the reason we lost. Of course Baker at first base is the other reason. We shouldn't get too mad at his defense though for his bat has been on fire. He's 2 for 26 in June.


can't argue with any of the frustrated remarks made here. in order for all of us to maintain our sanity, keep in mind that the 2013 team won 62 games. if the 2014 team does as well in the second half as it has done in the first half, they will win about 75-78 games. that would be a substantial improvement, and, unfortunately that is about all we can hope for. if Ozuna can keep from almost falling down every time he swings and misses, if Stanton can recognize a low outside off the plate pitch, should be taken as a ball, if Salty can learn "Kentucky windage" when he tries to catch a base stealer, and if the total pitching staff can get some ice through their veins, 2015 will be a better year.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, you're a kinder, gentler fan than I am, giving Hatcher the benefit of the doubt. That's cool. But in my eyes, there's no excuse whatsoever for that pitch. I don't even know Hatcher's repertoire and it doesn't even matter. In an extra inning game on the road with their best hitter at an 0-2 count, you "waste" a pitch, however you want, to either set him up or get him to swing at YOUR pitch. That pitch he threw was in Utley's wheelhouse and it shouldn't have been anywhere near there. Hatcher's mistake was that he thought he could throw it by him. He was wrong.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And for the record, Salty's target was where it usually is... at the knees, over the plate. He wasn't calling for a waste pitch, either. Doesn't matter. I put this loss on Loria's bargain basement pitching coach.

Stan M

DT, my favorite all time baseball book is "The Glory of Their Times." But my second is, "The Days of Mr. McGraw", a man who dominated NY baseball for two generations. I assure you, McGraw would have literally fined a pitcher, any pitcher, for not wasting an 0-2 pitch. He once fined a player for hitting a HR on a "take" sign. I do agree with you about some questionable traits among our pitchers. To my knowledge, the average ML player hits about a buck and a half with an 0-2 count. I'm sure that such isn't so against Marlin pitchers.

Stan M

3 ex-Marlins went 7 for 12 for the Cubs in todays game. A certain first baseman whom everyone but yours truly wanted gone, has hit .364 with 3 HRs and 8 RBIs in his last 7 games. He's healthy again, and in my heart, I really know all of you also wish him well.

Isn't our team starting to play like that maladroit bunch of last year? Unfortunately, all other teams in the NL East are winning. Dammit.

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