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Dietrich recalled from NOLA in wake of Furcal injury

            Derek Dietrich rejoined the Marlins Sunday with a chance to remain the team’s starting second baseman for the next two weeks if not longer.

            Dietrich was recalled from Triple-A New Orleans in the wake of another injury to second baseman Rafael Furcal, who was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a left hamstring strain.

            Furcal suffered the injury Saturday in the Marlins 4-0 loss to the Mets when he pulled up grabbing the back of his left leg as he was trying to beat out a double play. Furcal already missed the first two months of the season with an injury to his right hamstring and a groin injury.

            Marlins manager Mike Redmond said it could be some time before Furcal, 36, would be able to return.

            “It’s going to be a while for [Furcal],” Redmond said. “It looks like it could be an extensive thing so we’re not putting a timetable on it right now.”

            Dietrich, who got to the stadium early after catching a 6 a.m. flight out of New Orleans, hit .340 with six home runs and 15 RBI in 13 minor-league games since being demoted June 3.

            Dietrich’s problem at the time was defense. He committed eight errors in 36 games tied for the most by a second baseman in the National League this season.

Dietrich made only one error in 13 games at New Orleans.

“I knew I’d have a chance to play every day and get in a routine and rhythm,” Dietrich said. “I’m glad to be back here and playing well. I went down there with the same mindset to get quality at-bats. I put together good games and had a lot of opportunities.”

            Shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria was not in the starting lineup for the second consecutive game, but Redmond said he’d be available as a pinch-hitter. Redmond hopes he will be ready to start again when the Marlins play the Phillies starting Monday in Philadelphia.


            Mets (34-41): Granderson rf; Murphy 2b; Wright 3b; Duda 1b; Nieuwenhuis cf; Tejada ss; Recker c; Niese p; Young, Jr. lf.

            Marlins (37-37): Johnson lf; Lucas ss; Stanton rf; McGehee 3b; Ozuna cf; Baker 1b; Dietrich 2b; Mathis c; DeSclafani p.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Who or what is an Andre C.?

Lou Vales

Wasn't Andre Castellanos a musician??

Dionysus Thelxinoe

How do you know it's not Andre Cunanan? Oh, wait... never mind.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Was Manny sent to New Orleans because of too many errors in his posts?

Stan M

Turned off the game when it was 7-0. There was something obscene about listening to commercials after the team really flopped again.

look it up

Andre C. is Mrs. C's Son to the best of my knowledge.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Who scored the touchdown?

Stan M

Well, we have learned that DeSciafani isn't ready to contribute on a ML level. There seems to be a trend among our young starters, I will call it Jacob Turner disease. Each shows that he has terrific stuff until...ah yes, until...he runs into adversity. Then it's time for the infielders to start ducking as line drives zoom and careen all over the place. We have an assemblage of 4+ inning starters.

The question is, what can be done? Granted that experience and maturity almost have to help, but this is now and this is serious. We have been told that we have a goldmine of starters in AAA and AA ball who are on the threshold of moving up to the big club. Oh yea? Who for instance? Flynn has been mediocre at best. Conley had been hurt and in his first rehab start in high A ball, he just put 11 guys on base in 5 innings. We have seen enough of Hand to know what to expect from him and it hasn't been pretty. Urena simply isn't ready Our two best relievers, Wittgren and Dayton have been disappointing. That leaves Nicolino. At the end of this piece there is a scouting report on him. He's winning at AA ball and just pitched a complete game shutout. My worry is that he strikes out very few batters. He seems to have very good control, for he walks almost no one. Right now, he is our only hope within the organization and it is reasonable to expect that he will replace DeSciafani soon if not immediately.

However, there is a correlated problem. If we don't have anyone ready to step up and help us, who in hell can we trade to another team for a workable starter? They're not going to want our mediocrity, they damn sure can't have Heaney, and our most promising prospects are now in A ball. It seems that our only hope is to say 3 "Hail Marys" and hope that Nicolino is a Tommy Glavin clone.



Stan M, look at the bright side. The Marlins have a deep roster of guys who can play second base...Lucas, Solano, Dietrick, Furcal, and, Baker.

Lou Vales

Stan, Am I the only one fixated on an inability to score runs. I agree about the pitching but there is hope. The offense?? Do you see a potential catcher, 1B, SS who can hit? Would you bet 10,000 that Marishnak and Ozuna are long term answers? What about Dietrich? Even with McGehee having an All-Star year they are painful to watch. Except for Yelich not 1 of the young guys makes meaningful plate adjustments.

Stan M

Lou, the dearth in runs is system wide and just might have something to do with the present state of peds. Personally, I think you are a little too pessimistic. I think our outfield is doing as best as can be expected when considering their ages and experience. I was severely criticized by a now vacant poster when I speculated that they couldn't keep up their RBI levels. But there was no way that Stanton would knock in 150 and Ozuna 100 and that was their extrapolated numbers when I wrote it. Yelich would be an asset to any team and this might be blasphemy, but I'd even keep him over Stanton. Should Ozuna falter, there is always Marisnick and also a RH hitting OF at AAA (Canha)who is doing quite well. I think Dietrich has tremendous potential, There has been some improvement in his plate discipline this year and if that can improve a tad more, we've got a major asset at 2B. I don't care what Hech hits; he plays and his defensive metrics be dammed. McGehee is only signed for this year and the FO better do something about that for Moran is more than a year away. Salty is a vast improvement at catcher, but his deficiencies are more apparent because he is so much like Jones. He's ours for 2 more years so we must live with his streaky bat. And along came Jones. An improvement? Sure. But a first baseman on a pennant winner. I doubt it. If, and it's a big if, Marisnick can hit at all, Yelich goes to 1B and we have replaced Jones with Marisnick. We would lose occasional, very occasional, power, We would gain defense, speed, youth, and salary that could be used elsewhere. Or Jones can be a LH pinch hitter until he can be moved. Lou, that's not a bad lineup. And 2 years down the road we will have Moran, Avery Romano, Realmuto, and much more experience. I have always loved Brent Keys and his high BA and great OBP, but this year he's not doing that well in AA ball. Should he return to his former levels, he is our leadoff hitter in a year or two and an outfielder could then be traded.

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