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Door open for Furcal to join Marlins after team options Bour back to minors Wednesday night

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Barring a surprising move or maybe a last second hamstring or groin pull, the Marlins are finally going to get to see what Rafael Furcal looks like again.

After Wednesday’s 6-0 loss to the Rangers, the Marlins optioned first baseman Justin Bour to Triple A New Orleans clearing a spot for Furcal. They will officially announce a corresponding move Friday, manager Mike Redmond said. But it's expected to be Furcal.

Furcal, who is on the 60-day disabled list, has played in 11 minor-league games since May 29 — his latest rehab stint. He picked up two more hits Tuesday night for SingleA Jupiter, raising his average to .341 (14 for 41) with seven runs scored and four stolen bases since his latest return from hamstring and groin injuries.

Redmond said the Marlins moved Furcal back to Jupiter from Double A Jacksonville (where he played five games) for logistical reasons. But it looks a lot more like so he doesn’t have to travel very far when the Marlins finally announce he’s ready to go.


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Lee S.

Why wouldn't the Marlins bring up 36-year-old Furcal? He went 11-37 with 2 doubles and no rbi's for AA Jacksonvile (.297 with .350 ob %)... I mean all Derek Dierich has done this week is go 8-21 with three homers and eight rbi at AAA New Orleans(.381 avg and .435 ob) Like management says, it's all about winning as many games as possible, right?

Stan M

If Furcal is truly healthy, and he seems to be, his insertion at 2B can't hurt and is worth the try. I hope he pushes Yelich to the #2 spot where he won't have to take so many pitches. Now we will have 4 guys to play 2B and no LH pinch hitter. I would have kept Bour. Perhaps a trade is now a possibility with Solano one of the pieces. If it comes to Wolf or Turner, I'll take Wolf, and Turner just might profit from a trip to AAA. Flav, you mention Flynn or Nicolino as possible call ups. I'd also take either over Turner, but my first choice would be DeSciafani.


Lol, last second groin strain...

Lou Vales

Stan, I just don't like Nicolino's strikeout numbers. what are your thoughts? I thought K Ratio per inning was an important component of judging minor league pitchers. I was REALLY impressed with Bour's command of the strike zone and ability to work counts.Would not really mind him playing 1B.He also hung in against left handed pitchers. Turner MUST go.

Stan M

Lou, agree on Turner as does everyone else by now I'd guess. Let's hope Nicolineo is a Glavin type of lefty for you are correct about his Ks lacking. As I said recently, I'd bring up DeSciafani before anyone else. He just had a great start in AAA.

It would be my guess that Bour is not a good fielder, or why didn't he play first and Jones DH? The guy has got a god awful hitch before he swings and that could be why he hasn't been up before. Either Baker or Solano will have to go when Furcal comes up. I can't understand why Bour was sent down either, for we have no other LH pinch hitter. Unless they plan to bring up Marisnick; but he hits RH. Ozuna looked horrible on a couple of his ABs. I'd like to see them get one more started besides Heaney. Even a rental fr one year would be fine, or else we will have to be content with 3rd place.

Cleveland Spider

I am hoping Turner gets sent down when Heaney is brought up. He is awful.

I am also hoping for one big trade involving a front line starter. Even with adding Heaney the Marlins will not have the starting pitching this year to get them over the top (a playoff spot). Turner and Wolf are automatic losses every time they go out to the mound. You cannot make a playoff run with one of those guys putting an L up everytime they pitch. That being said I would rather have have Wolf than Turner. Turner is not major league pitching material IMO.

u is u .....still beatin gaytors..with teeth


Stan M

Dietrich is only 6 feet tall, a little short for 1B. However, that might be his best position. The guy can definitely hit. 3B is out because of Moran who has really been hot for past few games.
Jason Hammel of the Cubs has been pitching well this year and at 31YO,might be within Loria's price range. He would probably be a rental for he is a free agent after this year. He's making 6 million this year. Sounds good to me.

Flav C.

Putting some numbers together:

- 59% of the Marlins Wins (20) were against the adversary's bullpen. 41% (14) against their bullpen.

- 61% of the Marlins Losses (19) were charged to their starters, and 39% (12) charged to the bullpen.

On the minor-league pitchers: Nicolino has the lowest K/9 ratio if compared to DiSclafani and Flynn. However, among the three, he is the one who allows the least number of batters to reach base. Nicolino has very good command of the strikezone and rarely gives a free-pass to batters. He has good change-up, good slider, and one of the best at holding runners and avoiding stolen bases. I'd just wait till September roster expansion to see what he's got. He's only 22 and can wait a bit more.

DiSclafani, I mentioned this before: he runs out of gas much sooner than other starters. His fastball drops in velocity and he easily loses command of the strikezone after 4-5 innings. Then you will see him spending 20-23 pitches to retire a batter, and enxt thing you know, he is at 90+ pitch count and we're still in the 5th inning. You will rarely see him pitching beyond 6 innings, even in the minor leagues. He is the ideal candidate for a bullpen position, where he wouldn't need to tame his 95-97 mph fastball.

And then we have Flynn, who had some really bad stints at the ML last season. From those 3 guys, he is the most mature to be a starter. He has all the pitches and has worked harder on locating his fastball on both sides of the plate. Is he the best of the 3? I can't say for sure, however I'm positive he can perform better than Turner. And from the 3 prospects, he is the one who if is brought up, we can have a better perspective if he is for real, or just another fluke.


Guys...Everybody keeps talking about sending Turner down, but I'm pretty sure he's out of options, so the Marlins either use him or lose him. And I'm sure the Fish aren't about to take a chance on losing him with pitching (even lousy pitching) at such a premium right now. So we've got him, Boys, whether we like it or not.

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