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Dr. Andrews recommends more rest for Carter Capps, not surgery Redmond says

ST. PETERSBURG -- The season isn't over yet for Carter Capps.

The hard-throwing reliever met with Dr. James Andrews on Wednesday to have his elbow examined, and the recommendation given was the same as the one Marlins doctors first gave Capps when he went on the disabled list last week with a right elbow sprain -- no surgery and a month's rest. 

"I haven't talked to Capps, but I'm sure he's relieved," manager Mike Redmond said. "He got checked out again and it has to be comforting for him they both [Andrews and Marlins doctors] said the same thing.

"He's going to rest for the next month and then will start playing catch again and start building back up and see where we're at. So there is no surgery or recommendation or anything like that. So it's good news." 

Capps was transferred to the 60-day disabled list Wednesday. The earliest he could return from the DL is July 25. 


Redmond said second baseman Derek Dietrich took his demotion to Triple A New Orleans after Tuesday's game "like any young guy -- it was tough." 

"But I think he understood where we were coming from," Redmond continued. "The focus needs to be not just on hitting. It has to be on defense too. I think he understands that. I felt good walking away... I know he'll go down there and do that and give effort to improve in those areas."

Dietrich's seven errors at second base were tied for the most in baseball at the position. Redmond maintains Dietrich's defensive struggles are a product of what happened to him back in spring training when he was struck in the face by a hard-hit, one-hopper.

"That's all I can say really caused him to go into a defensive struggle," Redmond said. "Because he was so good playing defense last year. We know it's in there. For whatever reason he just needs to go down there, relax and get his confidence back defensively. We know when he does that he'll be back."

In the meantime, Redmond said he would like to get Donovan Solano some more at-bats and playing time at second base along with Ed Lucas. Solano was in the starting lineup at second base for only the fifth time this season Wednesday. He's only had 35 at-bats so far despite being with the team all year. 


With the Marlins playing at American League parks in four of their next seven games, Redmond said he plans on mixing up who he slots into the designated hitter's spot. Redmond said rookie Justin Boar, called up to replace Dietrich, could get the nod on Thursday against Tampa. He also said it's likely Giancarlo Stanton could DH against the Rangers next week.

"DH is tough for us because guys aren't used to that," Redmond said. "It's not an easy role especially when you're used to playing and playing defense, sort of being in that flow of the game.

"It's perfect for Casey to get the DH tonight especially after taking that bat in the ribs. I know he's fine. But at the same time too he has to be a little bit sore whether he admits it or not. Really that bat hit him a lot harder than I originally thought. But he's fine. We'll just kind of mess around with that spot, see who can give us good at-bats."

> Redmond said he's leaning toward starting rookie J.T. Realmuto behind the plate Thursday but hasn't made a final decision yet.


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Clevelan Spider

Man Price looks sharp. It is going to be tough to win a game in this 2 game series. Kohler is going to have to be amazing today to beat price. Tomorrow will be a loss with Jacob Turner on the mound. Turner should not be in the major leagues. I know that Heaney ha a rough outing last time out but bring the kid up and dump Turner.

Clevelan Spider

Stick a fork in them. Kohler is stinking up the joint. The Marlins will be swept this series.

Flav C.

A few weeks ago when I said Koehler was a mediocre pitcher and even in the minors (specially at AAA) he was just an o.k. pitcher for the minor league, people went berserk saying I was crazy.

That's Koehler for you all: a nice guy, who was very lucky in several games (lots of bombs that were hit right at outfielders), and even luckier for playing in the spacious Marlins Ballpark. After all this time playing professionally, he still has a hard time to locate his already average fastball.

At almost 28 years of age, there isn't much room for improvement.

I still think Turner will give the Fish a good start tomorrow. If not, please, bring both Flynn and Heaney, or Nicolino and Heaney.

Flav C.

Translation to giving Solano some at-bats: "Let's hope he does well so we can get something in return for him and open space in the 40-man roster for Furcal".

Lou Vales

Since my other "favorite" team is not currently watchable I stuck with the Fish the whole game tonight--no flipping back and forth. I'm glad Hechevarria survived the 6th with Morris on the mound,Flav, talk about lucky, I thought one of those shots were going to kill him.Nice Win!!

Flav C.

Lou, I still can't believe Cishek got out of that jam. Well, those are the 2014 Rays. Can't hit a beach ball.

Just read about Zim. RIP. Fiery baseball man.

Lou Vales

Flav, Send me a Facebook request. Live in Greenville, South Carolina. You know the name. I'll just look for a request from South Florida with something of a hint as to "Flav", you will enjoy the stuff I put on there. We will be able to avoid the BS and you will be able to see my good looking personal trainer.


Another great win on the road to show that Price is overrated.


Today, we hope Turner is as good as Flav. C thought in Spring Training. We still don't know if he is any good, but the Marlins are stuck with him. Then, resuming Furcal remains, healthy, I am wondering what sort of trade will be made, or who gets put on waivers, to bring him up next week. Without Fernandez, the SP rotation is not looking so good!

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