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Furcal likely headed to disabled list with calf, hamstring injury

The Marlins are going to make another roster move soon now that looks like they'll be without second baseman Rafael Furcal again.

Furcal, 36, left Saturday's 4-0 loss to the Mets in the third inning after pulling up as he was running down the first base line and trying to beat out a double play. Manager Mike Redmond said it was a calf and hamstring injury and that Furcal was headed to the hospital to have an MRI performed.

The Marlins first called it a left hamstring cramp.

"It definitely doesn't sound good," Redmond said. "I'd be happy if it was a cramp."

Furcal has played in only nine games this season. He recently was recalled from the 60-day disabled list on June 13 after fighting through hamstring and groin injuries.

"I'm more disappointed for him," Redmond said. "He's been out for a long time. He was looking forward to this opportunity with us to go out and play and it just hasn't happened for him. A rough go from the start. Spring training was tough on him. He's been banged up really since Day 1. We were hoping getting him back would be a big spark for us and he just hasn't been able to stay out there. I feel more for him and what he's gone through to get back out on the field. It's tough when you get banged up and you can't get out there and perform and do the things you want to be able to do."

Redmond said the Marlins will announce a move Sunday.

Derek Dietrich, whom the Marlins sent back to Triple A on June 3 because of defensive struggles, is not in the lineup for the New Orleans Zepbyrs Saturday. So he very well could be on his way back to Miami.


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Lee Stops

Tough for Furcal, but he shoud never have been signed in the first place ... his performance in 2012 - before missing all of last year, did not suggest that he would be of any benefit to the young Marlins team. Dietrich is a huge piece of the Marlins future and should be in the lineup every day.

Calusa Joe

In general, this roster is full of injury prone players. It's sad, because there is talent on this squad, but they can't stay on the field.


furcal suked oldslow injury prone dietrich can actually hit d is ?

marlin fan

is anybody surprised?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The Marlins have an infielder at Jacksonville hitting .357. He was rated Top 10 by Baseball America. I wonder if he can play 2B?

OK, OK... let's not get distracted by the fact that he was rated Top 10 back in the 90s or that he's now 40 years old. The issue is, can he play 2B?


Lou Vales

They CAN'T score runs with this lineup. I'll say it ONE more time and then I promise NO MORE---Catcher is a Black Hole, 1B, while not being a Black Hole, is wildly inconsistent, some relief at 2B with this HOPEFULLY being the end of Furcal's "stint' as a Marlin(How can Furcal be that diminutive and look that FAT, SS still, and probably in the future, no consistent production, still don't know if Marisnak will ever be a productive player, Ozuna refuses OR can't make adjustments in his approach. You have McGehee--no words to describe his contribution--, an exceptional talent in Stanton and Yelich who WILL hit and Dietrich who will probably hit. I don't think a Major League lineup can be productive with 4 guys who have shown any ability to get it done over an extended period of time. We are being shut down by studs, good pitchers and journeymen, both in the rotation and in the bullpen. That this team is a game and a half out at near the half way point speak volumes about the NL East. 10 game home stand against the Bucs, Cubs and Mets and we are hoping to be 4-6. WOW!!!


Furcal is fragile as folk.

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