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Giancarlo Stanton matches Chuck Carr's team mark for futility

CHICAGO -- Giancarlo Stanton is having an All-Star caliber season. Heck, you'd have to include Stanton's name in the early MVP conversation at this point. Stanton leads the National League in homers and RBI, and he's hitting for average, too.

But in Friday's 13-inning loss to the Cubs, Stanton had a day to forget. In six at bats, Stanton struck out four times and grounded into a double play.

That's just not bad, it's historically bad.

Stanton joined Chuck Carr as the only Marlins ever to whiff at least four times, ground into a double play, and fail to record a hit in the same game. Carr did it on Aug. 1, 1995, in only five at bats. Preston Wilson struck out four times and grounded into a double play in a 2002 game. But he also homered, walked, and drove in two runs that day.

Not to be ignored, Kevin Millar and John Mabry each hit into three double plays in the same game when they were Marlins.


While the Marlins used their first-round draft pick on pitcher Tyler Kolek and selected four college lefties on the second day of the draft, they went hard on middle infielders, selecting three shortstops and a second baseman.

"I think that's probably looking at a system where we're a little deficient," said Stan Meek, Marlins vice president of scouting. "We felt like it was an area of need, and so we kind of started focusing there."

It was a bit of a change for the Marlins, who normally go heavy on pitching.

"We felt like we had a little more depth of pitching," Meek said. "We felt (this year) if it's all equal, let's try some position players. Normally we say if all is equal, let's taking pitching. But this time we felt like we should lean more toward the position guys."

The Marlins also drafted a catcher and two outfielders on the first two days of the draft.

One of the shortstops taken by the Marlins: Anfernee Seymour from American Heritage School in Plantation. Seymour went in the seventh round.


Look for the Marlins to transfer catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia to the 15-day disabled list on Sunday. Saltalamacchia is on the 7-day concussion list, which is due to expire.

"Salty's gone two or three days symptom-free, which is good," said manager Mike Redmond. "But he won't be back on this road trip, and he's probably going to need to play a few games (in the minors). So maybe he goes plays a couple of games in Jupiter, just to make sure he's all right."



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Cleveland Spider

The Marlins really miss Salty. They just get nothing out of Mathis. It is like having two pitchers in the lineup. Echevarria is not much better either. Salty was struggling a little bit but at least he was a threat in the middle of the lineup. A bottom of the line up that features Echevarria, Mathis, and the pitchers spot is putrid.

Get healthy quickly Salty, we can use another hitter.

Cleveland Spider

I don't expect much from the 7th inning. Whoever pinch hits for the pitcher in that inning will have two outs and no runners on base. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Echevarria and Mathis will be easy outs. We currently have the worst bottom of the order in baseball. Echevarria and Mathis suck as major league hitters.

I am looking forward to the eighth inning.

Cleveland Spider

Where is Andrew Heaney. Wolf and Turner stink. We need another pitcher in the rotation. How much longer do we have to wait?

Lou Vales

WHEN this team gets really good who reading this forum believes Mathis or Saltalamacchia will be the catcher? Why is the FUTURE not being utilized!!! Doesn't Realmuto have more RBI's in 2 AB's as Mathis has this season>>

Stan M

This 'n that:
*Had Wolf pitched in a bigger ballpark, things wouldn't have been nearly so bad. With Texas the next stop, they couldn't skip him without bringing someone else up. But it's obvious the guy can't pitch in small ballparks.
*when Jones leads off an inning, or comes up with a runner on first and no outs, and the shift is on he can bunt and crawl to first unmolested. In this game, and I believe in the one before, we could have had men on first and second with no outs if he bunted. This is so obvious that I can't believe it. I'm going be memory here, but I believe in one case it would have put the tying run on 2B with no outs and in the other, the tying runs on first and second with no outs. Even if the pitcher threw him out at 1B, it was still better than trying to hit into the shift, also remembering that he is strikeout prone.It would also make then quit the shift long run.
*We lost to two very hot pitchers; almost beat one. So what. We lost no place in the standings from this last loss and are still in the race.
*Our infield is much improved with Lucas or Solano at 2B, and our outfield defense is pretty darn good as it is. In fact it is excellent. Stanton has become a real asset in RF, but this last game showed his shortcomings as a number 3 hitter. But at this stage, we have no choice.

Stan M

Before I am deemed a Stanton hater, or worse, I think Stanton has become is a tremendous assett and this team would be nowhere without him. My only point is that a #3 hitter can't strike out 150+ times a year. He is better hitting 4th or even 5th, if in a very powerful lineup. It isn't his fault that he hits 3rd for the team has no choice right now. With an ideal leadoff hitter, Yelich will eventually hit 3rd for he, too, is really miscast in the leadoff roll.

ware adams

As a Chicagoan who has watched the first two Marlin games at Wrigley, here’s what the local commentators on sports talk about regarding the Marlins: 1) they are amazed that Dietrich is not in the line-up. His spunk and bat set up the offense; but Redmond’s demotion, for personal reasons, and because he needed to get his “head straightened”, is what they talk about; 2) Redmond is blowing a good team, he cannot deal with players as personalities, and thus have favorites and unfavorites and 3) this is no way to manage a ball club and 4) Redmond will find a way to cost the Marlins winning the NL east.

Stan M

They better not let our Flav hear them say that! Seriously, that is pretty severe, but there are kernels of truth in what they say. But I don't think it's personalities that confuse him as much as simple game situations. Every time I see those commercials with puppets on strings, I think of the managers that this owner prefers.

Lou Vales

We all know what Heaney did last night. Correct? I believe we are only a few days away from the date when he would not be able credit this year towards free agency. We know what that should mean.

Flav C.

"Local commentators on a sports talk". Talk about being vague!
Dietrich is hitting .239 as a # 2 hitter, with 7 charged errors, several others not charged , and one of the worse range for 2b players in the NL. I guess that alone shuts down the comments of "Diettrich's bat set up the offense".
That alone comes to show how uniformed the Local commentators are. Even though I doubt local commentators of a sports talk in Chicago would really care about Redmond and the Marlins. They have their hands full with the "close to the bottom" Cubs.
Folks, you don't like Redmond for your own personal reasons of for some of the moves he makes (or doesn't make) it is fine. We all have our opinions. At least try to back it up with valid and coherent stuff.
By the way, the Marlins are 11-16 when Dietrich starts as 2b.

Lou Vales

Do you understand why the catcher with ability and potential is not getting the majority of the starts. He has 1 less RBI than Mathis in 50 fewer AB's. I'm sure Realmuto won't get 3 RBI's every game but he will probably have more than 4 in 38% of a season. I am trying to understand Redmond because I respect you but some of his decisions and comments do stretch credulity.

Stan M

Flav, couldn't agree more with your first comments about local talking heads and Dietrich. However, your last paragraph puzzles me. Nearly everyone who has posted criticism of Redmond here has also included instances. They can't be denied for they are out there for all to see. One can question whether his decisions are motivated by inexperience or some other cause, and whether or not his motivational value overcomes these, but not whether our fellow posters aren't giving examples.
Do you folks remember when we traded Mujica to St. Louis for one of their top prospects who had fallen from favor? His name is Zach Cox and since entering the Marlin system, he has been so unspectacular that he was no longer listed in our top 20 prospects by most publications. However, he has started to knock the cover off the ball recently. Hitting .500 over his last 10 games with 5 HRs. It is somewhat tempered by a 4 game series in CO where he did quite well. He plays 3B. DeSciafani had a good start in AAA recently, and in case someone missed it, Heaney just had a terrific start.

Flav C.

Stan, sorry for puzzling you. My comment was directed to the person who used the "local commentators" excuse to reflect his dislike for Redmond.

As far as Cox, just forget about him.

Flav C.


So you think the AA catcher, with very little knowledge of the ML hitters, and very little knowledge of the Marlins lineup should get the bulk of the starts, while the team is a couple of games away from the Braves? That is an interesting concept.

I do remember of another young catcher who when first started (22 yrs at the time) was hitting well and fans thought he should be the everyday starter. When he finally was moved as the everyday starter, his numbers plummeted, so did his defense and everything else.

He is now in AAA since last season, with numbers far from expected.

Let Realmuto soak in while he is in the majors. He is a good promise and has tons to learn yet.

Marlin Fan

Salty please come back and save us with your . 237 avg and multitude of K's. Lol

Lou Vales

I don't really think ability to call a good game is that much of a positive force if the team gets nothing offensively out of the guy calling the "good" game and especially in light of offensive travails at other positions. I would bet these pitchers would rather have someone capable of driving in a run and they will shake off the young guy if need be.

Flav C.

Lou, if you could ask the pitchers if they feel more comfortable with Mathis or Ralmuto calling the game, blocking pitches on the dirt, pitch-framing, you would be surprised.

Lou Vales

No!! I would not be surprised. I'm saying Mathis is definitely not worth a run a game, nor is Realmuto but I'm guessing it gets to be tiring when the pitchers realize they should be hitting 8th in the order. Realmuto and Mathis now tied in RBI's with 4 each.

Lou Vales

I do know the Marlins would have LOST the two games Realmuto played in if it would have been Mathis behind the plate. Agreed?? He was responsible for 4 RBI's and that doesn't count what occurred after he knocked in runs.

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