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Giancarlo Stanton's teammates are outraged he's not receiving more All-Star love

Steve Cishek called it "ridiculous." Casey McGehee said it was "inexcusable."

Their beef? When the latest All-Star voting update was released on Monday, Giancarlo Stanton had slipped to fourth in voting among National League outfielders.

"I know that there are many talented, deserving outfielders in the National League," said Marlins infielder Ed Lucas. "But I do not think you can find three that are more deserving than him."

Yet Stanton trails Yasiel Puig, Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Gomez in the voting among NL outfielders even  though, statisically, he's enjoying a much better season than those three. Stanton leads the league in homers and RBI, has a .303 average, and established a new single-season career high Monday night with his seventh stolen base.

In a head-to-head comparison, Stanton's WAR (wins against replacement) of 4.5 is not only tops among outfielders, it is significantly better than McCutchen (3.7), Gomez (2.9) or Puig (2.8). His OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) of .983 also leads all NL outfielders. McCutchen is a distant second with an OPS of .948.

"You can't ask him to do anything else," Lucas said.

Said manager Mike Redmond: "There's no way this guy shouldn't be a starter in an All-Star game."

Voting by fans continues online at MLB.com through July 3. But Stanton lost considerable ground relative to the other outfielders in the latest release. Puig, McCutchen and Gomez each has received more than 2,400,000 votes while Stanton sits at just over 2,130,000.

"That's a joke," McGehee said. "That's inexcusable. I don't know how he could not be in the starting lineup in the All-Star game with what he's done. Everyone probably has their own bias. But I think, objectively, I don't see how he could be kept out of the starting lineup."

There's a chance Stanton could still start, though not necessarily in the outfield.

Stanton figures to be the only Marlin on the N.L. squad, though many feel McGehee has a strong case with the season he's having. McGehee's .390 average with runners in scoring position leads the league. Stanton is solidly in the third baseman's corner for an All-Star nod.

"It should be by the numbers, not popularity or most fans of a team," said Stanton, adding that fellow Marlins outfielder Marcell Ozuna should also be considered. "I'm sure Ozuna and McGehee aren't even in the conversation. It's unbelievable. The fact that they're not even in the conversation is unbelievable."


Adeiny Hechavarria thought he would be available to return to play Tuesday. Instead, the shortstop returned home to Miami, where he received a MRI that revealed a right triceps strain. The Marlins didn't know as of Tuesday afternoon whether he would be placed on the disabled list.

"We're just kind of waiting to try to give it a day," Redmond said. "We've given it a few days to see if it gets better to where he's able to play without putting him on the DL. We thought he was getting better, and yesterday he tried to throw and he still had some discomfort there."

Lucas started at shortstop again on Tuesday.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

I consider myself an ardent fan of this game, yet I could not care less about the All Star game. Same with monthly and annual awards. Given the nature of our game today, the players' best award is the one each of them receives by direct deposit every two weeks.

That said, Stanton is obviously having a phenomenal year, perhaps the best in the game. But neither McGehee nor Ozuna is an All Star caliber player, since neither will be found (or belongs) anywhere near the top of anybody's list for their position.


DT...Agreed. The only thing more boring than the ASG is the home run derby.

my opinion

considering the number of fans that go to Marlins Park Games, Stanton is getting plenty of ASG Votes. He can probably thank his @$#% owner for not getting the number of votes he should get. Many fans have turned away from the Marlins due to the owner and front office.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I didn't even realize they're still doing the Home Run Derby. That's a misnomer, though. It'd be more accurate to call it the Batting Practice Derby.

Stan M

DT, I could like the ASG a lot more if the teams played to win. Now it's an insult no one, get everyone in the game, make sure all teams are represented, etc. Interleague play sort of deadened the mystique about the game as well. Some of the modern changes to baseball have been good. Too much interleague play isn't one of them, in my opinion.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

This is Clark's opening sentence from the previous thread...

"Come the July 31 trading deadline, the Marlins might be more inclined to swing a deal to upgrade their roster if the team is in the division race as opposed to simply being in the larger wild-card fray."

... which should actually read...

"Jeffrey Loria might be persuaded to actually to loosen his tight purse string and spend the money necessary to upgrade the roster instead of saddling the team with a chorus line of has-beens if the team yada yada yada"

Stan M

Just think what it would mean to Loria's reputation, the team's morale, fan appreciation and possible renewed interest if Chubby signed Stanton right now. If he is going to be forced to do it anyway, such a signing would immediately start to pay for itself. In medieval times, when nobles were starting to get long in the tooth, they would give a large contribution to the church to insure their acceptance into the promised land. One would think that Loria would want to spend a few of the bucks he had hoarded to salvage his reputation in a like manner. But he won't.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, agree and disagree. I think you're right that interleague play has diminished some of the attraction of the ASG, but I think the former is infinitely better for the game and I enjoy them much more than the latter. Among many reasons, the games count in the standings and they're played like an actual game, unlike the ASG.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, Loria is a pig who is solely governed by ego and greed. He sees himself as a member of a club of philosopher-kings (as in Plato's Republic) which are the owners. He pines only for their approval, and the only race he's interested in winning is the race called "he who dies with the most money wins."

Personally, I hope he wins very soon.

Stan M

DT, you are old enough to remember the "mystery" aspects of the World Series. That's all but gone since interleague play.

I was thinking over what I just wrote above. Should this team continue to compete and Stanton get signed, think of how it would affect Chubby's legacy. I loathe the man but he could retire saying he brought us a beautiful new ballpark, and built a winning team without mortgaging the franchise's future. And horror of horrors, he would be right.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, you might as well hope for world peace in our lifetime. Loria is incapable of doing what's necessary for the team to truly contend for a title, including telling the truth, and delegating & genuinely empowering a baseball person to make baseball (and financial) decisions.

I remain pleased that this team is overachieving at .500 and have no illusions about their going any further unless the rest of the division plays down to their level. I don't think that will happen. I seriously doubt Loria the pig will surrender minimum wage prospects in exchange for spending on a bonafide veteran starter like Price or Samardzija.

Lou Vales

I am OUTRAGED by the Marlins' offense which for the most part of Stanton hitting a bomb and/or McGehee coming up with runners in scoring position. Marisnak is now officially lost, saw a sign on I-95--YES, I am in Boca for a week---that was calling for a "Jake Alert"


Does everybody realize that it's Stan M and his kid who have leapt into the limelight on E-Mail Tuesday night? Way to go, Stan and Stan.

Stan M

hayu, it all started when we watched all the games together and sent in several questions a couple of years ago. Originally we complimented Rich and Tommy for not using that horrible and ridiculous phrase "a nice piece of hitting". Since then almost any time we submit a question ,they use it. Once or twice they've taken two of our questions during the same game. When we attended a game in Atlanta, Rich was nice enough to come over and talk baseball with us for several minutes as did Clark Spencer. And yes, it's nice to be recognized.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

That's really cool, Stan. Maybe I should turn off the mute button once in a while.

Stan M

DT, my only regret is that I asked better questions than the one they used last night. One concerned McGehee and the fact that he was only signed for this year and is anything being done about it. Another asked at what point during it's flight do jug guns measure a pitch's speed, does it matter, and does it vary from park to park. The last suggested that present sluggers take Babe Ruth's 54 oz. bat and try to "get around" on gradually slower pitches until they could pull a ball. We could figure out how fast the old timers threw why back when. A couple of weeks ago I suggested that collisions at home plate aren't nearly as dangerous as the flying spears when bats shatter. About one minute after I sent it, McGehee got smacked by just such a flying bat. They didn't use it.

Do you remember when pitchers first started forgoing the windup? I believe it was in the late 50s when the Yankees acquired Bob Turley and Don Larson from the St. Louis Browns. Both were wild men and Johnny Sain, the pitching coach, had them pitch from sort of the stretch position and their control greatly improved.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I believe you're correct. Those are the earliest pitchers that I'm aware of who used a no-windup delivery.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, with regard to the hazard of home plate collisions, while I don't necessarily agree with HOW they've changed it, there are certainly times when a player should be forbidden, fined, and/or suspended for any attempts to injure another player, regardless of the base. Football and basketball already police it.

The worst offender ever, imo, was Pete Rose. It's common knowledge that he wrecked the career of a young talented catcher during a game that didn't even count in the standings. You can check out the first video below and notice how early he lowered his shoulder and LED WITH IT to use it as a battering ram on Fosse. That play was a deliberate intent to injure. And for those who think that was an isolated incident, check out the second video, fast forward to the 3:40 mark, and check out Rose actually SWINGING his forearm into another catcher's face. Again, deliberate intent to injure.



As an all-around person, on the field and off it, Rose was an s---heel of the highest order. For those who sympathize with Rose and feel he should be included in the HOF, consider the following context (if you're not already aware). I have been told by people who should know since they run in these circles that Rose's degenerate gambling was exposed only after he stiffed bookies for large losses that he owed them. Rose was so arrogant about not paying, he thought he was untouchable and virtually dared them to do something about it. Well, he was wrong. They did. And even to this day, he's still a degenerate gambler. So why would anyone in baseball today who is in their right mind take this guy who was banned for life because of his gambling and allow him back in the game when he's STILL the same degenerate gambler?

Giamatti's ghost

Bet he's never welcomed back in the game.

Stan M

He wasn't very nice to his first wife either. He isn't alone among athletes and celebrities in general who feel that normal strictures don't apply to them. The Supreme Court just made that abundantly clear to a glaring example yesterday. Nonetheless, he is a culprit who stands out as a particular you know what. I think he should go into the HOF the day he dies and that would allow Shoeless Joe to accompany him. That way his record is honored, but he can't exploit it as he surely would.
You spoke of collisions so I'll address flying projectiles. MLB probably won't do anything about it until one if those lethal spears is sticking in a player or fan's anatomy, and, in my opinion, it's just a matter of time.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Rose should never be allowed back in the game, dead or alive. If you honor the record, you honor the man. There are rules in this world. And no one should ever be above those rules. You let Rose back in (and even Shoeless Joe) and it will establish the precedent that the next athlete/gambler will use to support his case to escape his just punishment. Then we can all wave bye-bye to whatever integrity this game still has left with the PEDs cloud it still has hanging over it.

I used to be a big basketball fan until it was taken over some years back by that drug and thug culture, led by reprobate sociopaths like Allen Iverson and Latrell Sprewell. And I've never gone back to following it, in spite of the local success. I even kept my kids away from it as they were growing up.

And for whatever reason, football has always done the best job of policing the integrity of its game, violent a sport as it is. It's the only sport of the big three that has consistently valued integrity over profit and production.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

"MLB probably won't do anything about it until one if those lethal spears is sticking in a player or fan's anatomy, and, in my opinion, it's just a matter of time."

And when that happens, I'll respond like my dad used to, saying, "Quit your crying, rub some dirt on it, and get back in there!"

Stan M

Unless, of course, the subject is killed, then you might say something different. Didn't a coach get one in the neck a few years ago? DT, I honestly think you are trivializing a huge problem, unless I have misinterpreted your humor.

Lou Vales

Stan and DT, I "bet" you guys both get it. Why Rose CAN'T be allowed back in the game is because he had placed himself in a position through gambling losses that he "could" have influenced outcome of games to extricate himself from losses. People always mention racist and spouse abusers and other morons as people who have existed in the past and are still allowed in the game BUT those are character flaws and they don't influence your ability to throw games. Of course an avowed racist could throw a game for monetary game but he could not be "compelled" by bookies or other sources to throw a game to pay off debt or have something happen to your family. That is why they have the BIG warning sign as you walk into clubhouse not to bet on baseball.

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