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Henderson Alvarez leaves game with hip injury

CHICAGO -- In what could be another big blow to the Marlins' starting rotation, Henderson Alvarez left Sunday's game in the sixth inning after suffering a hip injury while covering first base. [See the play here]

After first baseman Garrett Jones fielded Luis Valbuena's hard smash, his flip to Alvarez was high and late. Alvarez leaped to make the catch and landed awkwardly on his left leg as Valbuena crossed safely.

Alvarez returned to the mound under the supervision of trainer Sean Cunningham and manager Mike Redmond, threw one test pitch, and immediately walked off the mound, unable to continue. The Marlins reported he suffered a left hip strain and listed him as a day-to-day.

It's uncertain whether the injury will cause Alvarez to miss his next start. If it turns out that Alvarez is forced to go on the DL, it could hasten the promotion of Andrew Heaney.

Adding insult to injury, the Cubs ended up scoring a pair of runs in the sixth, ending Alvarez's streak of consecutive scoreless innings at 26, making it the third-longest scoreless stretch in Marlins history.

The play was originally ruled an infield hit for Valbuena before later being changed to an error on Jones.


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A Realist

It just gets better and better with this team. Weren't we supposed to beat the Cubs. Should've won the first game at least. The hitting is once again missing.

Calusa Joe

Hopefully this is just a strain and nothing was torn. A strain could be 2 to 4 weeks depending upon the severity. A tear to the Hip Flexor is the season. Hopefully not the latter, because he is our best pitcher right now

Stan M

Flav, how is this new first baseman in the field? Is he good enough to come in for defense in the late innings?

That triple over the bag could have been, should have been, knocked down. It would have been a very good play, but was certainly doable, especially because he was right there holding the runner on. Jones probably cost Alvarez his shutout inning streak for that was his 2nd out.

Ever since Flav said our infielders are not positioning properly, and I don't doubt him for a second, they seem to be in the right spot to catch line drives now. Good sign. Maybe someone heard him.

Did anyone who watches the Marlins regularly, not know in their heart that Dunn would walk that guy with the bases loaded?

Stanton has had a good year, but is he our most valuable player? Or is McGehee? Just asking.


Stan, could you ask a more difficult question? Who is Marlins MVP, McGehee or Stanton? Wow, tough to answer. With all due respect to Stanton, I have to go with McGhee, but not by much. Defensively they are close to even. Offensively, Stanton gets the big Home Runs to drive in Runs, but still strikes out a lot. McGhee is way more consistent and might have more RBI's if he batted third in front of Stanton, instead of batting fourth behind Stanton.

Flav C.

Stanton has more RBIs, more total bases, more go-ahead hits, more game-winning hits.
On top of that, Stanton drove in runs in 46% of the games he started! versus 41% achieved by McGehee.
Stanton has the longest hitting streak in this team (17 games) and the longest on-base streak (26 games). McGehee has 7 and 10 respectively.
Defensively, Stanton has the best range among all NL rightfielders and it is tied for second in assistances and on Defensive WAR.
McGehee has the best fielding pctg among NL 3b but has the worst range among all of them (which is something I've been saying about most Marlins infielders), hence he has the 2nd worse Defensive WAR for 3b in the NL.
By the way, Stanton is the player that McGehee most drove in so far (17 times). Basically, one has been very dependent on the other this season.
Looking at all the stats, I'll safely say Stanton is my choice.

Flav C.

Interesting. If the regular season ended today, Braves, Nats, and Marlins would have made the post-season. All 3 tied for NL East lead, and with highest winning pctg than any other 2nd place of the other divisions.

Stan M

Not quite tied. Marlins are one percentage point behind and that, and not the "games behind" determines the winner. But at this time of the year, that is knit picking and for all practical purposes they are tied.

How about this stat, Flav? Most disappointing at bats. Or, most Ks when simply putting the ball in play would advance or score a runner. I realize that Hech or Salty would run away with those categories, but they don't hit third and their denominator is lower. There is so much talent there, but some of it goes to waste and it is perplexing. At lest it is for this fan. He could be so much more and once you think he finally sees the light, he flails at those same low outside curves or takes a fastball right down the middle on a first pitch. You point out his value in the field, and I've said the same thing, but not with the stats. There has been immense improvement there, but his pitch selection is still so bad that I still think his eyesight should be checked

Stan M
Flav C.

Stan, if he could lay off 20% of the sliders down and outside, he would be making even more amazing numbers. Just 20%. Do you think this is too much to ask?

Like yesterday, he was on a 3-2 count (just like several other times), and there is no way that any sane pitcher would give Stanton a fastball on a 3-2 count. Obviously, there comes the slider down and outside. And he swings away, sitting on a fastball.

He will learn, though. I'm sure about it.

Stan M

Flav, I so want that to be true. But he's been around so long now that one would think that he would have improved just a little. I once compared him to George Foster who was himself a much feared slugger. But as with Stanton he never learned to lay off that same pitch. In reality, they are far from alone. It's just that their potential is so great, that it is more noticeable with players with their talent.

Did you see my postulation that Jones, with no outs and a man on first, can bunt easily and have runners on first and second with no outs. After a couple of times, they would rearrange the shift, but to me it's such an obvious ploy that I can't understand why he doesn't do it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, but can he bunt like this?


Dionysus Thelxinoe

Tom Brady, on the "MEDIA-GENERATED buzz that he could be slipping from the ranks of the NFL's elite quarterbacks based in part on analytics":

"The score is the only stat that matters"

And that is why he gets PAID liker the elite quarterback that he is, regardless of what somebody comes up with to make a name for himself or to cover a slow news day.

Stan M

DT, impressive. Were he an excellent bunter, he could hit it into LF. But he is so slow that he could never reach 2B. He did bunt against the shift leading off about two weeks ago and walked to first.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

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With this cure, Tommy John surgery will surely become a thing of the past!

I am going to name my cure ... one year contracts!

Details at 11!

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