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Marlins CF Marcell Ozuna leaves Saturday's game with what appears to be a right hamstring injury

Marlins center fielder Marcell Ozuna left Saturday's game against the Athletics in the bottom of the seventh inning with an apparent right hamstring injury.

Ozuna was seen on the television broadcast in the dugout clutching his hamstring and motioning to teammates that he hurt himself swinging. Ozuna flew out to left field for the second out in the seventh.

The Marlins have yet to announce why Ozuna left the game. Ozuna ranks third among National League outfielders with 46 RBI. He came into the day tied for ninth in RBI in the NL overall.

Left fielder Christian Yelich is expected to come off the disabled list Sunday.


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A Realist

Do we really care? No. This team can't string together a couple of wins to save it's life. Just waiting for next year...again.

Cleveland Spider

And that is your ball game. Jacob Turner has just entered the game. You put turner in there against arguably the best hitting team in the majors, that is insane. The Athletics are licking their chops. Here comes a huge inning. Why is this guy still in the major leagues. Loria is so darn cheap, that he has to keep scrubs like this around.

Stick a fork in them!

Cleveland Spider

Jacob Turner strikes again!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Halfway mark of an interesting Marlin season so far. Their record projects to a 78-victory season, which is in the vicinity of some of our preseason predictions. But I actually think the Marlins played better than their record indicates right now.

They have played competitively against a very good Oakland team for two straight games. They tied the game against a closer who has absolutely lights out. And in Friday's game, Cishek's surprising meltdown shouldn't detract from what was an otherwise close game.

This Marlins team is fun to watch. They have some players who can be totally frustrating at times, but what team isn't, especially one that's owned by this thieving weasel.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

My friend Stan find the broadcasters Hutton and the other yokel entertaining (or whatever). I find them irritating. Yesterday's game was a case in point.

This so-called Fox Trax strike zone is a gimmick. It is not an authority. You wouldn't know that from listening to them. They severely criticized the HP ump in yesterday's game, presenting their fox trax graphic as if it were a smoking gun. Guess what? Fox itself admits it's not infallible like these two rubes seem to believe.


And I know that they harp about distinguishing between camera shots from "straightaway" CF as opposed to coming from an angle, and the latter being deceptive. That's a complete bunch of horse hockey, since any shot from a true straightaway CF would generally present a blocked the view of the plate because of the pitcher standing between the camera and the plate. Anything else IS an angle, regardless of how much. Idiots.

As that eminently wise madam philosopher, Hannah McKay, once said, "Trust those who seek the truth but doubt those who say they have found it."


DT...I'm with Stan. Compared to other announcing crews around baseball, Rich and Tommy are tremendous.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Disagree with both of you. That logic doesn't hold water. Using that logic, I can say that Jeffrey Dahmer was a great human being when compared to Stalin, Hitler, and Genghis Khan.

There's broadcasting (Vin Scully) and there's being a shill. And since they clearly make an excuse for EVERYTHING anybody on the Marlins' side does, guess where they fall? It's no big deal for broadcasters to be homers. But I have an issue with suspending reality to the point of being simply untrue.

Since we're not Rays fans, for example, it's easy for us to see how biased their guys are. And maybe it's not as easy to see a bias when we retain that same bias. But I just refuse to be disingenuous, regardless of my rooting interest. And they can't say the same. No integrity in their words.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

But then, that's why there are mute buttons.


DT, are there any announcing crews you enjoy? Not trying to pick you apart or anything, just curious. I lived in KC for 13 years, and I am a casual KC fan, But my heart is in the NL east. The KC announcers were so bad I would literally do as you say and mute it. I couldn't take it. I grew up listening to Tim McCarver, and Ralph Kiner, and they seemed pretty good to me, only to find there were Tim McCarver hate groups and people made fun of him. I basically had to avoid Sunday night baseball because I could not listen to Joe Morgan. I though an up and comer was Matt Vasgersian, (I think he did padre games for a while) I'd probably tell off Joe Buck if I saw him in the streets. He's so smug to me. I think you might be on to something about just liking the home cooking, as I enjoy listening to Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, players I watched as a kid. This is sac religious, but I don't even like listening to Vin Scully. I seem to be alone in that one. I am very picky about who I can and cannot listen to, (every try and listen to a Yankee game...?Wow...no way) but I feel Rich and Tommy do some of the best announcing on TV. I really think/thought Rich would get a national job and be pulled from the Marlins. I guess I'm just rooting for them like the team. I have often said I don't think I'd follow the marlins if I didn't like the announcers. You are a good fan, on mute and all!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Good question, there are individuals I have enjoyed calling a game. McCarver, Madden, Costas, Scully, Barber, Lindsay Nelson, Jerry Coleman, many others.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Joe Morgan was awful. He would beat a dead horse all game long, repeating every point or observation at least 6-7 times.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Best broadcasting tandem ever, imo... Madden and Summerall. Best individual broadcaster after Scully... Marv Albert.

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