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Marlins to promote Justin Bour; Furcal, Tejada heating up on the back burner

Justin Bour, a 26-year-old first baseman who has been crushing it of late at Triple A New Orleans, will be joining the Marlins in St. Petersburg today when they re-engage with the Rays at Tropicana Field. Bour, who gives the Marlins a lefty power option off the bench and could also serve as a designated hitter the coming two games, is tearing it up in the minors, where he is hitting .330 with nine homers and 36 RBI.

Over his previous nine games, he's gone 15 for 38 with three home runs. The Marlins acquired Bour in the Triple A phase of the Rule 5 draft in December. Bour had been with the Cubs organization, which means he could face his original club this coming weekend when the Marlins invade Wrigley Field.

Meanwhile, the Marlins have a couple of veteran infielders warming up in the wings. Rafael Furcal, who has probably set some sort of Marlins record for expending the most newspaper ink without ever playing a single game for them, has gone 6 for 13 over his past four games at Single A Jupiter and is headed up to Double A Jacksonville to continue his rehab assignment.

And Miguel Tejada, whom the Marlins recently signed to provide veteran infield depth in their system, has gone 4 for 12 with a double in his first three games with Jacksonville. Tejada, who is serving a MLB drug suspension, isn't eligible to return to the majors until June 11.

Bour will fill the roster spot vacated by Derek Dietrich, who was demoted to New Orleans on Wednesday. The Marlins will have to find room for Bour on their 40-man roster, which is presently full. One possibility: Carter Capps could be transferred to the 60-day disabled list if the decision is made today for him to have Tommy John surgery. Capps is scheduled to visit Dr. James Andrews.


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Flav C.

Good call on Bour. I had written about him before. He was putting up good power numbers in the minors for the Cubs over the last 4 years , but didn't have much space to progress: he was blocked first by Carlos Pena and later by young Anthony Rizzo.

He hits well against lefties and righties alike: over the last 3 seasons, has been hitting .270 against lefties (40% of hits for extra base), and .282 against righties (42% of hits for extra base).

Bour can be a good option as a DH while in Tampa, however I am unsure what will be his role in the series against the Cubs. I am assuming Jones will start all games since all the starting pitchers for the Cubs during this next series are right-handed.

Anyway, I was curious to see him with an opportunity in the majors.

I'm sure Dietrich will put things together and will be back as soon as possible.

A Realist

Good. Bring in someone who can play first because Jones is garbage. Another guy who ocassionally explodes for a 4-5 game to keep his average respectable, but otherwise does absolutely nothing for us offensively. Defensively he's as soft as a bowl of ice cream. It doesn't help when you have Salty throwing balls in the dirt at you every game. I don't care that Bour is a rookie. Let him pay. Why do we need these old guys taking up roster spots when they are doing nothing?

A Realist

Regarding young guys, let Realmuto play already. You brought him up. Let him play. Let this kid show what he can do. Mathis is awful. Struck out 5 at-bats in a row between the first 2 games of the Rays series. But, I guess thats better than allowing a young player to play and possibly give this offense a boost (I'm being sacastic Red and Mr. Hill).

I feel like too many managers in sports in general like to follow trends that have been set by their predecesors. For instance, Red not letting Realmuto play these first 2 games despite Mathis being really bad at the plate and possibly letting Jones play the entire Cubs series because the opposing pitchers are right handed. Why not let Bour play against a bad team to hopefully gain some confidence? You have nothing to lose. You're already managing as if you don't want to go to the playoffs or don't believe you can make the playoffs. Mix and match and try new things. Take a page out of Maddon's playbook, Red. He's been successful doing "unorthodox" things.

Flav C.

Jones has hits in 64% of the games he started this season. He either scored a run or drove a run in more than half of the games.

I guess that put to rest the sentences "Does nothing offensively" and "occasionally explodes".


Dietrich had his chance. He couldn't seal the deal with that terrible defense though. Now we get to see what Bour is about and Furcal figures to join the Marlins soon.

Lou Vales

Robin asked Batman yesterday--"Here's an e-mail. When do you think Realmuto will play in a game?" Batman responds--"Maybe Thursday. He would be over matched against Price", I guess Batman thinks Mathis will not be overmatched as he has been since Saltalamacchia--he is not good enough to have a nickname--got hurt.


Redmond likes to keep young guys on the bench until they forget their timing at the plate or lose their control from the mound. Then, when they falter, it is obvious they aren't good enough.

A Realist

Flav, I appreciate the fact that you and others always turn to the statistics as a reliable way to judge a players performance, but stats lie sometimes. In this case, Jones is not the guy I would want up with RISP or in the 9th inning down a run and trying to get a rally started. He just doesn't do it and I'm sure most people watching this team would rather see a young talent get a chance. In his last 10 games since hitting 2 bombs in the same game he's hitting below the mendoza line. He gets hot for a game or two and "explodes" and then "fades into oblivion."

It doesn't do the team any good when a bunch of guys get hits when the game is already a blowout, which I have stated before. What does matter is getting hits with RISP and close games. If we pile on an extra 6 runs and we already lead by 6 runs that doesn't really help too much. It does, however, help each player's stats because hits count no matter the score or inning. In that case stats lie. Don't rely so heavily on stats. Give it the old "eye test."

Look at the team batting average: ranked in the top 5. With that said, we go on streaks where we can't score over 3 runs in a game like the streak we are currently on now. Fortunately, we are playing a team more offensively challenged than we are.

A Realist

lol Al-Kendall

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Realist, as someone who made a decent living by using statistics (the ones that have dollar signs), I can attest to the truth in the statement (attributed to Benjamin Disraeli by Mark Twain), "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." It's common knowledge that stats are easily manipulated, or can be presented out of context, or a multitude of other dubious things. What stats are NOT is a panacea, the "be-all and end-all," and as long as we recognize that, they can serve useful purposes... but more as a starting point for analysis than for conclusions.

On several levels, Flav's post about Jones' production rings true. Start with the fact that Jones replaced a guy who's better known for his twitter rants and stints on the DL. The best thing about Jones is that you can pencil him in and count on him for a certain level of production; in other words, you know what you're getting. He's no Pujols, but we're a lot better off with him than we were with Lomo (who thus far has a total of 8 games played, 3 singles in 20 AB's, and... surprise, surprise ...is currently on the DL). My major concern with Jones has been his ability to hit lefties, and he's done nothing to dissuade me on that, but all in all, he's lived up to all reasonable expectations so far.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And on an unrelated note, this team is fun to watch. I hate the fact that they're owned by a racketeering criminal, but I root for the city and the uni, and I have been pleasantly surprised this season (knock on Samson's head).

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Does V. Stiviano have a sister we can introduce to Loria?


DT...As I've told my good friend Flav before, 61.763 percent of all statistics are either false or misleading.
Having said that, if Redmond gets the boot, I would rather have Flav take over the job than anybody I can think of, because he knows baseball inside and out. You, Lou V. and Stan would also be excellent choices.
Those who were skipped over were skipped over on purpose.

A Realist

DT, you're correct about Jones being better than Lomo. I wasn't a Lomo fan. I hope Bour develops.

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