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Marlins trade draft pick for reliever Bryan Morris; more on Salty

In an effort to bolster their bullpen, the Marlins on Sunday traded the 39th pick in Thursday's draft to the Pittsburgh Pirates for right-handed reliever Bryan Morris [stats]. The pick was one of the Marlins' two competitive balance picks, which are the only draft picks that can be traded. They still have the second pick overall, as well as six of the top 107 picks.

"We're two games out of first place," said Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill. "We believe this is a good team. We wanted to do our part to help (Mike Redmond) and the rest of the guys to win ballgames. This was our part to help solidify an area we felt we were a little light."

Morris, a right-hander, has gone 9-7 with a 3.46 in 81 relief appearances over three seasons. This season, he is 4-0 with a 3.80 ERA in 21 appearances for the Pirates. Morris, 27, is a former first-round pick (26th overall) of the Dodgers in 2006.

Hill said the Pirates have a deep bullpen and had relievers to spare.

Hill characterized Morris as a "power arm" even though his relatively low strikeout rate suggests otherwise.

"I don't know if you'd categorize him as a strikeout pitcher, although he has plus stuff," Hill said. "It's just a good major league arm that will go into our pen. However he gets them out, we hope he keeps getting them out."

Morris is expected to join the Marlins on Monday. To make room for Morris on their 40-man roster, the Marlins transferred Jose Fernandez to the 60-day DL. They'll have to take someone off the 25-man roster on Monday.

"This was one step in trying to make us a stronger, deeper bullpen," Hill said. "It's an extremely valuable pick, and we wanted to make sure we brought a piece back that could help us now. It's something we could control moving forward. Bryan Morris is only a one-plus service (time). I don't think we're finished in trying to improve our club. We're still trying to make as many improvements as we think we can to help this team. This was the first piece in bringing Morris aboard."


Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who was placed on the 7-day concussion disabled list on Sunday, said he suffered the injury in Saturday's sixth inning when a B.J. Upton foul ball caught him square in the mask. Afterward, he said he began feeling dizzy and had a doctor examine him late last night.

"Something didn't feel right," Saltalamacchia said. "Normally when it hits, and it hits pretty good, the mask turns. But that one kind of went square."

Saltalamacchia described his concussion as "real mild."

He said his head was struck on a backswing last week when the Marlins were playing the Brewers, but that that blow wasn't the cause for his concussion.


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Lou Vales

The Pythagorean Principle better be packing up.


Well that would be a reason why Salty tried that terrible throw in the 9th inning yesterday.

Marlin Fan

How much longer do we have to deal with the two butchers in the field , Aka Dietrich and Jones . I guess .240 avg with 15 and 20 hr are worth it ???


It certainly seems the Marlins have no faith in their AAA roster. Neither Roe nor Brantly were used. I can not give the benefit of the doubt to the FO on these last two transactions to replace Salty and improve the bullpen. With 10 BB against only 6 SO in his last 10 games, and a 0.294 OBA, I very much doubt Morris is worth the loss of a draft pick.

Lou Vales

I have lost the faith. Did not even watch today to avoid the aggravation. And I did.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

My covert contact within the Marlins, code-named Jay Frilaurio, tells me that Morris is a win-win-win acquisition, meaning (1) he's cheap, (2) he's major league ready, and (3) he's not named for a Greek-Sicilian mathematician.


established major league reliever or chaz roe. our top catching prospect with three options or two minor leaguers one option away from being picked up or designated in brantly and skipworth. nothing wrong with giving realmuto a taste of the majors while salty recovers. Austin barnes still a few years away. so it makes sense as a baseball stand point.


""We're two games out of first place," said Marlins president of baseball operations Michael Hill. "We believe this is a good team. We wanted to do our part to help (Mike Redmond) and the rest of the guys to win ballgames."

Hilarious! First of all, Red isn't managing like a guy who really thinks his team has a shot at making the playoffs. By my count the Fish have lost at least 5 games this year due to his "experimenting" with the bullpen, or by making other really bad managerial moves. It's June and he still doesn't have the bullpen rotation set? Despite their recent blips, any moron can see that it should be Dunn, Ramos, Cishek for the 7th, 8th and 9th. In fact, that's the way it should have been from Day One. Check their stats in those innings; even Dunn has been solid in the 7th.

Secondly, if Hill really thinks this team has a shot, bring up some real help. Where's Heaney? Where's Flynn? Where's the lefty reliever Drayton? Why is Jennings back here again instead of him?

Management guys would be happier if the Fish lost about 8 straight games and dropped out of contention so they wouldn't have to hear all this playoff talk anymore. Redmond wouldn't be second guessed anymore, and the Marlins could go and DUMP SALARY at the Trading Deadline, which is what they do best.

Jay Frilaurio

There ISN'T any salary to dump.


Oh No, looks like the ALEX was right. Red is rubbing off on his players. They were swept, at HOME, by the Braves. He predicted this just a day before. He is THE BEST at doing things like that. Here ALEX explains : "Red has managed like it's late September and the Marlins are 15 games out. Eventually that will rub off on his players.." This could not be MORE true. Even Stanton was affected by Redmond. Perhaps ALEX could meet up with STANTON and RUB something off for him to get him back into shape. Can't wait to see more POSTS from ALEX. I can't be the only one who reads his posts like a Neanderthal, as they are written with a CERTAIN cadence, and simplified APPROACH. It's like he's a JAZZ musician, only FEEDING us the notes we need to hear. HE is an artist. He KNOWS baseball, but more importantly, he knows HOW to MANAGE. He managed a little league team.

And no Alex, this is not your beloved Stan M, many many people read the Blog, and your posts clog up the feed, and you attack. You are a bully, you do not discuss, you are a bomb thrower, and you make this blog into a negative arena. Everyone is speculating, we're all fans. None of us are, or were ever nearly good enough to play a sport at that high a level, let alone run a team. It's fun to speculate and arrange the pieces in a way you feel they would win, and as Flav says hindsight runs rampant here. Everyone strikes out, throws up garbage posts that are sometimes laughable, even you, and sometimes (more often than not) people throw up interesting comments or funny stuff. Even you, like your post from this morning, was quite good... Quit with the hate, it's not hard to pick apart anyone. We all like the same team. Why are you so fixated on one person. He's in your head re arranging furniture, just let it go. It's quite nice to watch meaningful baseball with the Marlins isn't it?

Mr. Hand

There is no furniture to rearrange up there anymore,its just an old,dusty,cob-webbed filled dark,dank attic.


If you want to complain about cheapness they did give away a lot of draft allotment money in trade that pick was worth close to two million in pool money for the draft picks

Jay Frilaurio

So that's two million dollars that they do not have to spend... and you think they gave that money away? That is some really twisted logic.

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