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Ozuna's throw first time Marlins win a regular season game on outfield assist at plate

If Marcell Ozuna's game-winning throw to the plate to nail the Mets' Kirk Nieuwenhuis felt pretty rare to you it's because it was.

It was the first time in Marlins regular season history -- and the first since J.T. Snow's infamous collision at the plate with Pudge Rodriguez in the 2003 NL Wild Card Series -- a Marlins game has ended with an outfield assist at the plate. It also was the first time a Marlins outfielder recorded two assists at the plate in the same game since Joe Orsulak on Sept. 7, 1996 against Montreal.

That historic collision between Snow and Rodriguez didn't enter Marlins manager Mike Redmond's mind. 

"I'm not going to tell you what I was thinking. You can't print what I was thinking," a relieved Redmond said after the Marlins bullpen nearly blew a three-run lead and a win for Henderson Alvarez.

"It looked to me like it was deep enough to score that run," Redmond continued. "But O, he did a tremendous job getting back on the ball and getting some momentum going forward. There was really only one spot where he could put that ball to win that game for us and he executed. And then a great tag. And then the beauty of replay you can't celebrate too much because you have to look at it. That's the nature of the game now. There's nothing wrong with that. We would have done the same thing. But it was nice to win that one. We needed to win that one. Hopefully that's going to be the spark that we need to get going."

The Mets appealed Saltalamacchia didn't give Nieuwenhuis -- or David Wright when he was gunned out at the plate in the eighth -- a lane for the runners to slide into. But replays confirmed the calls made on the field by plate umpire Lance Barrett.

"I thought he was fine," Redmond said. "There's still sort of that little gray area where we're not really sure. But he had the ball well before the guys were there. And once you have the ball you can block the plate. For me, he had the ball both instances well before the runner got there even sliding. It looked clean to me.

"Guarantee in both those situations, given the magnitude of those runs there definitely would have been collisions [before the new rule]. But those are slides now."

Mets manager Terry Collins contended afterward Wright was given no room to slide. "David saw no plate," he said. "None."

> Starting pitcher Henderson Alvarez, who had pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and a team trainer out to see him in the third inning, said his hamstring tightened up on him. But he says he fine.


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in a few days there will be 4 outfielders for 3 outfield positions. any thoughts on what changes will be made? possibly a trade?? hate to see any of those 4 leave.

Lou Vales

Ricie, We scored 1 run on Wednesday, 0 runs on Thursday, 3 runs on Friday on a forceout , an error and a squibbler.We can not score against good pitchers, and often times against mediocre pitchers. If this is the way it must be, fine,however, I refuse to believe the approaches of our young outfielders can not be improved by film study and corrections of flaws. We need Dietrich up here post haste. We will continue to be in trouble at 1B UNLESS we get production from Marisnak and Ozuna and Yelich could be moved to 1B. Yelich is a good outfielder but 3rd among Ozuna and Marisnak. Catcher will remain a dead hole and Hechevarria will always be inconsistent. It looks like Hatcher ha put it together and along with Morris, Ramos, Dunn and possibly Capps, I have no idea about the Gregg acquisition. If you look up timebomb n the dictionary, Gregg's picture will be there. Anyway, we need to score runs and I don't know if we can.

Stan M

They better not trade any one of them. This outfield is terrific. Even if Marisnick hits .225, he brings so much else to this team that I'd leave him out there. Yelish, if not hitting leadoff, should be a much more aggressive hitter. On the chart that the TV guys put up yesterday, didn't he take more first pitches than anyone else? Put the guy at 1B and let things happen. We all saw this team use speed as a tool for one of the only times all year. Virtually everyone says that "small ball" is needed in our ball park, and we are saddled with the likes of Jones. Not a terrible player, but he's no Yelich and there are too many unproductive ABs with both him and Salty in the same lineup. This team would have 3 excellent base stealers in Maricnick, Yelich, and Furcal. And Stanton, Hech, and Ozuna possess enough speed to play more hit and run and the like. We have seen enough of wasted ABs trying to hit a 3 run homer with runners on first and third. Start the guy from first more often in that situation for crying out loud. If Redmond wants to be around a little longer, he's better start more runners. This team plays like everyone is 35 instead of 25 and it's hurting. I will give Redmond credit for finally pulling pitchers before they explode, even though Dunn and Gregg seem to be munition experts themselves. From what I've seen of Gregg so far, it seems as if his sole job is to try to locate home plate with an assortment of very straight pitches. He appears to be another inexpensive experiment gone wrong.

Stan M

Here is a relatively short article that should cause a chuckle to long time Marlin fans:



Baker (automatic out) and Gregg (automatic meltdown) were terrible substitutions. Just let AJ pitch another inning, he only threw 3 pitches to end the 7th. I also like the idea of Yelich or even Bour at 1st, new blood is needed at that position.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Great game, great win. The moxie on this team...

One box score observation: if a middle reliever comes in the game in the 8th as the bridge to the closer in a 3-0 game and he gives up 2 runs in 1/3 of an inning, gets knocked out of there so that the team has to use ANOTHER reliever to stop the bleeding he caused, and he STILL gets "credit" for a "hold" or "held" (whatever), well then, that is a totally meaningless statistic. I know that a closer doesn't automatically get credit for the save if he's been ineffective (ex. he comes into a non-save situation, such as a 5-0 score, then gets hit so hard that the game ends 5-4, he doesn't get a save... unless it's a hometown David Ortiz-type scorer).

Camera Mike

Stan, I live in L.A. so still get to see quite a bit of Hanley and his defense has not improved at all. Dodger fans do love his offense but in the field all they have to be excited about is he has yet to kick a ball into left field and laugh about it. There was also an article in the. L.A. Times the other day asking if Mattingly was responsible for costing Kershaw the perfect game by not pulling Hanley for a defensive substitution in the 7th inning of an 8-0 game.


I was glad to see the Marlins get 8 hits yesterday and hopefully it's a sign they will start hitting better, but they do need to put up more them 3 runs on 8 hits against a poor team at home.

Lou Vales

Does anyone remember those Public Service Announcements that Gregg was in a few years back. His expression and delivery were the scariest things on TV. I think it was to increase anti-smoking awareness but I'm sure they were rendered ineffective due to lack of passion in the voice of guy delivering the message.Hopefully he won't be around long enough to make any PSAs or have too many BS's(Blown Saves)---for the censors.

Stan M

Lou, if ever I saw a pitcher with an excellent future in minor league ball, it is Gregg. He showed neither command of his mediocre fastball, nor any kind of crooked pitch that could miss bats. The question is, how many games will he cost us before he is cashiered.

Stan M

DT, I posted this idea a couple of years ago. In case you missed it, here it is again. It is based on the premise that closers are improperly evaluated. Maybe such a formula could be formed for middle men as well.

Closer saves game with 3 run lead=1 point
Closer saves game with 2 run lead=2 points
Closer saves game with 1 run lead=3 points
Closer gets win from a tied game =3 points
Closer blows save but later gets win= 1 point

Closer blows game with 3 run lead minus 3 points
Closer blows game with 2 run lead minus 2 points
Closer blows game with 1 run lead minus 1 point

This would eliminate the unrealistic appearance of many saves with big leads looking like the closer is very effective when he is really stealing easy stats.

Cleveland Spider

The future starting 4 for this team is scary.

1. Fernandez, 2. Heaney, 3. Kolek, 4. Alvarez. If we can keep developing our lineup and resign Stanton this team will be scary good. The Marlins also have to find some arms in that bullpen.

On the negative side. How cheap is Loria? The Marlins keep announcing all these signings like they have done something great. At this point of their careers Gregg, Morris, and Penny are complete garbage. It is like they are taking a shot in the dark and hoping that the move works out. You have to spend some money if you are going to be in a pennant race. If the Marlins don't make a trade for a top shelf starting pitcher, a bullpen set up guy, and maybe even a lead off hitter they will be out of the playoff race by the end of August.

Stan M

Well Lou, we should soon see Dietrich now that Furcal is hurt...again. The guy can flat out hit and has quite a upside. Now can he pick up an occasional ground ball. As far as trading him, I would think that he is our 3rd baseman next year if McGehee is gone. Which brings up another problem. Why isn't this team tying up McGehee for another year or two? Can anyone imagine where this team would be without him? Ouch!

If there is any question about whether Yelich is a better bet at 1B than Jones, look at it this way. What would each bring on the trade market? Jones might get us a reserve middle infielder or an end of the bullpen reliever. Yelich could probably bring us a front line starter all by himself.

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