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Redmond on Kolek: "How do you pass on a guy throwing 100? I'm happy with the pick."

ST. PETERSBURG -- Marlins skipper Mike Redmond got an early exit from Thursday's 11-6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

So when the team made the second pick in the MLB draft, taking hard-throwing Texas high-school pitcher Tyler Kolek, the news didn't take very long to get to Redmond.

"I'm excited," Redmond said. "I was looking at some video before the draft and I liked him. Out of those top guys that was the guy I picked. Not that I had any influence on them. But I mean, how do you pass on a guy throwing 100 mph? I'm happy with the pick. It's a big old country-strong right-hander. Welcome him to the organization."

Kolek has drawn comparisons to the previous player the Marlins took with the No. 2 overall pick, Redmond's old teammate Josh Beckett.

Asked about that, Redmond said: "Josh never threw 100 though. You can put that in writing too because I want him to see that. He was just a soft thrower from Texas. He was only throwing 96."


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Flav C.

During these 4 games (without Salty and Dietrich), you guys probably noticed something about The Marlins fielding: only 1 error, only 1 base steal allowed, 2 runners caught stealing, 7 perfectly turned double plays, no passed balls. Almost flawless. Good fielding DOES help to win games.

Just sayin'.

Stan M

Some thoughts on last night's marvelous win:
*Jones has been spotty on defense lately, but he played the field and Bour DHed. Was this to put less pressure on Bour, or is he even less adept around 1B than Jones?
*Was really looking forward to seeing Bour, for his stats a AAA were very impressive. But that huge hitch in his swing scares me.
*As many have posted here, Redmond seems to be an excellent motivator, but will he lose player confidence from his sophomoric tactical decisions? Sending Turner out there for the 6th inning after his performance in the 5th was incredible.
*I just can't see Turner staying in this starting rotation once Headley arrives. But there is still potential there, so I hope he replaces one of those career men at AAA.
*Love what you said above, Flav. However, placement of infielders seemed better (at least on TV) for many line drives were right at someone, and Hech fielded many balls up the middle. Maybe Red and the IF coach heard you.

Stan M

DT you are not alone in expressing wonderment at Ozuna's performance It's great to see, especially after so many of us thought he should be farmed out this Spring. Recently I posted that I doubted that Stanton, McGehee, and especially Ozuna could maintain their RBI pace. At that time, their numbers extrapolated to 150, 100, and 97 respectively for the entire year. If this keeps up I could be dead wrong with a position that seemed reasonable at the time. Let's hope I'm really wrong. This is fun.

Juan Yanes

The comparison for Marlins recent four games off Tampa is not entrust because Tampa at this moment is the weakest team of this league; I still think Redmond can't lead The Marlins go to post season series

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, it just seems to me that if the guy at the plate is a dead fastball hitter, he'd see nothing but a steady diet of breaking pitches, but apparently what do I know cause they trying to slip fastballs by him. Good for him. Good for us.

Stan M

DT, maybe he's starting to lay off those low outside curves that are balls ad they have to come in with a fastball. Haven't really noticed, but I'll watch for it. He's still swinging at that high pitch that's a ball however.

Cleveland Spider

Stanton is stinking up the joint. You see him and you just know he is going to strike out. The goat in this game is Echevarria. The bottom of the line up sucks. Echevarria and Mathis are automatic outs.

Cleveland Spider

Stick a fork in them! Game Over as it is now 3-0. The Marlins will lose to the hapless Cubs. You have to beat bad teams if you are going to be a contender. When you don't spend money on players, you are going to be inconsistent. There was no hitting today. Echevarria cannot be your #7 hitter. He is a borderline major league player and not a # 7 hitter.

This game is over!

Cleveland Spider

Tommy Hutton just sits there and makes excuses for Stanton. Oh the shadows are really bothering him, bla bla bla. It did not bother the rest of the Marlins in the ninth. It just makes you sick.

Great come back by the fish, no matter what happens. I was being a negative nelly and the Marlins shut me up and I am happy that they did. This team has certainly grown up this year.


Spider I forsee you getting the wrath of Alex.

Flav C.

You know, the game is over and there is nothing we can do about it. The team couldn't find much against the Cubs starter today, so I don't expect any win tomorrow, against Samardzjia, who is their ace.
Now, only one thing really bothered me: you guys know Caminero, Marmol, and Henry Rodriguez? So, you would know if you put them 3 together and make a concoction out of it, the result will be Carlos Villanueva. With that said, how can this guys come in and pitch two innings and simply breeze through the top and heart of the lineup, and scores 3 strikeouts?

I mean, you got to be kidding me.

Marlin Fan

I disagree with the appraisal of Echavarria . Been excellent in the field against the rays and today , and also has had multiple hit games.....Stanton did have an awful game at the plate . Great to see Ruggiano and Coughlan get hits today . I think it was Coughlan's 7 th and 8 th hit this year. Lol lol. Another good outing by Eovaldi. Realmutto looks very confident behind the plate .

Lou Vales

Stan, I hope to Hell I was wrong about Realmuto---will now spell his namecorrectly--I may have let my abject disgust for Skipworth cloud my feelings for any catcher in the organization. He needs to play at least 4 times a week and he better play 4 times a week or I will need to get off my Redmond support that I have been employing in honor of Flav. By the way, will take Facebook requests from any of you as long as there is SOME hint in your name that shows who you are---Lou Vales Greenville, South Carolina.

Lou Vales

That may be difficult with "Cleveland Spider"

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