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Salty goes on 7-day concussion DL; Marlins call up J.T. Realmuto

Maybe this explains it: The Marlins placed slumping catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia on the 7-day concussion DL this morning and called up J.T. Realmuto from Double A Jacksonsville to take his place. Saltalamacchia had a miserable month, hitting just .177 with no home runs in May. Saturday, he went 0 for 3 with a pair of whiffs and was also charged with a throwing error.

When I spoke to him yesterday to talk about his slump (read about it here), he seemed all right, and there's been no indication from anyone that he's been dealing with concussion-like symptoms. Obviously, that's not the case. Will have to look it up when I get to the ballpark, but he recently took a shot to the head on a hitter's backswing and I assume that's where it all originated. Like I said, will get more details when I get to the park.

Realmuto [stats] is hitting .301 with five homers and an on-base plus slugging percentage of .867 for Double A Jacksonville, and he gets the nod to take Saltalamacchia's roster spot over Rob Brantly, who is at Triple A New Orleans and is the other catcher available on the 40-man roster. This will be Realmuto's first time in the majors.

More than likely, Jeff Mathis will handle most of the catching chores in Saltalamacchia's absence, with Realmuto on standby.


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So it turns out Salty has been suffering from post concussion syndrome, eh? Why didn't he tell his manager? And if he did tell Red, why did Red keep playing him? Still, regardless of whether he was suffering from post concussion syndrome or not, Red had no business letting him kill that 8th inning rally yesterday. Red was a catcher too; maybe he's also suffering from post concussion syndrome when some of his moves lately are considered.

Lou Vales

How recently??? AND IF the Marlins kept playing him and they KNEW, the punishment can not be harsh enough. IF the club did not know and he hid it from them and was suffering symptoms that he MUST have known were relate, at that point all I can say is---Well, I'm really speechless. I can only surmise the level of dumbness in not relating the situation was related to the symptoms of the condition. BIZARRE!!

Lou Vales

Of course we will bring up the catcher of the future and sit him while a career back-up gets the playing time. Make sense. Maybe they should ask if the 9th,10th, 11th and 12th men on the pitching staff have been hit by backswings. We should be able to determine the exact time this injury occurred. Well, I don't mean "we" , I mean the investigative beat writers.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

The only syndrome Salty is suffering from is a slumping bat. Free swingers are like that... either they're swinging a hot bat or they look totally lost up there with the bat in their hands. That is why they use AVERAGES in this game... there's more than 100 games still left to play.

But I won't be surprised to see Salty gone after this season and replaced by one of his minimum wage brothers from the minors. Same with Garrett Jones, whose salary bumps up from $2.75M to $5M. Remember Clark... you read it here first!


So the Marlins are playing way better than anyone expected (actually, I expected them to be about where they are, at .500 or a bit better and I posted that right here)so what I'm hearing is that we shouldn't be critical of them. We should just be happy they are playing as good as they are since all the EXPERTS said they would suck.

I would agree with that if the Braves or Nats were playing .650 baseball and had a 12 game lead on the Fish. But that's not the case. Due to league wide parity, the Fish unexpectedly find themselves right smack in the middle of the Eastern Division race. So I don't think I'm out of line in expecting that a) the players PLAY like it and b) the manager MANAGES like it. For the most part the players have been playing like they are in a race; I have seen no signs of QUIT in this team, regardless of the score. No lead against the Marlins seems to be safe as they constantly fight back and make comebacks even when down by five or six runs. Too bad I can't say the same for the manager. Red has managed like it's late September and the Marlins are 15 games out. Eventually that will rub off on his players. And when it does, we will hear "see, the Marlins couldn't maintain it, because they are just not a good team".

The Fish have an unexpected chance this year; everyone expected the Nats to run away with this Division and be up by 10 games on Miami. If they don't go ALL OUT and try and take advantage of this chance, it will be one more reason for the ever dwindling number of Marlins fans to ignore this franchise. I hope the manager and the Front Office WAKE UP and try to take advantage of this chance they've been given. Manage like your team is trying to make the playoffs, Red! And try and get them SOME HELP, Front Office, either by bringing up some youngsters from our farm system or through trades. What do you have to lose?

Pinnochio Frisaro

Marlins used the 7 day concussion DL for Salty cause there isnt a 7 day stinkin up the place DL.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

tru dat, PF.

Lou Vales

PF---Post MORE!!!!!!!!! Great comment.

Lou Vales

I should say that I have NO doubts Saltalamacchia is hurt. My problem is his refusal to tell the club OR the club's decision to keep trotting him out there.

Marlin Fan

Salty is fine , just can't hit


Terrible defense continues, not to mention much LESS than #1 Starter type pitching from Nathan Eovaldi. Garrett Jones is proving to be just about as bad a defensive 1st baseman as Lomo; he is not good at a play that 1st basemen have to be good at, the pick play on throws in the dirt. And with Deitrich at 2nd base, there are a lot of those lousy throws.

But what's even more disheartening is Eovaldi's inability so far to step up and be the team's Ace since Jose Fernandez got hurt. What a #1 Starter does NOT do is immediately give the other team back the runs that his team just scored for him. He is a decent pitcher, but at best a #2 guy at this stage in his career.


By the way, what a great name that is, "Pinocchio Frisaro", LOL. When it comes to straight up lies and dishonesty, Frisaro is the king.


I see that guy Ozuna, who is "particularly unlikely to continue" driving in runs the rest of the way, has hit a 2 run HR. It's a damn good thing that the Marlins Front Office doesn't listen to our resident baseball talent evaluator. Stanton would have been traded a few years ago and Ozuna would be in the minors. On the other hand Casey McGehee should be happy; our resident talent expert also predicted that HE would not continue to produce. With our expert's track record, that all but insures that McGehee will have at least a 100 RBI year, LOL!!!!

flava flav

isnt Pinocchio the wooden puppet whose nose grows when he tells a lie? Frisaro must need a nose job by now ,after all the string yanking his puppetmaster Geppetto Loria has been doing with him all these years.

Lou Vales

There is more intrigue here than a Snopes family reunion in a Faulkner novel.


Well, that's it, swept by the Braves, whose manager managed these 3 games like a guy who believes he has a real chance to make the playoffs, as opposed to Mike, "Clueless" Redmond who managed as if his team was 15 games out with no chance at all.

So now the Marlins are back to .500 and sinking which would doubt makes Clueless Mike and Triple Chinned Jeff very happy. What would make them happiest would be for the Fish to fall to about 6 games under .500 and about 8 games out of the Playoff hunt. That way nobody would second guess Red any more. That way Clueless Mike could "experiment" all he wants with the bullpen, and not pinch hit or make defensive substitutions. He could try Slowey as closer, or whatever other stupid idea comes into his head. I mean Cishek just blew a game; he can join the rest of the pen as pitchers Redmond has no confidence in.

And Loria would be VERY happy as well. After all, the Fish could then do what Loria loves best, DUMP SALARIES, because the Fish would be sellers at the Trade Deadline. All this "playoff talk" must have made 3 Chins very nervous. A nice 6 or 7 game losing streak should put all that kind of talk to rest for good.


"isnt Pinocchio the wooden puppet whose nose grows when he tells a lie? Frisaro must need a nose job by now ,after all the string yanking his puppetmaster Geppetto Loria has been doing with him all these years." -Posted by: flava flav

LOL! Yeah, that's Frisaro alright. Biggest liar and con man in Marlins country. I sometimes think that Frisaro & David Samson are the same person, LOL. Frisaro is the clown that poses as the Marlins expert on the MLB website. His job is to defend Loria, no matter what Loria does. That and sell Marlins caps and shirts, LOL.

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