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1st-round pick Tyler Kolek agrees to terms for $6 million

Tyler Kolek is about to become one of the wealthiest 18-year-olds -- if not THE wealthiest resident of any age -- in the Texas town of Shepherd. The hard-throwing right-hander, whom the Marlins selected with the second overall pick in last week's amateur draft, has agreed to terms on a $6 million bonus, sources have confirmed.

The deal is pending a physical.

The Marlins surprised some by taking Kolek over North Carolina State lefty Carlos Rodon, who went to the White Sox on the next pick. But the Marlins found Kolek and his triple-digit fastball too good to pass up and drafted the hurler right after Houston took high school pitcher Brady Aiken first overall.

The $6 million bonus, which was first reported by MLB.com's Jim Callis, is the third-largest ever given to a high school pitcher (behind Aiken and Jameson Taillon) but will save the Marlins, as the slot value assigned to that pick was $6.8 million.

The Marlins have also agreed with second-rund pick Justin Twine for the slot value of $1.316 million, according to Jon Heyman of CBSsports.com.


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Stan M

Marlins have signed their top 3 picks at least. Flav or anyone...what does slot actually mean? That is, does the $ come from the MLB split of TV and oter funds and paying less than slot lets you keep the extra? Or does paying less than slot mean you have more $ for other signings. I really don't understand if the signing $ is already coming from team funds, or is allotted by MLB.

Rabbi in Boca

Will Shnoria spend the saved 800K to bolster his shaky pitching staff at the Big League level or will Shnoria and his pet putz Samson make like the goniffs they are and pocket the saved gelt?

Stan M

A different way of looking at things right now...

We can thank the gods that this team didn't sign Fielder or Pujols. Each probably makes as much as the Marlins starting lineup. Compare Pujol's numbers with those of Ozuna. Not much difference and one is at least 10 years younger if you believe Pujols is only 33.

The Brave seem to have made a terrible mistake with BJ Upton and I wouldn't trade any of our outfielders for his brother either. Uggla can't play anymore and is still owed a fortune.

The Phillies are really old and have so many horrible contracts and such a depleted farm system that their future is bleak.

The Mets. Well, they're the Mets.

The Marlins are universally viewed as a team on the rise. They are not saddled with any untradeable contracts, Bye and large the players that they signed over the Winter have worked out well. The team is either the youngest or close to the youngest in the ML. The farm system is stocked with promising young arms. They play in a beautiful ball park that was created solely for baseball viewing. So far this year they have pretty much exceeded expectations.

My point is that the policy that this team has followed with their parsimonious ways has been largely successful. Now, you money grubbing skinflint, go and get us one more starting pitcher or I take it all back.

A Realist

Lol Stan. Skinflint. That's classic!

No ones cares that Kolek signed. We won't see him for another 3-4 years because the front office will be sure to maximize his years of control by pushing off his major league debut.

Clevelnd Spider

The Marlins need to get two starters if they want to contend this year. The first starter I would replace is Turner. Heaney needs to come in for him next start. Then they need to make a trade for a front line starter to replace Wolf. Put Wolf in the bullpen and just dump Turner.

Cleveland Spider

Man, the Marlins miss Fernandez. The one thing that you can count on with Wolf and Turner is subpar outings. Those two guys should not be in the major leagues. Wolf should be retired and Turner in the minor leagues.

A Realist

Turner lacks confidence. You can see it on his face. The guy just doesn't believe in himself. His stuff is good when it's good, but when he struggles a little bit it snowballs into a massive meltdown. He doesn't know how to contain a bad inning and not let it completely implode. That doesn't play in the majors, kid. You either got the stomach to handle it or you might as well move to the bible belt and sell religious writings.

Stan M

Careful Realist. I remarked about how his face showed that he was a beaten man about 2 weeks ago and was crucified for it. You are right. It seems to me that once he meets adversity, he comes apart.


Another Wolf automatic loss, it's getting old.

Calusa Joe

I hope that the Randy Wolf experiment is over. I'd rather see them give Brad Hand another shot at starting. A young lefty that throws 93-95... I'll take that over Wolf. Replace Turner with Heaney. Turner is not a major league pitcher. Changes need to be made and soon. They're wasting roster spots on these two bums

A Realist

It would not surprise me one bit if the Marlins front office is deliberately looking to sabotage the season. If we continue to win fans will clamor for additions during the trade deadline. If we start to fall apart, as we currently are, the front office has a reason to sell pieces or just sit idly by and allow the inevitable to happen. I think the latter is the case. Slowly, but surely, this team is faltering (as I stated here a few weeks back). Now the front office doesn't feel pressure to make any serious upgrades because everyone knows this team isn't cutting the mustard pitching or hitting. Now, even Eovaldi and Koehler are struggling.

Same crap every year. I can see the slogans for next year when tickets go on sale. "Come see one of the youngest rotations in the majors featuring Fernandez, Alvarez, and Heaney." It's always about next year....

I wish the Marlins ownership and front office had the balls to sit with a group of die hard fans and answer questions and criticism. They won't. Bunch of va-j-j's hiding in their expensive suits and offices. I pray they read this. We hate you guys!!!!!!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It is June 15. The Marlins are 1 game out of first place, despite have played roughly half those games without their ace.

Does Loria the Racketeer care about winning? Well, David Price can likely be had. And Jeff Samardzija is being openly shopped.

Randy Wolf was his response to losing Fernandez. It actually imo was a not-altogether-unreasonable attempt, which can't be blamed since Wolf is experienced. But at this point it's clear that the move has failed. So now let's see how much he really cares about winning.

Lou Vales

Stan, DT, Flav, Realist, Spider, Realist , ALL the ONE name people------WHY is Chubby(COULD we all PLEASE never use his name again but EVERYONE choose his or her own name for him) allowing this to play out like this? It seems as if Slimeball would want to prove he can win through his "sheer" brilliance without spending any money. The Hefner Wannabee could possibly end up on covers of national magazines if they made the playoffs. The Rotund Repugnant One could himself and his "toys" on national broadcasts as the underdog story of the Marlins receives attention. Wouldn't he like to revive attention and get a a base for a possible sale down the road. Mr Cardiac Alert is not as bas as Donald Sterling. He is just a tight fisted, obese, rapidly aging, ego maniacal individual with delusions of grandeur. Besides that--a Hell of a nice guy. To the peon designated to read forums as these and report back to Fatty Arbuckle--that reference is for you Stan---tell him my Facebook continues to be Lou Vales in Greenville, South Carolina. Still would like to hear from you, Chubs.

Lou Vales

Michael Hill AND others, show some pride and at least make some veiled reference to the untenable nature of this situation. There are bright spots--at least one older member of the pen must end up on DL if this craziness continues, although he will probably just bring up Henry Rodriguez. This is a real shame and my docile acceptance has finally been jarred. The only thing to do on my planned "road trip" with them this Summer is to sit near the pen and inquire how it must feel to play for such a Sleezeball? Expressions on their faces will be worth it

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Michael Hill is an inert sycophant. He has no more freedom to operate than to choose from the pile of other team's rejects. If he had any pride or if he required being given any real voice in matters, he wouldn't be here to begin with.

Stan M

Lets for the sake of argument say that signing Wolf was an understandable experiment. And further remember that the FO and several here on this blog thought that Turner would prove to be a worthy starter. Fine and dandy. But that was then and this is now. We have been beaten, badly, in one recent game by Turner and two by Wolf. Certainly we might have lost them with others starters, but we may have won, too. The point is, what to do now? The time to procrastinate is over.

Heaney's call up is a given. Hand made two excellent starts in high A ball and another at AAA. He is ready to replace someone. Slowey anyone? Dunn has been too hot and cold to be considered reliable if this team is to contend. Let's see that LH Dayton fellow whom Flav told us about. He can't be any worse; might be better, and at the least the team would learn his strengths and weaknesses for next season. Even Wittgren in AA ball has been successful in a majority of relief assignments recently. If not one, then the other. And if neither, then Flynn and/or DeStiafani are worth a try.

But that still leaves a need for one more starter, and not a Randy Wolf clone either. Let's be honest. Samardzija is too expensive and possesses another spelling challenge. But Hammel would fit right into this team's needs. He could be short term for he is a FA after this year. He is relatively cheap, less than 4 million for the remainder of this year. He has pitched well and his stats bare this out. And he is available.

That's what should happen. But Slowey and Dunn will remain. Flynn or Hand will be that odd starter, and this Polish gentleman will be really pissed off!

Stan M

If the Marlins offered the Cubs Solano and Nicolino for Hammel, who would hang up? I'd do it in a heartbeat. Bono just got hurt, and the Cubs are becoming the "Marlins West" anyway, so why not?

Lou Vales

Stan I believe Cubs would want more and could get more from another team. At this point let's just get Heaney up here and end the Big Bad Wolf Saga. I CAN understand reluctance to totally dispatch Turner and I would base ultimate decision on ability to get a 4th or 5th man rotation guy from another club. I was wrong and you were right about Realmuto having a chance. I believe he now has more ribbies than Mathis. Last 2 Fridays multiple run comebacks in 9th only to lose because they could not score again. Good news from Atlanta in that Fredo is about to blow up Kimbrel with his crazy use of the kid.

Stan M

If they want another prospect, give him to them.

I have introduced luck as a factor for this team in the past. We missed several team's better pitchers for a while. Now look what happens when we get one. We have played Washington w/o 2 of their best hitters, missed Braun for a game, and one or two more on the West Coast. Now every time we lose, the two teams above us oblige and lose as well. It pays to be good, but being lucky as well doesn't hurt either.

A Realist

This team is done, guys. Hech is doing nothing. Garrett Jones sucks. We aren't getting anything from behind the plate, AGAIN! Now, the only two pitchers who were decent after the loss of Fernandez (Eovaldi and Koehler) are falling apart at the seams. We are done. The only way this team can compete is to bring up Heaney and acquire another good to very good starter. But, it isn't going to happen. Being 1 game out at this point is just a cruel punishment to us fans. We all know the truth deep down inside. Once again, the losing culture of this team has infected a new crop of players, such as Hech, Eovaldi, and whoever plays behind the plate and at 2nd base.

Lou Vales

I am amazed how bad they have looked against Pittsburg's Friday and Sunday starters.

A Realist

Can't believe they won. Talk about backing into a win...

Lou Vales

Last of the 9th trailing by a run, who do you want at the plate if you are the Marlins----Giancarlo or Casey? I'm saying Casey and NOT just based on last week.

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