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X-rays negative on DeSclafani; Flynn optioned back to Triple A New Orleans

Marlins starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani said the line drive that struck him on his right forearm and forced him to leave Friday's 9-5 loss to the Athletics shouldn't keep him out too long.

He thinks its just a bone bruise and he said expects to be able to throw on Saturday. Manager Mike Redmond said x-rays peformed on DeSclafani were negative, but the arm swelled up on him.

"We'll see how it feels when I wake up and evaluate it [Saturday]," DeSclafani said. "It felt good to keep going, but I understand where he's coming from. I still had a sweat going and a lot of adrenaline. I didn't quite feel it when i was out there. I might have been able to keep pitching. I felt like I wasn't affected by it at all, but it's their judgment, their decision to take me out. I'm not going to argue with that."

> After the game, the Marlins optioned left-hander Brian Flynn back to Triple A New Orleans. Redmond said the team will make a corresponding move Saturday.


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Stan M

Something I wonder about. Pitchers must throw over to 1B to hold runners close, or so the story goes. Whether it's effective or not I don't know. What I do know is that I cringe each time a hard, quick throw is made to try to pick the runner off. What I would like to know is the correlation between runners picked off, and errant throws that lead to the runner reaching third base. My guess is that the latter is the more prevalent.

It's the little trades that kill us. When Nolasco was traded to the Dodgers, we got two questionable throw ins who are now long gone and a pitcher named Angel Sanchez who was one of LAs top 10 prospects at that time. Well, Mr. Sanchez is wallowing on our AA roster with a record of 0-9 and it doesn't seem to be a mistake when his stats are examined. That's the best we could do for a #3 or 4 starter who was a proven innings eater?

Get what you give

Holding the runners on is a critical part of the game. Changing the pace at which a pitcher pitches is equally effective as picking off. One could say picking off is used as a detterent from stealing rather than simply trying to getting the guy out. If you measure, stolen bases should be added to your equation. That being said, these are professionals and making a good hard throw to first is a part of ther job. Errors happen.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, I have no idea if that kind of detail is available, but I think that the pitcher's paying attention to the runner like that is more a function of trying to protect against stolen bases rather than picking the runner off, a relatively rare occurrence. Snap throws to first are intended, I think, to throw the runner off in his timing the delivery to the plate (and being able to get a big jump).

As for the Nolasco deal, he was just a "rental" for the Dodgers. In other words, it seems to me that these days when a team looking to dump salary, they will get a higher return if they trade that player the year BEFORE his walk season (i.e. a bit more than just a half-season rental).

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