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Andrew Heaney demoted to minors after rough outing Saturday

ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Cardinals had Andrew Heaney seeing red on Saturday, blistering the rookie to the tune of five runs - including back-to-back homers -- in only 3 2/3 innings. Afterward, Heaney was seeing pink -- as in a pink slip.

Following yet another disappointing outing by the young lefty, the Marlins demoted Heaney back to Triple A New Orleans.

"I'm not going to feel sorry for myself," Heaney said after receiving the news. "I'm going to try to get better. I want to be back up here. I have stuff I need to work on. That wasn't the best me I can be."

In four starts, Heaney went 0-3 with a 6.53 ERA.

Had the Marlins not rallied for the win Saturday, he would have become the first pitcher in Marlins history to lose his first four major league starts.

"This guy was in (Single A) Jupiter last year," Marlins manager Mike Redmond said of Heaney, the Marlins' first-round draft pick in 2012. "We want to make sure he's confident and right."

Redmond said that with an off day coming up on Thursday, the plan was to skip Heaney's next turn in the rotation, anyway. Now, the Marlins plan on getting to the All-Star break with four starters, as Tom Koehler is set to rejoin the team on Monday in Arizona following the birth of his first child.

Heaney struggled to throw strikes Saturday, walking three batters in the first two innings while hitting another with a pitch. But he suffered major damage in the fourth when he gave up four runs, all of them scored with two outs.

One pitch after Allen Craig took him deep for a two-run homer, Jhonny Peralta followed with a solo shot that caromed high up the foul pole in left. Despite the poor showings, Redmond said he is confident Heaney will turn out to be a top pitcher in the majors.

"He's going to be a great pitcher in this league for a long time," Redmond said. "He's got great stuff. He just faced probably two of the best teams in baseball (the Cardinals and Oakland A's). It was a great learning experience. He knows he can pitch up here. Are there areas he needs to work on? Of course. You can say that about a lot of guys."

-- Heaney didn't travel alone on his way back to New Orleans. The Marlins also optioned outfielder Jake Marisnick on Saturday in order to make room for sJhortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, who will be activated from the disabled list in time to play Sunday in St. Louis.


Reed Johnson was hit by a pitch for the 130th time on Friday, moving him into 26th place on the all-time list. Though Johnson is far behind the major league record of 285, held by Craig Biggio, his frequency of being plunked ranks near the top of the list.

On average, Johnson has been hit by a pitch once in every 29.92 plate appearances over his career. Of players who have been hit by pitches at least 130 times, only Ron Hunt was hit by pitches more frequently -- once in every 25.34 pitches. By comparison, Biggio was hit about once in every 44 pitches.

While Johnson stands close to the plate, he also said his opposite-field hitting approach has as much to do with getting hit by pitches as anything else.

“My approach and what I’m trying to do at the plate, other teams know that, and they’re going to try to pitch me in a lot,” Johnson said. “It’s the approach of staying on the ball and trying to keep that front shoulder in as long as you can. I think Biggio was the same way. You look at it, and it’s all guys who hit the ball the other way.”


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Well, they can't all be Jose. I just hope he's not a Volstad either.

Lou Vales

No More Marishnak for a long time.


guy throws 90 mph aint good enuf


If your bat 12 hits and only scoring 2 or 3 run, something is wrong. I think that azuna can batting third and Staton four.

A Realist

Volstad lol I forgot about him. He was a good sinkerballer (I think) until he started giving up a ton of homers.

Heaney will be ok. He pitched against two really good teams.

Speaking of good teams, Look at what the Athletics did. Hey Mr. Hill (I saw you and your son in Coldstone last weekend. I almost said something to you, but I refrained because your son was there. If you were alone it would have been a different story.), get it together. The Athletics really didn't give up much and they solidified their rotation this year and for years to come. Both guys are fairly young. If you're not moving forward, you're getting left behind.

Good win for this team, though. Way to fight back in a place we traditionally lose heartbreakers.

Still think they should put Yelich at first, get rid of Jones, and leave Marisnick in the outfield.

Will be interesting to see if they are able to keep McGehee next year. He's going to want some coin, and I don't blame him.

Stan M

This article, which is not about the Marlins, really threw me for a loop. Knew nothing about this at all


A Realist

Remember it! This will be the statement from the front office after doing nothing in the offseason to improve the team. "We have Jose coming back, Alvarez had a strong year, and Eovaldi showed some promise towards the end there. Heaney will be more comfortable out there with some major league starts under his belt. Salty and Jones had nice years considering it was their first on the team (BS!) and they offer that veteran leadership for the young players. The bullpen started to put the pieces together and we feel they are a competitive group that will help us win. Of course we were sorry to see Stanton leave us. He is a one-in-a-lifetime player that no team wants to lose, but he did what he felt was best for his family and himself. We made a competitve offer (8 million per year, incentive-laden, without the no-trade clause), but he decided to go elsewhere."

Sounds about right. The only part that will have some truth is the starting pitching.

Oh yeah. "We are also excited to bring back Gregg and Penny after terrific years last year. We had their arms surgically reattached and they look poised to have another stellar season for us. They should be a nice complement to the young pieces we already have in place."

A Realist

Haha now that's an article, Stan.

Stan M

The Marlins desperately need a 5th starter with Headley sent down. I am personally disappointed that the team didn't grab McCarthy. His last two starts were very good, he is in his prime, and he was incredibly cheap. Unless the team makes a different, but significant trade, this does not look good for our future prospects.

The whole McGehee situation is puzzling. The team has no replacement next year if he is not resigned. There could be arguments made that he has been the most valuable Marlin. Yet we never hear a word from the TV crew nor the beat writers as to what the FO might be planning. I even read one, only one article, that predicted that he will be moved later this year to a pennant contender.

CLARK, can you give us any info on him?

Stan M

Boy did I butcher Heaney's name. Yelich, with 2 hits today, has raised his BA 21 points since coming off the DL. As of this moment, McHehee is 1st in base hits, 5th in BA, 9th in OBP and tied for 4th in RBIs in the NL.

Cleveland Spider

I was asking for the Marlins to bring up Heaney for weeks. Boy was I wrong. That guy stinks and appears to be a career minor leaguer. He barely throws the ball 90 mph and leaves the ball right over the plate. He reminds me of Andrew Miller; a lot of hype but he is nothing more than AAA quality.

Going forward the Marlins appear to be in trouble with the rotation. The way that the Marlins baby Fernandez, we will not see him next year. They have one quality top of the rotation pitcher, Alvarez. Evoldi and Kohler are #5 starters. Heaney was supposed to be the savior with Fernandez out for who knows how long and he ended up being a huge disappointment.

Oh BTW- I heard that Tyler Kolek has stunk up the joint in the minors and may be the next Braden Looper (100 mph but that is it). This franchise is so disjointed. It looks like they are cheap in the scouting department also. How long must we continue suffering? Our only hope is for Loria to sell the team.

Cleveland Spider

LOL, Stan M! Why have Clark wasting his time with an article about what the Marlins are going to do with McGehee next season? How long have you been around dude? These are the Miami Marlins owned by Jeffrey Loria. I can tell you the plan for third base is next year, Ed Lucas will be battling Donavan Solano for that spot. McGehee has just priced himself out of the Miami Marlins market. It does not take a genius to figure what the Marlins are going to do with McGehee next year, nothing.

Stan M

I guess you're a genius...dude!!!

A Realist

Hey Cleveland, I'm the biggest pessimist around when it comes to this team. With that said, Heaney will be okay. He is level headed and seems like he is willing to learn from his mistakes. I hope you're wrong because our pooch is screwed if you're not.

I think you're right about McGehee, though. He's as good as gone.


McGehee and Stanton will both be waving bye-bye to Miami next year,one having resurrected his MLB career,the other finally arriving to a winning is 1st situation with a real,professional MLB org. Best wishes to both.

Cleveland Spider

Realist- I was a huge Heaney fan before he was brought up. My concern with him is that his fast ball is very average. Great pitchers come up and there is an IT factor. Fernandez had IT, you could tell as soon as he took the mound. He was a bull dog as a rookie and he had dominating stuff. Heaney gave up a lot of homeruns and looked rattled. I may have exaggerated on Heaney because I am so disappointed. With all the hype I saw Heaney as the future #2 behind Fernandez; I no longer see that. Hopefully, he can develop into a #4 or 5 starter but he does not appear to be a top of the rotation guy.

As for McGehee, I never even thought about him coming back. Like I said next year at 3rd base I see a battle between Lucas and Solano for third base. Of course they will roll the dice on another player that no team wants (like McGehee) but sometimes those work out and sometimes they don't. For every McGehee that you find you have a Furcal, Wolf, and Marmol. McGehee is as good as gone. This cheap ownership will not spend that kind of money on a third baseman.

Lou Vales

And Gregg!!!

A Realist

I can only hope that maybe McGehee gives them a hometown discount being that they took a chance on him when no one else did. Maybe he just likes playing and living in South Florida? That's reaching, but it's all I got.

Perhaps another scenario unfolds unexpectedly. Does Loria and his salary cap-slaves view Stanton and McGehee, two fan favorites, as potential opportunities to start to rebuild the team and rebuild trust in the ownership? It would be a good chance for them. Do I think they go for it? Better chance of snow in Ft. Lauderdale.

Personally, I just want Loria to sell the team and go away. I think there are potential owners waiting for that to happen, such as Mark Cuban. He wants a baseball team and Miami is a big, up and coming market (especially with the Heat) that sells when they have a good product. Cuban would spend money for a winner. Just a pipe dream.

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