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Cishek hoping round of golf, better location with slider resolves struggles

NEW YORK -- Thursday's off day for the Marlins provided closer Steve Cishek an opportunity to accomplish two things: get in a round of golf at Bethpage State Park in Long Island (host of two U.S. Opens and 2019 PGA Championship) and to forget about blowing his third save of the season Wednesday against the Diamondbacks.

"That last game in Arizona was probably one of the toughest ones for me to get past just because we had a two-run lead," Cishek said. "I got a chance to get my mind from baseball a little bit and take my frustrations out on a little white golf ball."

Cishek went right back to work early Friday. After breaking down film, he and pitching coach Reid Cornelius were in the bullpen at Citi Field working on pitch location and arm slot for his slider.

Cishek said his arm feels fine. In fact, his fastball velocity has gone up over the past two months -- a result he says of a steady workload and arm strengthening.It's the slider, he said, that hasn't been right over his last three or four appearances. It's forced him to rely on his fastball way too much and given hitters an advantage. 

"I'm not driving it like I usually do," he said. "I'm kind off falling off trying to make movement before it's out of my hand -- overdoing it basically instead of trusting it. I'm trying to get back on track with that."


Even though he's from Los Angeles and grew up a Lakers fan, Giancarlo Stanton has never passed up an opportunity to go watch the Heat since LeBron James has been in town.

So what was Stanton's reaction to Friday's news about James heading back home to Cleveland?

"That's obviously the biggest thing in sports down here in awhile," Stanton said. "It takes a lot of guts to do that. I know he wanted to go home. It means a lot more to do that, to win in a place you grew up rather than just one of the teams you ended up on. The thing is he didn't go with the big press conference like he did last time. He did what he was going to do, stayed quiet and did it the right way."

Although he never personally got to know James, Stanton said he enjoyed going to see James play because he never got to see Michael Jordan in his prime. Stanton said he's always liked to study the greats.

"When you see the best guys on the planet at their particular craft win and lose, be on top of the world and the bottom, and at the same time it helps you as a competitor learn from that," Stanton said. "You pick things up that maybe you won't have to go through yourself because you learned from something like that."

With James leaving one could argue Stanton is now the most exciting professional athlete in town. His tape-measure home runs and raw power have made him a household name in baseball and Monday his talent will be on display for the entire country to see in the Home Run Derby.

Friday, in an early warm-up for the festivities, manager Mike Redmond said Stanton belted several home runs at Citi Field into the second and third decks.

Asked Friday if he wants to win the derby, Stanton smiled and said: "It's a competition man. If I wanted to stand there and look pretty I'd just stand there and take selfies all day and post them up."

> Redmond said reliever A.J. Ramos, on the disabled list with shoulder inflammation since June 28, is scheduled to pitch in his first rehab assignment Monday for Double A Jacksonville. Redmond said the team expects him to be ready to rejoin the team after the All-Star Break.


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Marlin Fan

What a delight watching Tonights game with Preston Wilson in the booth . Wonderful baseball insight . Very enjoyable . ... Some poor coaching ,
Sending Solano, could have been 2nd and 3rd with one out , instead??? Also can't understand not challenging the very next play ? What do you have to lose or save it for ?


Agree with you....Cisheck obviously did not have it the other night and should have been pulled ,,,have played and watched baseball and softball) since 1954 and Garrett Jones is the worst fielding left hande first baseman I have ever played against or seen...cannot believe he spent all those years in the minors and is not better than what he is

Lou Vales

Could we please end this charade and sell off some of this talent. IF you know a guy will not resign with you and if you know you will not win anything with him playing his last 3 months with you--just pull the trigger BUT get something back. Casey is GONE in 3 months and even though we will average less than 2 runs a game with him not in the lineup, let's at least get something for him. I am also ready to move Reed Johnson and maybe even Cishek. Hell, throw in Marisnak before people realize he can't play. The purpose of a team playing a season is to get into the Playoffs or show improvement and also find deficiencies. We know there are many therefore let's start working on them. Offer Casey around and even play contenders off against one another and say you will trade him to team who makes best offer. If Mathis would have had even 1 hit in his last 20 game winning-clutch situations maybe we could have received something from the Cards but that ship has sailed.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Did you not ever see Mo Vaughn play first base?

Manuel, was Reid Cornelius promoted from Bullpen Coach? If so, does that mean Chuck Hernandez has been put out to pasture? Don't toy with me on this, Manuel... I've been saying novenas for a new pitching coach for the past three months.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Before Vaughn, there was a first baseman for the nascent Mets named Marv Throneberry (Marvelous Marv) who, it was rumored, was once told on his birthday by his manager Casey Stengel "We were going to get you a cake, but we figured you'd drop it."

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I saw the video of Redmond and Stanton practicing for the Batting Practice Derby before the Mets game and I noticed Redmond wasn't wearing a cap. I'm thinking that if Redmond is also not going to wear a cap during the derby, then Stanton's chances will be improved if Redmond applies a liberal amount of lamp black to his exposed pate, so that Stanton can't blinded by any sudden blinding reflection from the lights.

Stan M

I'm getting really depressed and I guess it showed. They pulled my last post yesterday. The talk above is about first baseman who were poor fielders. Jones is no gazelle there, but how about that statue we got for Dominguez? There was a guy back in the 50s names Dick Stuart who was so bad they evoked the name of a popular movie of the time and nicknamed him "Dr Strangeglove". He was not in the best of shape either. He once hit a triple and threw up when he got to 3rd base. He did hit 66 HRs in the minors one year and had it on his license plate.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I remember Stuart. Poster above specified LH first basemen, so I left him off. Stuart was a true DH before there was any DH.

Stan M

At nearly 78YO, my life partly revolved around this team and watching their games. Well, I've been turning them off lately for the first time in many years. If this is happening to me, what does this say about more casual fans?
As I see it, this team peaked a couple of weeks ago and it's all downhill from now on after teasing us with expectations. A realistic evaluation of this team shows that it cannot exceed mediocrity with Jones, Salty and no 2nd baseman. Unfortunately, the two aforementioned were procured by management as saviors and to replace them would be to admit mistakes. The silence regarding McGehee's future is another ominous sign. These are far from the only difficulties, but they are the most glaring problems.

Attempting to remedy the situation with parsimonious pickups like Marmol, Gregg and Penny only add to the dilemma. It sickens me to read the box scores each evening. A Ruggiano hit wins for the Cubs where Coghlan continues to kill the ball. Morrison, batting cleanup for Seattle hits another HR. It isn't that these guys were, or even would be, great difference makers. The outrage is that they were given away in salary dumps involving minimal amounts of money. And that money saved only brought us the problematic misfits mentioned above.

Marisnick is hot in AAA. It's time to put him in CF (he catches the ball Ozuna missed last night), Yelish must replace Jones at 1B, and Realmuto can't possibly be any worse than Salty as a hitter and is a far better receiver so bring him up. St. Louis desperately needs a catcher. Take the hit and send them Salty regardless of any return for him. 4th place is glaring at this team, so if we must regress to that level, then learn something with our kids and prepare for 2015. If something isn't done, and right now, that beautiful ballpark will soon become an echo chamber.

Lou Vales

Marisnick is a AAAA player. He is overmatched. He may be a great CF but they need to score some runs. The Yankees need a 3b-----Casey??? Hell, they need a SS but King Derek will play this out like they always do it in pro sports. Every other industry in America they give you a golden parachute and tell you to enjoy it. In MLB they let a SS with no range futilely wave at ground balls and generate about as much offensive presence as Donovan Solano.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, astute observation re: Salty and the Cards.

Can't blame you or take issue with any of your comments above. I'm being only partially facetious when I write that we are only one owner away from being a genuine contender. It can get disheartening for us when we realize that this foul pig of an owner is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. But I try to keep in mind that I root for the team, the uniform so to speak, and not for any one player and definitely not for that ugly gelatinous walking mound of "stercoribus hominus," Loria. And I refuse to allow that disgrace of an owner impact my rooting interest for the team. I recognize that he has been a parasite his entire life, living off of the God-given natural talents of other... first artists, and now athletes.

Fwiw, I figured Salty would be gone after this season regardless of how he did. The Gargoyle-face Pig owner is not capable of keeping a three year commitment with anyone.

Being realistic, when the clear improvement in this year's team became obvious early on, I saw .500 as a reachable goal. I still feel that way and it's certainly within reach. That's what I'm rooting for, and I see an 82-80 season (a 20 game improvement) as a victory that was accomplished IN SPITE OF all the obstacles placed in the way by that lying, cheating, deceitful disease named Loria.

Marlin Fan

Not sure all the commotion ?? Were going to be improved over last year . The players we acquired in the offseason are all playing to their previous seasons potential . Again I say that even when the season started , we were a 70-76 win team, an improvement over the last two years .

A Realist

I hope that Loria's goons read these blogs faithfully so they can see that for some of the fans it's about more than a game. It's a about a connection to a team. Sports takes you away from the bad in life. It becomes possible to forget the problems, if only for a few hours. When our city has teams like the Panthers and Marlins it eliminates an avenue for us to lose ourselves. Mr. Loria, we all hate you. You have ruined something that is important to all of us. You have so much pride that you can't admit mistakes. They seem to only embolden you. You have so much pride that you think you can waltz into a game that is over 100 years old an understand it as if you were a baseball mind that has spent 30 years learning the game. You are rich and powerful, but your biggest asset is your biggest weakness. You take and take and don't know when to say, "Enough is enough." You've made your money. You've ruined this franchise. Please let us have our baseball team back. Please leave quietly.

The one hope that you CANNOT take away from us is that this team will be here long after you are gone. Some owner will come here and recognize all this potential that you were too scared to take advantage of. Even with you here, we all still have hope.

Go Marlins!!

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