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Marcell Ozuna homer was a Marlins first; Brad Penny update

PHOENIX -- Greetings from the desert, where the Marlins will wrap up their series with Arizona this afternoon (3:40 p.m. EST). In case you missed it, Marcell Ozuna came through for the Marlins in a big way in last night's ninth inning, turning a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead with one swing of the bat.

Ozuna connected on Addison Reed's 2-2 fastball with two outs in the ninth to put the Marlins on top.

It marked the first time in Marlins history that a player hit a home run to give the team the lead after being out out away from a shutout loss. Ozuna also became the first player to drive in the game-tying and game-winning runs on a two-strike, two-out home run in the 9th since Mike Lowell did it June 28, 2003, at Boston's Fenway Park. Lowell hit a 3-run homer to overcome a 9-7 deficit.

Ozuna now has 15 homers, owns a 14-game hitting streak, and has the 10th-best WAR (wins above replacement) figure in the National League.


Following a successful outing Tuesday for Single A Jupiter, the Marlins are sending Brad Penny to Triple A New Orleans for his next start on Sunday.

Penny, who hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2012, went six innings in what was his second start for Jupiter. He allowed two runs on three hits, striking out two and issuing no walks.

The plan calls for Penny to make at least two starts for New Orleans before the Marlins decide whether to bring him up. Penny has a July 31 out clause in his minor league contract that allows him to sign with another organization if he isn’t on the Marlins’ roster by then.

At the moment, the Marlins have only four starters on the roster and don't need a fifth until July 22. If Penny continues on a normal pitching schedule, he could be available to the Marlins on July 23.


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Lou Vales

I believe the reason I will often go off on a tangent about toxic waste dumps like Mississippi is because the alternative is often times a discussion about someone like Brad Penny. In the words of Al Pacino in "A Scent of a Woman"-"Good God!"

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I don't care if Penny throws two no-hitters in Nawlins. He needs to just go away. Period.

Fat gargoyle-faced pig.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Loria, not Penny. Although Penny was stout his first time here. But not a gargoyle-faced pig. Maybe a grown up version of the banjo-playing kid in Deliverance.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Brain teaser...

What's the difference between Jeffrey Loria and a canoe?

Cleveland Spider

Brad Penny? Are you kidding me? Tommy Hutton wonders why fans don't go to the ball park. When you keep on taking shots in the dark with guys like Penny, Wolf, and Marmol, you have no chance of putting a winner on the field. It seems like this is the Marlin way of putting a team together, through inexperienced rookies, has beens, and over the hill players. This team does not deserve fan support. The city of Miami built Loria a stadium and he a turned around and laughed at all of us.

I think that these players should be commended as they have overachieved tremendously. They are developing some good young players, unfortunately we never get to see these guys in their prime. Stanton will be the next one to go.

Brad Penny is your answer to the 4th starter this team desperately needs? You give us Brad Penny and we give you a ton of empty seats. We are not the dumb Cub fans who get robbed every game to watch a miserable team. We will continue to watch from our couch and you will not get me to pay one cent to see a Marlins game until we have new ownership that cares about winning. Kudos Marlins fans for being the smartest fans in baseball!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, a word of counsel.

Your comments about Mississippi are unfair and inappropriate. I now regret having brought the state in a facetious light, but I was only making reference to their drawl.

Anybody can criticize, even people who live in glass houses. But it takes talent and heart to be able to see value and good in something that may not be apparent to all. And that's often how unique opportunities are born for people who are too busy being winners to have any time for complaints.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

A canoe tips.

A Realist

Good for Ozuna. If he keeps playing like this he will continue to creep up the front office's list for "who needs to be traded before they become too expensive." He's going to play himself right onto a winning team (no offense to the players who actually are trying, unlike the front office) just like Samardzja.

Cleveland, it's not like they can't afford to go get McCarthy like the Yanks did or get Samardzja. They just aren't going to spend money. Plain and simple. I, and many other fans, have adopted the same philosophy. If Loria can't spend money, I'm not spending money. Not to mention the drive into another country and ridiculous traffic.

If I see you out and around Mr. Loria with your family I will not be so nice as I was to Mr. Hill. YOU are going to get an earful from this fan!

Stan M

I was venting on the prior blog and didn't realize that this one had opened. I'm still made as hell so I copied and am pasting it:

There is a law of diminishing returns, and I reached it with todays game. Yesterday's game was rendered almost unwatchable with all of that crap about voting for McGehee. Sure he should go. But the Marlins don't have enough of a fan base to vote him in. But on and on and on. And when it's not McGehee, it's Stanton and the HR derby. The man is paid to hit for the Marlins and help them win games. Whether or not he hits any damn HRs for exhibition is beyond the point. I will guarantee that he will get screwed up in that contest. Probably pull a muscle and miss 3 weeks. This afternoon I had to use all of my Polish restraint, of which I have little, to keep from throwing something at the screen when they keep showing that ridiculous commercial with the guy lying down at home plate. I can't stand the sponsor anyway and that inane sales pitch assures that I will boycott the firm forever.

Who's on first

Like I said the other day, trade Cishek while he has value. It will be all downhill from here.

Stan M

A few words from a cynic. Other blogs are full of articles suggesting that the Marlins are scouting Zobrist. Nonsense, we have Solano and Lucas. Who could ask for more? There is even conjecture that Price is within their sights. Baloney, who needs Price when we have Bead Penny in the wings. But there was one article that set me to thinking. It hypotheses that the Red Sox have been reluctant to move Middlebrooks (who plays 3B) because they want to use him as a piece in a trade for Stanton. Keep that idea in mind and then consider that there is not a word about resigning McGehee. Could our diabolical little bundle of flab already have a potential trade in place? Actually the players mentioned in a trade for Stanton sounds pretty darn good.

This is the second game in about a week that seemed to back my claim that our outfield should have Stanton in left, Yelich (who is said to have the best range of the 3) in center and Ozuna in right. One last point. In the last of the 8th, with a man on 3rd and 2 outs, Morris threw an 0-2 pitch off to the right and in the dirt. Had Salty been catching instead of Mathis, that would have been a wild pitch or passed ball and the game would have been over right then. Is Cishek's bubble starting to burst?

Lou Vales

Stan is correct about Stanton. When he gets in one of these ruts he appears almost like a little kid trying to hit off a tee. I don't believe Superstars can have this many periods as this during a season.

Lou Vales

If Cishek puts away the first guy---after the long AB---he would have been fine. I would love Stanton and Cabrera together. Stanton would benefit from watching Miggy hit every day. I just don't see a match. All the really good tiger players are either expensive and/or too close to arbitration. The Tigers have plenty of middle infielders near Major League ready but you can't get Stanton for prospects----can you??????

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Fish Byte Bloggers, get your votes in for the coveted 2014 David Samson Award for Waste of Space of the Year. This is the one award where you are allowed to change your vote as the season progresses. The early surprising leader is Salty.

I've received understandable inquiries as to why The Fat Gargoyle Pig himself, Loria, has not received any votes or even consideration for the award, since he may be the biggest waste of space in our galaxy. Good question and there's a very good reason! The David Samson Award is to be given to the "person who is the biggest waste of space in the Marlins organization for the year," and while The Pig is unfortunately a part of the Marlins, he is NOT demonstrably human and so he does not qualify as a person.

A Realist

I would be shocked if the Marlins went after Zobrist, and damn-near comatose if we acquired Price. Let me stop talking about it because I start daydreaming about how good we could be. Not going to happen. I can't see it. No way that a pitcher that good comes here without serious money and a no-trade clause. That kid can write his own ticket and he's not about to allow a grade-A douche like Loria to control his future.

Cishek is starting to show some cracks. I don't know if his head isn't there for off-the-field issues, but he's looking more like an average Joe. His stuff is there with regard to velocity, but he's not executing. He should be ok. Still young in his own right. It's not easy playing for such a crummy franchise. Everyone gets tired after a while.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I think as long as Cishek is physically sound, he'll be ok. An indispensable quality he has that all closers need is a short memory.

Stan M

It's fine to be short on memory. Not do fine if he isn't long on control.

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