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Marlins again interested in A's reliever Jim Johnson?

ATLANTA -- Though they failed to pull the trigger on an earlier deal for A's reliever Jim Johnson, it appears the the Marlins continue to remain interested in Oakland's struggling former closer, according to sources. One player the A's have discussed with the Marlins as a possible trade return: Marlins minor league pitching prospect Adam Conley.

After posting 50-save seasons each of the previous two years for Baltimore, Johnson (see stats here) hasn't come close to matching his success in Oakland, which landed him in a trade with the Orioles in December but would now like to trade him before the July 31 deadline. Johnson has a 6.25 ERA and only two saves in 37 relief appearances for the A's, eventually losing the closer's role to Sean Doolittle.

Conley, the Marlins' second-round pick in 2011, has struggled this season at Triple A New Orleans. The left-hander has gone 3-5 with a 6.00 ERA in 12 games (11 starts). Conley missed some time earlier this season with elbow tendinitis.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports.com, the Marlins and A's nearly had a deal in place early last month for Johnson. The Marlins would have sent their Competitive Balance pick in the draft (No. 39 overall) to the A's for Johnson, according to Rosenthal, before shifting gears and sending that pick to Pittsburgh for Bryan Morris, instead. The Marlins used the money the saved on that pick to sign Kevin Gregg.

Johnson is making $10 million this season, after which he becomes eligible for free agency.


It's looking less and less likely that Gregg will come off the disabled list after his 15 days are up. Manager Mike Redmond said Tuesday that Gregg has yet to resume throwing.

Gregg was placed on the disabled list retroactive to July 14 with right elbow inflammation. But given the fact he hasn't thrown, it would appear unlikely he'll be ready to return next Tuesday when the Marlins are home facing the Nationals.

-- Derek Dietrich (right wrist strain) and Rafael Furcal (groin) also continue to mend on the DL. Neither has resumed baseball activities, Redmond said.


Freddie Freeman says he has no explanation for it. Either do Marlins pitchers.

Freeman, the Braves' first baseman, went 0 for 5 on Monday and is now 2 for 41 this season against Marlins pitching.

"They're just catching me at the right time I guess," Freeman said. "Sooner or later I'll come out of it, but I guess they're just catching me when I'm terrible."

Said Marlins pitcher Tom Koehler, who started Monday's game for the Marlins: "The league has the same scouting report (on Freeman) as we do. I don't think we're doing anything that other teams aren't trying to do. We know he's going to get hot at some point."


Tonight's lineups:

Marlins: 1. Christian Yelich 7; 2. Donovan Solano 4; 3. Giancarlo Stanton 9; 4. Casey McGehee 5; 5. Marcell Ozuna 8; 6. Jeff Baker 3; 7. Adeiny Hechavarria 6; 8. Jeff Mathis 2; 9. Jacob Turner 1.

Braves: 1. B.J. Upton 8; 2. Tommy La Stella 4; 3. Freddie Freeman 3; 4. Justin Upton 7; 5. Jason Heyward 9; 6. Evan Gattis 2; 7. Chris Johnson 5; 8. Andrelton Simmons 6; 9. Mike Minor 1.


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Lou Vales

Do we EVER target people who are not struggling? Tigers "appear" to be putting together something to get Dunn AND Cishek. This better be good!!! I pull for the team of my youth and the team I followed since its inception. There are equitable pieces to make this a FAIR deal and not another "physical assault"

A Realist

Figures we are going after a former closer who is now just trying to stay on a major league roster. I guess we should get excited? And he is a freee agent after this season so he will not be around long. Laughable. I do not see the logic behind what they are doing. I just don't.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

A Realist, the logic behind what they are doing is that he is another pitcher to be had for the minimum, their pre-requisite.

Joe Thompson

This looks like Cishek maybe is going to be traded and they want to pick up a closer on the cheap, if they can get the A's to pick up most of Johnson's salary.

Lou Vales

The Tigers used 4 pitchers in the 8th to blow another save. They have over 3,000,000 REAL people who attend their baseball games. The weak chinned Dave Dombrowski will be FORCED into rectifying this reliever fiasco.. Dave did have good taste when it came to women and as they say in the South--He Outkicked His Coverage.

Lou Vales

The Tiger Forum is in meltdown mode about the reliever situation and it is 1:30 AM. The 6 people who comment on the Marlins have all gone to bed--with one exception. I believe Stanton is really going to be mad in a couple of days. Oh I FORGOT. Tigers don't need relievers because they have a 6 1/2--5 1/2 game lead in July.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Smoke and mirrors is why they're letting everyone know about their interest in Johnson. They offer a David Samson-like (i.e. useless) Triple A pitcher, but they take Johnson only if Oakland (who is clearly nobody's fool) picks up all or most of the cost. And Oakland is looking for a trade partner who is willing to pay a significant portion of the cost themselves.

In the likely event a trade doesn't get done, they got free publicized (by them!) credit for trying, while their usual rampant cheapness escapes attention and continues on unabated.

Mr. B

For the love of God, please DO NOT TRADE WITH THE TIGERS! Every one of those trades have been totally lopsided in returns (Miller, Maybin, Rabelo, Turner for Miguel, Anibal, and Infante who has been good lately). It's like the Heat vs Spurs in the last Finals, total domination by Detroit.

A Realist

Holy crap! Turner actually pitched well last night. Now lets see him do it with his eyes open.

Hey, Stanton got a meaningful hit last night with RISP. Last, but not least, we at least have a split at Turner field. Weird night.

I think it may snow today here in Davie.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Don't forget to cast your votes, early and often, for the coveted 2014 David Samson Award for the Waste-of-Space of the Year. Salty is still clinging to the lead, but there's plenty of the season left.

For those of you who missed it, the Rules Committee has declared The Walking Mound of Pus known as Loria to be ineligible for this award, since he is of indeterminate non-human genus that more closely resembles a massive virulent toxic bacteria.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Clark, who's your source, Samson? (rolling my eyes)

Lou Vales

This could NOT possibly be a situation of the "source" wanting to remain anonymous because of the "delicate nature of the negotiations", the only thing of a "delicate nature" here is the cerebral cortex of any front office Marlins person who is seriously willing to sign off on this deal.

Lou Vales

I can not even adequately describe how bad Jim Johnson is. The Marlins could probably have him for nothing when the A's cut him in a few weeks. This is like Weak Chin Dombrowski trading Steve Lombardozzi to the Orioles for Alex Gonzalez when everyone in baseball knew Gonzalez was going to be cut by the O's before the season started. This list sounds like a Punch Line on Saturday Night Live----Furcal, Penny, Gregg, Tejada and now Johnson. Is Junior Felix not available??

Lawrence Wiener

So everyone on this blog seems to get it. We give away our assets in return for the reduction in payroll. When will MLB step in and say enough is enough? Oh, right. Why should they do anything when they(the other teams) don't have to worry about competition. Luria and the kid get to pocket more money, gullible fans get to suck it up. For the upteenth year in a row, the Marlins are out of playoff contention by mid August. All's well with the world.


Indeed! If the Marlins really want Johnson, they should wait until he clears waivers and is DFA. He should only be worth a Minors deal the way he is pitching. Caminero is likely a better pitcher at this time!


It is not yet time to give up on Conley! The Marlins could trade him, but should not forsake his future on a worthless trade! Although 40-man roster decisions will soon need to be made, Flynn or Conley could still turn out to be good MLB pitchers.

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