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Redmond on pitching to Stanton in derby: "I'm not nervous."

MINNEAPOLIS -- Marlins skipper Mike Redmond never got to play in All-Star Game, but he's getting a chance to participate in one because he's pitching to Giancarlo Stanton in tonight's Home Run Derby.

"I'm not nervous. I'm excited. As we get closer to it I'll probably get a little nervous. I'm just more nervous and excited for G," Redmond said. "I want him to go out there and do well. If anything I want to be a part of it and help him out. It's fun. This is an amazing spectacle."

Stanton said he considered picking his father to pitch to him in the derby, but said he hadn't done so in about a dozen years. So he went with Redmond because of familiarity.

"I know what he wants but at the same time, too, it's him being patient and getting his pitch to hit," Redmond said "There's a lot that goes into it. He'll be fine. It'll be fun. At the end of the day it's about enjoying it and having fun. He shouldn't feel pressure and just go out there and do the best you can."

Monday's derby is an opportunity for fans across the country who only get snippet of Stanton highlights on SportsCenter to get a good luck at the 24-year old slugger. He's certainly never played on a stage this big.

"We're so lucky to get a chance to see him play and the things he's able to do," Redmond said. "It would be tremendous for him to do it on the big stage. That's what it's all about."

Redmond had plans to head home to Seattle, but talked his wife and kids into meeting him in Minneapolis. "We're going to enjoy the day as a family," he said ."Got my kids on the field, so they get to meet all the guys. They're having a blast. I haven't even seen them that much they've been all over the place."

Redmond said he'll be taking a red-eye flight back to Miami from Seattle on Friday so he can spend the rest of the All-Star break with his family.

"I get a little bit of both worlds," he said. "I get to watch my kids little league games and throw some BP in the Home Run Derby. This is what it's all about."


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Stan M

As I see it:
ESPN has taken what had been a fun spectacle and turned it into a festival of unwatchable commercials. As an old guy, I get a kick out of how the powers to be are so focused on the, what is it exactly, something like the 25 to 55 year olds. What they don't realize, in my opinion, is that this group has all the electronic equipment and know how to record events and occlude or overrun the commercials.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

THIS is a real home run derby!


Jeff L.

Advertising in baseball is disgusting and has little to no effect. I mean, they used to have advertising on outfield walls and some people even purchase said advertisments from yester year for decor. How gross to have a Nap Lajoie tin on a wall!

Lou Vales

I can't recall the last commercial I saw.

Stan M

I did switch to watch Stanton and he didn't embarrass himself, that's for sure.
Jeff, that comment hurt. I have a tin of Lajoie, and two of Babe Ruth recommending chewing tobacco. In the center is a signed bat by Bobby Thomson. So you think I should remove them? No way. Those items are historical ad bear no relevance to being told that the first pitch is brought to you by so in so, or that some obscure moving company is the official sponsor of this ball game along with 14 others, all of whom are presented in such a staccato fashion that all lose relevancy. Their sheer volume, and just about 1/3 of all TV is now commercials, is creating, or has already created, an audience that has lost the ability to concentrate and/or simply listen. Not to mention creating unnecessary or unapproachable wants among the less fortunate. It is frightening and baseball games personify this trend to its fullest degree. I now step down from my soap box...sorry for the rant.

Stan M

Watched Stanton's second time up as well. He swung as if it were a game and there were runners on first and third. We saw both the good and the bad.

Stan M

Where are you Flav to explain the following. I just read an article by Michael Jong that discusses McGehee's future. According to Jong, because he is not yet in free agent status, the Marlins have control of him for another year, although he is eligible for arbitration and should pull down 4-5 million for 2015. That, if true, is great news in my opinion. I have also read that the Marlins are trying to trade for a fifth starter. That's nice, but it assumes that Hand is our 4th starter and that's not so nice. Prospect Moran is hitting very well and should end up in AA ball soon, but he's probably not going to be ready until 2016, so keeping McGehee is a no brainer. Let's hope Jong is right.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, I was surprised by reading that and I went to Baseball Reference, which confirms that it is true.

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