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Stanton an angry All-Star after McGehee snub

ST. LOUIS --Giancarlo Stanton is not only going to his first All-Star Game and taking part in the Home Run Derby, but was informed by Cardinals manager Mike Matheny that he'll be in the starting lineup as the National League designated hitter.

Despite all that, Stanton was not a happy man Sunday.

The reason? He's the only Marlin picked for the N.L. team. Neither Casey McGehee nor Henderson Alvarez, two players some felt were deserving of an All-Star spot, were picked by either the fans, players or Matheny to be on the team.

"I'm pretty mad," Stanton said. "It still doesn't make any sense. I know people get gypped every year from it. But this is my first case of being together and seeing the dominance that (McGehee) has been."

Fans voted the Brewers' Aramis Ramirez to be the N.L.'s starting third baseman while the Reds' Todd Frazier was picked by the players as the reserve third baseman.

But what is likely to irk Marlins fans is that Matheny used one of the picks available to him on Cardinals third baseman Matt Carpenter, who has not had as strong of a season statistically as McGehee has had. Matheny sought out McGehee during pre-game batting practice Sunday and explained his decision.

"He just said it was a tough decision and he had to go in a different direction with it," McGehee said of his conversation with Matheny. "I'm sure it's a lot harder decision to make when you're the one that actually has to put your name on it. So I can respect that. And I did truly appreciate him coming over. I could tell he was genuine in what he was saying. That meant a lot to me."

There is still an outside shot McGehee makes the team. He is one of five players on the "Final Vote" ballot. Whoever receives the most votes by fans in the online voting at MLB.com will win the 34th -- and last roster spot. But given how poorly the Marlins' third baseman fared in the general voting for the All-Star Game (he finished fifth in the voting for third basemen) it's hard to envision him coming out on top for the final spot.

"He shouldn't have to hope for the last spot," Stanton said. "It's not something he needs to promote himself to get there now. It's something that shouldn't be an unfair situation. If you perform the best, you should be there."

McGehee, who had a pair of singles and walked twice on Sunday, leads the league in hits and hitting with runners in scoring position. He also leads N.L. third basemen in RBI and batting average. But he's also hit just one home run, and his WAR (wins above replacement) ranks fifth among N.L third basemen.

Not even Stanton, who has had arguably one of the top first halves of any player in the majors, received enough support in the fan voting to receive the start as one of the N.L.'s three outfielders. He finished fourth in the voting.

But Stanton said Matheny told him he would be in the lineup as the DH.

"Starting is starting," Stanton said.

Mike Redmond was never an All-Star as a player. But thanks to Stanton, he’ll get a taste of the All-Star experience next week in Minneapolis. Stanton chose Redmond to pitch to him in the Home Run Derby.

Redmond normally throws batting practice to Stanton.

"I was honored when he came and asked me," Redmond said. "Of course I want to be there."
Redmond, a catcher throughout his major league career, laughed when it was mentioned he would be going to his first All-Star game as a pitcher.

"I know when I retired, I didn't think I ever had a vision of throwing batting practice to someone in the Home Run Derby," he said. "I'm going to enjoy the experience as much as anybody else. I'm going to have my kids and wife there."

Stanton said he chose Redmond because of his familiarity with him.

“I didn’t want it to be someone I know is good but I haven’t hit off them in 3 1/2 months. I don’t like that," Stanton said.

Stanton said he also considered having his father pitch to him.

“I thought about that, too,” he said. “But I haven’t hit off him forever, and I don’t know if he would be nervous doing that.”

The last time Stanton competed in a Home Run Derby was as a minor-leaguer in 2008, and he lost to a prospect named Michael Burgess. While Stanton blossomed into one of the top sluggers in the majors, Burgess remains at the Single A level in the Orioles’ organization.


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Lou Vales

If you watch the Matlins you know there is 1???????? player you want at bat in a clutch situation.

A Realist

McGehee definitely deserved a spot. Unfortunately, he has to put together more than one year if he plays for the Marlins.

who's on first

i wrote here the other day and I'll repeat it. Maybe it will make more sense now after this series against the Cards: the marlins should trade for Matt Adams (1b). This kid would fill the whole in the lineup that we have right now with so many strike-out prone hitters (jones, saltalamacchia, ozuna). He would be under team control until 2016. The Cards are desperately looking for a closer like Cishek. Just do it. A.J. Ramos can easily replace Cishek as the new closer.

Cleveland Spider

I just voted for McGehee. I looked at the stats for the other 4 guys and it is going to be tough for McGehee. The sad thing is that they don't even put McGehee's best stats on his profile. He is first in hits, leads all 3rd basemen in RBIs, average, hits, and fielding percentage. However, that is not what is showing when you are comparing stats and deciding who to vote for.

McGehee is deserving of your vote, so go out there and vote for him Marlins fans.

Stan M

I have a lot of difficulty agreeing with, or even understanding, many of the new advanced metrics. Here is a superb example that all who follow the Marlins can easily see is completely unrealistic. Stanton has a WAR (wins above a replacement player) of 4.9. Fine and dandy. But McGehee's WAR is 1.3! An argument could be made(admittedly it might be a weak one) that McGehee's War should be higher than Stanton's. Surely it isn't about 4 times lower.

Stan M

I'm going to go against the opinion of several of my fellow posters regarding McGehee. I think the Marlins have to resign him. Yes, he will be more expensive, but not unrealistically so. The length of the contract could be the stumbling point. Time will tell.

These next two away series could be critical when considering the Marlin's future plans and trading options. If they can take 2 out of three in each city, they would enter the All Star break as a .500 club. That sounds within reach. Then trading for a significant starting pitcher before the team must use an undistinguished 5th starter becomes a necessity. Right now, a pitcher of Ian Kennedy's stature should be both available and realistically affordable as far as trading chips are concerned. In 22 starts by the Turner, Slowey crowd, each one has an ERA over 5.00 That is unacceptable and cannot lead to any Wild Card consideration. And I really don't think Nicolino is the answer as of right now. What is really frightening is that even with an acquisition, Hand is still one of the team's 5 starters, and he's number 4 if no trade is made...ouch!


Neither Flynn nor Conley seem to be any more ready than Heaney, who should not have been called up before September. As usual, the Marlins do not have the pitching depth they claimed this spring, so don't be shocked if Turner winds up back in the rotation before the end of July.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I see a different side to McGehee's success this season. Only one season like his, out of a field of, how many has it been in the last 2 seasons, 12 to 15 (?) has-beens and never-was's who are signed in order to keep The Fat Gargoyle Pig's payroll to a minimum? That one success story is all he needs to continue justifying his cheapness. Watch for his lap dogs to invoke McGehee's name for the next couple of seasons whenever they sign somebody that no other team will give anything but a minor league contract / ST tryout.

Fwiw, I doubt the Fat Gargoyle Pig will give Mcgehee the money he deserves in order to be resigned. I also think that Jones will be gone (@ $5M) next season, as well as Cishek and Salty.

In the meantime, finishing with a .500 season (after last season's 100 losses) in my book would be a great season for the team, and a huge success in spite of having the worst owner in all of American sports today. Their evident success has some of us pining for more wins, which is never a bad thing. But if we keep within our perspective the 2013 season plus playing with the the huge handicap of a putrid owner and his impotent lackey management team, this season can and should be viewed as a great accomplishment. Personally, I'm rooting for an improvement of an even 20 games, translating to a total of 82 wins.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

It's been said that when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade. In that same spirit, think that if we're going to be saddled with having the worst owner in sports, along with his powerless lap-dog management team, we might as well make the most of it. The question then becomes how?

I figure that if baseball has the MVP Award for the best (most valuable) player of the year, the Cy Young Award for the best pitcher of the year, the Silver Slugger Award for the best hitter at each position, the Gold Glove, the ROY Award, the Manager of the Year Award, etc. etc., then we should have our own award, one that best exemplifies the unique plight of Marlins fans all over.

And since we Marlins fans are forced to make do with the most miserable owner in captivity, I hereby propose that we create our own exclusive award that symbolizes the spirit of this owner... and name it the David Samson Award, to be presented annually to whichever member of the Marlins organization, on the field or off it, who proves to be the biggest waste-of-space for the entire season (as a guide for voters, the Urban Dictionary synonyms for "waste of space" are useless, worthless, loser, pathetic, oxygen thief, pointless, d-bag, lazy, and a host of others but you get the idea). Anybody in Fish Bytes is eligible to nominate someone as a waste of space (and as long as the Fat Gargoyle Pig is around, we WILL have people who deserve nominations).

So... to kick off the nominations for the First Annual David Samson Award, I nominate (cue drumroll).......

Rafael Furcal!!!!! (cue fake applause track)

Now open for any additional nominations...

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And in case any of you wise guys out there get any ideas, I've already applied for the copyright!


Posters here keep mentioning the Marlins making a run for a wild card spot, which is unrealistic. I think Clark and others have made a good case that it will be easier for the Fish to win the division title than to make it for the wild card. Check the record of teams in other divisions and you will see that the Marlins have only two chances, as they say, of earning a wild card spot, slim and none.


And I think it will take a lot more than Steve Cishek to pry Adams away from the Cards. Plus, the Fish have an abundance of first basemen and a shortage of real closers.

Stan M

This might be a lovable team for no other reason than to succeed, it has to overcome so much. We have the second worst ownership in living memory, a manager who serves proof that he is either over his head or a Loria yes man every day, and a front office that won't/can't stand up and countermand the owners parsimonious and legendarily bad decisions.

I say second worse because I witnessed the Met debacle after Mrs. Payson died and her heirs were in control with M. Donald Grant as the visible culprit. They claimed poverty, yet they could have bought and sold their successful crosstown rival for they had Dupont money behind them.

DT, I wouldn't be at all unhappy if both Jones and Salty disappeare and as soon as possible. Nor would I care if they brought nothing in return. I understand your choice for the Samson award, but must respectfully differ. Furcal's obvious futility is the fault of injuries rather than simple incompetence. Rather I would be tempted to choose either Mamoal(sic) or Gregg, but, assuming Gregg will be gone very soon, neither was around long enough to cause year long damage. I would nominate Salty for he has hurt and will continue to hurt for the entire year. The man can't throw, can't make simple contact when doing so would drive in a run (and refuses to make any sort of adjustments), has so many passed balls that one would wonder if his glove is too small, and last but unnoticed, scouts say he frames pitches poorly.

Stan M

Larry, you are right about the Wild Card. Regarding Adams, there is no possible reason for the Cardinals to want to move him under any circumstances. He is relatively new to the major leagues and still inexpensive. It might even be questionable as to whether they would trade him for Stanton even up. So you are right again about needing more, much more, to pry him away. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing a different body manning first base for us. Jones s close to being a Salty clone, Bour has much too busy a bat to ever be successful at the ML level, and unless Yelich is moved there next year, we have a major hole to fill both offensively and defensively.

Lou Vales

Saltalamacchia for EVERYTHING he has done and Gregg because I still have not got over those scary PSA's he did a few years ago to combat tobacco use. I have young nephews and nieces who still have bad moments from looking at Gregg's countenance as he delivered those strained messages. Scary Movie Part 3.


Stan M...I don't understand why Marlins fans seem so shocked and disappointed with the performance of Jones and Salty. They are both performing this year as they have their entire careers. Salty is a career .240 hitter (approximately) and has had defensive and throwing problems his entire life. At one point two or three years ago, he was sent down because he suffered from some kind of emotional problem that made it almost impossible for him even to throw back to the mound without bouncing it in the dirt or sailing it over the pitcher's head. And Jones is performing at the level he has always performed at.
Fish fans were so excited to get Jones and Saltalamacchia but never bothered to really check into what kind of players they were getting. There is no reason to be disappointed or shocked by the play of either guy. The front office knew what they were getting, but they were the best Loria was willing to shell out for, so we settled. But neither guy came in full of promise and suddenly fell on his face. What you see is what you get, and what you will always get from these guys.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, good input (as we've come to expect from you) for the First Annual David Samson Award for the Waste-of-Space of the Year.

In "defense" of Furcal as a waste of space, it's only fair to note that his has been a year-long "contribution," beginning in late spring training, extending to his minimal appearances at leadoff (.171), capped by his rapid return to his species' familiar habitat, the DL. (Furcal's species being from the animal family "deniqus sisterus" [Latin for short and stop] and his genus is "canus recusatus officiumus" [Latin for "dog who shirks duty"]).

While Gregg and Marmol have their own genuine qualifications as Wastes of Space, theirs were (or will be) relatively brief contributions, while Furcal's efforts have been season-long. In fact, I thought for a moment that they had Furcal's picture next to the dictionary definition for Waste of Space, but it turned out that it was only a bug that had smashed against my screen when I closed my laptop.

In regard to Salty as a Waste of Space candidate, his defensive shortcomings, while extensive and glaring, have been made much more conspicuous by the Marlins' significant improvement. Meaning that if they'd played more like in '13, Salty's errors wouldn't have mattered as much, and in fact, he might have fit right in. Also, remember that Salty DOES have his moments at the plate.

However, I will concede that there's still plenty of time for Salty as well as others to improve their chances in the running for the now-coveted David Samson Award for the Waste of Space of the Year. Nominations remain open...

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Btw, Stan, M. Donald Grant was not THE owner of the Mets, although he owned a minority share. After Joan Payson passed, majority ownership went to her daughter Lorinda De Roulet who, unfortunately for all Mets fans, delegated almost all management duties to Grant, who was a miserable miser who was intensely disliked by all except his staunchest defender in print, the infamous NY sports columnist Dick Young, whose son-in-law just happened to be in Grant's employ. Ahhhh... how I enjoy observing and exposing the machinations of the misanthropists!!!


DT...Hate to differ with you, but it's hard to waste space when you're never around. Furcal hasn't even wasted space on the bench.
I think the first winner of your award should be the man for whom it is named, with a first runnerup nod to Jacob Turner.
Some might also make a case for Mike Redmond, but I have a little more respect for the job he's doing than some of you do. By the way, I think deniqus sisterus is Latin for the denigration of sisters. The bastard!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

hayu, never "hate to differ" ... can you imagine how boing a world without variety and diversity would be?

I thought for a moment of awarding the First Annual David Samson Award for Waste of Space of the Year to David Samson himself... after all, who's more deserving than the man who personifies and inspires the award. But then I figured that it wouldn't be fair to Cy Young, who never had the chance to win his own award. And also, since Samson likes to brag, evidenced by his having laid claim to the world on TV's Survivor show that he helped bilk the Miami community out of hundreds of millions of dollars during a rough economy, I don't want to b the cause for him being able to brag about how he accomplished something that Cy Young never did.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Typo, boing s/b boring

Dionysus Thelxinoe

unless you're from Mississippi, in which case, please disregard.

Stan M

hayu, there is a huge difference between being shocked and disappointed. In my defense, I am not at all shocked at Jones' play. I roundly criticized has signing at that time. With Salty, I felt he had to be better than what we had. But disappointed? You bet. Jones' will never live up to Morrison, whom I favored keeping. And Salty can now be compared to Buck in throwing, similar power, similar BA, but a much poorer receiver.

DT, I said Grant was a culprit, not an owner. When I had a year to kill before becoming a vital link for the defense of democracy, I worked as caddy master and assistant to the golf pro at Sands Point C.C on L.I. Grant was a member there (as was Bill Shea...Shea Stadium, Perry Como, Jacqueline Cochran, Tony Marvin, Bill Trunz, and many other very very rich people.) So I had first person contact with him. He was as cheap a bastard there with the caddys as he was with the ballplayers.


DT...I happen to be from Mississippi, but no offense taken. I very much appreciate your wit.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

hayu, no offense meant, believe me. And I had some interesting experiences in my "yoot" at Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS, well before any of the casinos were there. Mine were much more interesting than Ferris Bueller had in "Biloxi Blues."

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan ... Logan Morrison??? Seriously?

Stan M

Yup, think the FO screwed him because of his big mouth. He always played hard, too hard. I have a soft spot in my elderly mind for guys who aren't afraid to get their uniform dirty. Now the Mariner's regular 1st baseman. Batting 4th or 5th regularly. Has been gradually raising his average from the middle hundreds when he first came back to the low-middle 200s as of now. I'd take him back right now and sit Jones. Flav thinks I'm nuts. He's most likely correct.

Did you see where Jim Brosnan died, I believe at age 86. No, that can't be. He must be around 60 or so. Or so says my troubled mind. Getting really old...wow!


Never live up to Morrison? The lummox whose self inflicted ,crashing into walls like the clumsy oaf he is,caused his own knee problems,not to mention delaying his 1st operation to go on an ill advised trip to the Far East. That Lomo the Tool? The same Lomo who smashed his bat against the wall a few weeks ago,only to have it bounce back in his face,resulting in a five stich gash on his ugly mug. An accident waiting to happen with a lifetine .245 BA,who chokes with RISP. You can have that waste of 1st base space.

Marlin Fan

Hayu Congrats on your observation , absolutely right . Everyone must keep in perspective the team the Marlins have. A great improvement over last year's debacle, yet a team that will probably not win more than 74-75 games . Since the season is 162 games , and teams will go through rough stretches , we can't be fooled by a first 40-45 game sampling and start talking about playoffs . I've heard the pitching being bashed, and to a degree rightfully so . I do believe Alavarez and Eovaldi are right now legit number 3 starters . Khoeler is probably a 4 or 5. It makes it difficult with basically a three man rotation . It's disappointing to see Deslcfani and more so Heaney show they are not ready . As far as not ready , I am hoping one day Marisnick proves he can hit at the mL level. Dietrich needs to learn how to field . I personally wouldn't want to sacrifice leading the majors in errors for your position , for a . 240 avg and 15-20 hrs . ... I also wouldn't panic and start trading away Chisek ( as some suggest) for a half rate starter that you won't resign long term . anyway . I would definately keep in my opinion , one of the best young outfields in the majors in place .

Lou Vales

DT, MRVER apologize for Mississippi. I have continually heard people in the Southeast say "Thank God for Mississippi", it appears Mississippi's permanent place in the "Top 5" in such areas as obesity, spousal abuse, drunk driving deaths,and teen pregnancy AND Mississippi's place in the "Bottom 5" in such areas as per capita income, literacy and education provide a measure of solace for other states. Some denizens of Mississippi rail about "Welfare Queens" while not realizing "Ole Misstep" is a Welfare Ward. For every tax dollar sent to the Federal Government the "sovereign state"--per John Stennis---of Mississippi gets TWO dollars back. Would love for Mississippi, Louisiana and a couple of other Southern bastions to REALLY secede and quit talking about it. Faulkner was great!!!

Lou Vales

Sorry about the "MRVER" instead of "Never", I promise, I did not attend Mississippi State.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, as you might have observed above, I spent some time in Mississippi. Personally, I tend to gauge a region or a country that I visit almost solely by their people. And I have nothing but remarkably pleasant memories during that special time in my life.

Lou Vales

You were probably nowhere near Oxford on Election Night in November,2012. It appears the students at Ole Miss were determined to recreate those "good" old day of the early 60's. I had been thinking there was always hope in the young people of these states to understand the concept of racial harmony. The events of that night and similar occurences make me wonder if the Magnolia State will ever step into the 21st Century.Of course I guess a good first step would be entrance into the 20th Century.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, that's kinda harsh, but no, actually I haven't been in the great state of Mississippi since the bygone days of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, right around the time Roberto Clemente turned into a one-man gang in the World Series against Earl Weaver's Orioles to win World Series MVP, the year before his tragic death.

As for November 2012, I would suggest that it may be poor form for us to draw sweeping conclusions about 3,000,000 people based on the actions of a small number of misguided and unhappy souls whose mommy did not hug them enough in childhood. The fact of the matter is that you do not need to go all the way down to the deep south to find racism in the U.S. Racism (and fear) is not a function of territory but the state of an ailing heart. And besides, I can easily provide you with the names of quite a few wretched human beings with whom I share a geographical or cultural origin, but I would never consider them to be a reflection on me. Sooooo...

Stan M

Lou, someone wrote some intellectually conceited and shortsighted claptrap about Mississippi and put your name to it. I know it couldn't have been you. I know you, and you would never talk about fellow Americans within our great and varied democracy in that manner. Let's all hope that we never see the like of that again.

Lou Vales

Stan, That was me. I garnered all the tidbits from people who live in the Southeast and have informed me of all this "data" I call it data because I checked and it can easily be culled from many sources. Data would seem to verify the Magnolia State should play up being "The Birthplace of the Blues", some GREAT writers and besides that-----.Well, won't recapitulate all those Top 5 numbers---could actually add more, and I won't even add some more Bottom 5 numbers. The most important point,for a state that believes so heartily in the voting acumen of its populace, they sure do struggle in many areas. I have never uttered the conceited sentiment "Thank God for Mississippi", as I said I have heard it said many times. Last time was when the latest obesity rates came out. I would guarantee that not a single person who would find fault with the characterization of Mississippi, as proffered by so many Southerners, would actually choose to reside in Mississippi. The argument is not with me but lies with people in the Southeast, who for selfish reasons, are thankful Mississippi remains part of the United States.

Stan M

DT, I wonder if chubby took out insurance on Furcal and when he is hurt, it costs him nothing. Just read and article on ESPN that said that neither Stanton NOR McGehee is available for trade. Are you tabulating the votes for the Samson award? I'm thinking that if Furcal is insured, his salary is being negated and this lessens his qualifications as an award recipient.

Stan M

Lou, I'm a political junkie. I lean somewhere between a don't tread on me libertarian and a hawkish conservative. I could spend hours throwing my opinions around on this blog. But this spot is for baseball.It's enough that some of us differ on the subject of the Marlins. That's usually done in a respectful manner. Let's keep it that way.

Stan M

Lou, regardless of the author and his opinions, this is a baseball blog. Let's keep it that way.

Stan M

They pulled my first post just above, that's why I wrote the second. shorter one. Now it's back.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, if he was able to procure insurance on Furcal, the coverage is not free so it would have cost Tubby something, although he would be benefiting with significant savings. That said, I would be very very surprised if an insurer would have signed off on a player his age, after an entire year plus out of baseball.

I would also be very surprised if Stanton or McGehee were available for a trade. Stanton is Stanton and McGehee right now is without a doubt the most underpaid player in the big leagues with 6 or more years of service, which makes him the Fat Gargoyle Pig's favorite type of player.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And, yes, I am keeping tabs on the voting for the coveted First Annual David Samson Award for the Waste of Space for 2014. To my surprise, it appears that Salty has jumped out to an early lead.

I'm still waiting for Clark's vote (and no, Clark, you can't nominate me since I don't work for the Marlins).

Lou Vales

Stan, I never mentioned politics unless you describe life as politics. I described the state of Mississippi as described to me--and verified by me--as a pretty bad place to reside. I will not include the life expectancy in Mississippi as I'm sure you can conclude it is none too good. There is not one of those rankings of Mississippi that is not true. Mississippi can't have those types of rankings without being pretty rank. It is a state obdurate in its actions and its perceptions and for those reasons it continues to be characterized as not a viable place to live. I doubt even Elvis was too fond of it. Have you EVER heard of someone moving to Mississippi? From being a voracious reader I have learned that Parchman Prison does appear pretty effective in maintaining discipline but besides that I am still looking for any positive commentary. I mentioned the brilliant African-Americans who brought us the Blues, I mentioned the great writers--see how they describe Mississippi--and mentioned Elvis. Name something else or somebody who has come out of the Magnolia State. In the 60's a person I knew was President of the Student Body at one of the 3 largest school in that state. He was called into the President's Office where he surprisingly found the Governor, Ross Barnett, who asked him point blank---"Son, what are we going to do about these "insert the word you know was used", I present Mississippi.

Stan M

And exactly why does this belong on a baseball blog, Lou? That is my point.

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