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Tyler Kolek loses, Blake Anderson hitless, and more on the Marlins' top draft picks

ST. LOUIS -- It's far too soon to be drawing any conclusions on the Marlins' draft picks. But their two top selections -- pitcher Tyler Kolek and catcher Blake Anderson -- have stumbled out of the starting gate in the Gulf Coast League.

Kolek, the second overall pick in the June amateur draft, made his second start for the Gulf Coast League Marlins Saturday and took the loss, allowing a pair of runs over two innings. Without knowing whether the Marlins are having the gas-throwing Texas work on his other pitches, it's still surprising that Kolek -- he of the 102-mile-per-hour heater -- has struck out only two batters in four innings of work so far.

Anderson, meanwhile, is hitless in 21 at bats. The Marlins surprised draft experts when they used their competitive balance pick (36th overall) on Anderson, who wasn't on Baseball America's Top 200 list of draft prospects. But the word on Anderson when they took him was that his defense was ahead of his bat.

Not all of the Marlins' top selections are struggling. Shortstop Justin Twine, the Marlins' second-rounder, has gone 12-for-35 (.343) in the GCL, and second baseman Brian Anderson, their third-rounder, is hitting .316 (12 for 38 with a pair of homers) for Batavia.



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Lou Vales

This isn't like high school football recruiting where if you are recruited by elite teams you will garner more "stars" IF the guy they selected 36th was really not ranked in the Top 200 by people, who usually know their stuff,that would be tantamount to--well, not really anything I can think of.

Stan M

It really pains me to say this, but as of right now, there is little or no hope that ant minor leaguer can help the parent club. This Bour guy has nice minor league stats, but I don't believe that any player with that "busy" a bat can succeed at the ML level. If that's not a hitch, I don't know what is. We have some nice prospects down in low A ball, but I see almost nothing, other than Nicolino, that can come up and produce. Canha has some impressive stats, but he's no kid and has been around without ever being called up. A fellow poster used him as a reference for a 2B replacement. The guy is listed as an OF, can he, and has he ever, played the infield?

Who's on first

Canha played 2b inBerkeley, and the bulk of his minor league career is as an infield player.
Seek and you shall find.

Stan M

One thing this organization is noted for is scouting other team's players. Well, who in hell scouted Salty? The guy can't throw, good pitchers eat him up, and the past balls are beyond belief. Remember when this team gave up on Baker because of past balls and signed Buck? I honestly have questions about whether Salty is any better than Buck. Buck couldn't throw or hit either, but he was an adequate receiver. One wonders what went through Eovaldi's mind after that 0-2 pitch in the dirt. He didn't try to throw any more down there and it probably cost him. I can't get mad at McGehee for ending the game with the DP. But Lucas' strike out was awful, and Stanton, our teams supposed savior, taking two pitches with favorable counts made no sense. I don't even want to talk about Solano. In our pre-season predictions, I picked the team for 4th. It's looking more and more like I could be right. Damnit!

Stan M

I realize that Flav strongly disagrees with me, but I still think that our best outfield is Stanton in left, Yelich in Center, and Ozuna in right. With that alignment, we win this game. Better yet is the same corners with Marisnick in center and Yelich at first base. This FO must admit that Salty and Jones are what used to be called 2nd division ballplayers and that this team must bite the bullet and either move both of them or reduce them to reserves. It might hurt a little in the short run, but is the only solution in the long run.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Oakland A's acquire Samardzija, 2.83 ERA, AND Jason Hammel, 8-5 and 2.98 ERA, for prospects.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Billy Beane, perhaps the best baseball mind in the game today, recognizes the value of winning now in trading off some of his blue chip prospects in exchange for strongly positioning himself for the second half and post season. He not only added two quality, experienced starters, he also effectively headed off their ending up with his divisional and league competitors. Brilliant, brilliant move!

And he also best exemplifies the point I've made here about the need to use all three avenues for building a team: draft, trades, and free-agent (or pending F.A.) spending, with the final one used to "complete" the puzzle, that is, adding any final missing pieces. IMO, it is impossible to build a genuine contender exclusively through the first step, as this pig owner purports to do. And he is absolutely incapable of making any shrewd trades, knowing only how to trade off salary in exchange for minimum wage prospects, and then having one of his lap dogs sell it to us as a smart move.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Correction/clarification to my previous post... Imo, it is impossible to build a genuine contender using solely ANY of the three avenues for acquiring players.

A Realist

Not too concerned about any of these guys. It's way too early in their professional careers to judge them. I'm more concerned about what Colin Moran is doing. If the Marlins don't resign McGehee next year, Moran may be at the hot corner. And then guess what. We all have to go through another rebuilding session and "be patient." Classic lines from the front office.

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