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Marcell Ozuna moves to cleanup spot

ANAHEIM -- After watching his lineup come up short in Denver more often than he would have liked, manager Mike Redmond decided it was time to shake things up -- moving Marcell Ozuna into the cleanup position and dropping Casey McGehee into the fifth spot -- as the Marlins prepared to open a three-game series against the Angels.

"He's driving in runs and getting big hits," Redmond said of Ozuna, "and it seems like a perfect time to get our hottest hitter behind 'G' (Giancarlo Stanton). We've had a tough time driving in those runs, and we need to drive those runs in to win ballgames."

After enjoying a huge first half when he led the majors in hitting with runners in scoring position, McGehee has been unable to match that success the second half. He's drive in only two runs since July 27. Ozuna, on the other hand, has been on a tear, hitting .478 (11 for 23 with three homers) over the past seven games.

"When you've got a guy swinging the bat like 'O,' you try to get him in situations where he can drive in the most amount of runs," Redmond said. "Maybe that'll help 'G' get a few more pitches to hit."

Redmond said the lineup shuffling might also help get McGehee back on track, too.

"Sometimes just moving a spot makes a difference, gets him going, and gets him back on track," Redmond said.

While Ozuna hasn't hit cleanup this season, he spent a fair amount of time in the fourth spot as a rookie last season. He hit .255 (42 for 165), but had a low OPS of .637 and did not homer when hitting in the fourth spot.


 With another off day looming on Thursday, Redmond said he'll only use his top four starters until he has to turn to a fifth -- either Brad Hand or Brad Penny -- on Tuesday of next week.


 Jeff Baker had a solid series at the plate in Denver. But it was another story entirely whenever he was required to put his body in motion.

Baker came out of two of his starts due to sinus issues that he believes were made even worse by the altitude. Baker, who went 4 for 10 with three doubles in the Rockies series, was taken out of Friday's and Sunday's games when the sinus pressure became unbearable.

"Anytime there is exertion, the heart rate goes up from running around and the pressure builds up," Baker said. "The pressure around my right eye was so bad (Sunday) that I couldn't see. It's scary. It gets bad."

After he doubled and scored in Sunday's seventh inning, Baker was replaced at second by Donovan Solano in the Rockies' seventh.

"Hopefully in Anaheim it'll be good," said Baker, who was in Monday's starting lineup.


Tonight's lineups:

Marlins: 1. Christian Yelich 7; 2. Jeff Baker 3; 3. Giancarlo Stanton 9; 4. Marcell Ozuna 8; 5. Casey McGehee 5; 6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2; 7. Adeiny Hechavarria 6; 8. Donovan Solano 4; 9. Reed Johnson DH. Pitching: Jarred Cosart.

Angels: 1. Kole Calhoun 9; 2. Mike Trout 8; 3. Albert Pujols 3; 4. Josh Hamilton dh; 5. Howie Kendrick 4; 6. David Freese 5; 7. Erick Aybar 6; 8. Chris Iannetta 2; 9. Collin Cowgill 7. Pitching: Wade LeBlanc.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

G? O? So I'm curious... who's J? Is it Cosart, Salty, Garrett Jones, Baker, Mathis, Valdespin, Reed Johnson, or Dan Jennings?

Flav C.

What about Hech? Is he "H" ?

A Realist

So as soon as I say they are playing better they stink it up. The Rockies don't have Car-Go or Tulo an we still got thrashed. Good luck in L.A. tonight you pansies.

I told you guy the Marlins would go 5-4 during that stretch of games against other pathetic teams. Rich and Tommy said they left 49 people on base during the last 4 games. That's just ridiculous. It amounts to this team being able to hit with no pressure, but not being able to hit a preschool pitcher when guys are on base. It makes perfect sense. How many times do these guys crush homeruns and run the score up in games where the game is out of hand already? Just the other night Ozuna crushed a grand salami when it was already 9-4. Wish we could've had that homerun the next night when we lost by 1 run in extras. They are mental midgets. They shy away from the bright lights in big games and big situations. We can say they are young and I can't argue that. Yelich, Ozuna, and Hech are young players. I will say that next year none of these guys can be considered young anymore. They've all had extensive experience and need to produce. Jones and Salty have no excuses. They suck. These coaches need to stop being their friend and be in their face if they don't do what they need to. I hate seeing them over there chuckling and having a grand ol' time when the team is garbage and not producing....

A Realist

I agree with Diane on the other post. She stated that there is no expectation to be better than mediocre. Redmond seems content because he knows they aren't going to lose another 100 games this season. This equals success in his eyes. This is the epicenter of everything that is bad with this team and franchise. Mediocre is not good enough. We need to stop being accepting of this. It is a recipe for disaster and continued mediocrity, or even worse, pathetic-ness.

Flav C.

A Realist,

If you had attended a single game close to the dugout or a couple of hours prior to game start, or a Spring Training game and had seen how hard Redmond and the coaches work with these players, and the amount of time they spend with minutia and motivating them, then and only then you would have any clout to say "Redmond seems content".

Judging by your comments, It is very clear you haven't been any close to a ballpark lately, other than watching the TV and listening to idiotic rants by TV announcers.

Stan M

What has our FO wrought? Cosart has been everything the team expected and then some. I really don't think giving up Moran was much to lament about, but I still wish they had kept Marisnick. Granted his performance will earn me a fine dinner at Lou's expense, but I still wish he was in this team's future. He took an o-for last night so his BA has dropped into the .280s. He is playing semi regularly for the Astros.

Then there's that first baseman on the surprising Seattle team. Name is Morrison. He's the fellow that one of our posters explained with several medical doctor opinions would probably be on crutches by now. He isn't setting the world on fire because his first 2 months were pretty bad. But he has raised his BA somewhere about 100 points since then and just passed Jones in BA. Not much of an accomplishment, but still wish we had kept him. Only time will tell.


Cosart has really pitched well. I couldn’t believe all the moaning I heard when we got him. Like “how could we get rid of Colin Moran?” and we only got him because “he would be under team control for a few years”. I watched him pitch against us this year and we beat him, but I saw he had a live arm and a good fastball. I liked the trade then and I like it even more now. He has been better than Eovaldi, who I can’t figure out at all. He had two starts where he was throwing great, hitting 99 and 100 on the radar gun, and even throwing a change up, or real slow curve at 79-80 mph. Then his last two starts he is back to throwing 95-96 tops, along with his slider, and no change up. Puzzling. As for bringing up Heaney, I don’t know. He didn’t impress me. Velocity tops out at 91 mph; heck, Brad Hand has better stuff, IMO!

Anyway, you are a very entertaining bunch! I like reading what Flav C says and Dionysius whatever is an enjoyable read. Lou can be funny. Flaggstaff should post more. Al Kendall seems to know his stuff. Our “realist” should change his name to “pessimist”; always telling us what’s wrong with this team. And then there’s the gentleman Stan who said he would trade Stanton for the Mets’ catcher and two of their prospects; that was the funniest thing I read in a long time! Since that will never happen, (Thank God!) I have a suggestion: just become a Mets fan! Just kidding. Seriously, we are very lucky, us Marlins fans. We have been privileged to watch a star being born the past four years. He came here very raw, basically a football player, but his talent was clearly evident if you know the game. He just needed some time to learn the nuances of the game and he also needed to be healthy. He should get the MVP award this year, and he is still improving. He is nowhere near his peak yet at 24 years old! Anyone who wants him traded is no fan of this team. Stanton is probably the most feared hitter in the game right now; at least in the top two or three with Miguel Cabrera. Remember him? Another Marlin we should have never traded. Let’s pray this team doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Stan M

Diane, you left out Murphy in that Stanton trade and the Mets have 2 outstanding pitching prospects who could be turned over if need be. Please understand that it was based on the premise that he was a goner. Now with the idea presented by another here that a back loaded policy just might work, I would be much more hesitant to trade him. At the time of that proposal, we needed a 2nd baseman and Salty was an albatross who could then be moved. At that time both the Cardinals and Orioles desperately needed a catcher. With that trade, we would have lost offense in RF, gained offense at 2B and catcher, and improved defense at catcher, and CF and RF with Marisnick in CF and Ozuna in RF where he really belongs. We also would have had 2 more outstanding pitching prospects, at least on a par with Heaney, and would be in a position to make a further trade using minor leaguers then or in the future. It wasn't as crazy as you make it out to be.

Stan M

One other point, Diane. Any trade must be thought of in terms of what Loria would spend. One can't propose a trade for a 15 million a year star, because Loria would never approve it.

A word about the Carcera trade. In retrospect it was awful. But it must be considered in light of the time in which it was made. Carbera had a bad attitude, was badly out of shape, was an alcoholic, and was having a bad influence on our young star Hanley Ramiriz. I have no proof of this at all, but it would be my guess that booze was also the downfall of Dontrelle. Remember when he was picked up for urinating next to his car, etc. The Marlins took Detroit's top pitching prospect. Too bad they didn't go a step down and take one of the guys who are now big time pitching stars. The crime was that the Marlins didn't get Carbrera help as did Detroit. Then again, the Detroit night life might not quite be on a par with that of Miami. In that atmosphere, they might never have been able to straighten him out.


Stan, I agree about Marisnik and Morrison. Marisnik is a great defensive outfielder, and Morrison is a great Teammate and great Team PR Man. Lomo doesn't strike out nearly as often as Jones either. Don't get too involved with this Diane person as it only is interested in demonizing people while it toots its horn. Reminds me of that Alex that used to post here.

Flav C.

Stan, your fellow poster that talked about Morrison never said anything about crutches.

What your fellow poster said though was exactly what was happening with Morrison right now: A young player who will be a perennial part-time 1B.

I am happy for Morrison and I hope he does well. When healthy, he will certainly be an asset to any team who needs a left at-bat out of the bench or playing every other game as a position player (or DH).

As far as numbers, he is posting the same run/rbi production of Jeff Baker. The only difference is that Baker has almost 80 less at bats than Morrison.

By the way, the combo Baker/Jones is 16th in the ML with 60 runs produced. Seattle (with LoMo) is 28th in run production in the ML.

Like you said, not exactly setting the world on fire. And that goes for both teams.

Stan M

Sorry if I offended you, Flav. Truthfully, I was only pulling your leg as you sometimes do mine. I know there was a little hyperbole involved. But I can't help sticking up for the guy; so many were down on him. I liked his community involvement and caring for our soldiers as much as his all out effort when he played.

Richie, didn't one show up when the other got banned? Could it be a transgender move? I was always suspicious. Not really, but it sounds thoughtful.

Flav C.

LOL, don't worry my friend. You didn't offend me at all. I have the utmost respect for you and I knew you were pulling my leg.

As far as LoMo, I'm happy for him. He is playing for an organization that invested a lot in their team and sooner than later will be playoff bound.

On a separate note, our 2014 3rd round pick Brian Anderson is playing really good 3B at A- in Greensboro. He seems to bring more power than Colin Moran.

I guess the organization saw that coming and Moran became expendable.

Stan M

Agree Flav. I think he was started at a lower class and quickly promoted some time ago. I had him rated very high in my own top 20. I haven't lost hope in Dietrich by any means. Could see him at 1B or more probably 3B in two years as Anderson and Avery Romero progress. He's hurt right now, but look at Tim Wallach's kids stats. Great BA, but also terrific walk/K ratio. He's an extra year behind Realmuto, but we should be fine behind the plate by then. I also think Urena has passed Nicolino as a potential starter, but is probably not quite as ready. Maybe by mid 2015 he could become a force. I realize that you also appreciate talent and Marisnick was a superb outfielder. It's good to see him hitting relatively well for Houston. There is another guy for whom I wish the best and was really sorry to see him go. But we certainly can't complain about Colbert so far. When will our latest budget baby be released? Penny isn't worth the money. Did I say that? Terrible.

I know nothing - formally known as Go Gogo

To keep Stanton we need a true lead off and clean up hitters. It would be great if they con from first and second base. Helichrysum looks great for second at bat, mozuna fifth and M, S and H to round up the line up

2 quality hitters and one more SP, then we can keep Stanton and contend

Flav C.

Stan, I think Marisnick will be a very good everyday outfielder. At the same time, it wasn't fair for him to not get playing time the way the Marlins outfield is set up right now. So, in the end, if Cosart can give the Marlins a quality start 65% of the time, I will say this trade was a win-win for both teams.

As far as Urena and Nicolino, my sincere opinion after seeing both pitching is that Nicolino will go far. And that is because he is gifted with something that most pitchers would kill to have in their arsenal: a great change-up. Hitters have the softest contact to his pitches because of that.

As far as Dietrich, he is a good player and if he can fix some holes in his swing, and exchange a bit of his power for more contact, he should be the everyday 2B. The only negative thing about Dietrich is his agent. I think a lot of people in the organization is pretty upset with his agency for several reasons. The first one was because of the Tino Martinez incident. Dietrich's agent was the one who pushed very hard for the Marlins to make a decision on Tino, or else...he would go to the MBLPA.
And later in the season, Dietrich made a fielding error on a throw to 1B. I cant recall which game was that. Initially, the error was charged rightfully so to Dietrich. Afterwards, it was changed and it was charged to Jones. Folks ended up finding out that Dietrich's agent was the one who met with the game officials and lobbied for the scoring change.
That left a very bad impression and Dietrich had to apologize to everybody and explain that it wasn't his fault.

Sometimes your worst enemy is someone you have right by your side.

A Realist

Oh Flav, what would you know about how I spend my time? Even if Redmond does coach the hell out of this team, he makes just as many bad calls during games to totally counteract any good coaching he's done. Obviously he coaches, but I feel like he's too concerned with being friends rather than the leader. This is business and everyone's job is on the line at the end of the day. There's no time for funny business. Girardi would have gotten more out of these guys than Redmond has.

Diane, I am pessimistic regarding this team. After first considering the history of this franchise and it's owner, can you really blame me? Anytime we've had cause for hope the pig-faced gargoyle rips it from our grasp. No matter how much pessimism I spew you cannot deny that much of it is truth. I was pessimistic regarding this recent 9 game stretch, but I was right.

Either way, nice way to score some runs last night. Great game by Cosart. He definitely opened my eyes with that performance against a team stacked with big-boppers. A lot of other teams ahead of us lost as well so that made it twice as sweet. With that said, we need consistency. We need a string a wins. One win here and there isn't going to cut it. Consistency has evaded us all year long. We need it more than ever now.


Trust you were being facetious or ironic, DT.
O got a SF last night, and G hit the spot when he crancked one out. H is a pretty good SS normally called Hech by his Mgr. J I never heard before, so perhaps someone was taking a few tokes last night.

At least these 2014 Marlins are less frustrating than the 2013 version, and we hope even better next year. If they can win another game in LA and at least win the series in Atlanta, we can still look forward to September. The current team has much better pitching than at the end of May, and may put up a good show if the hitting improves. Go Fish!


Some remarks, Stan and Flav:

Nicolino and Urena have recently pitched well. I hope they are even more successful next year at NOLA. If Nicolino turns out to be a good SP, then the Toronto trade will turn out to be good for the Marlins.

Houston picked up Marisnick in the Cosart trade, as they did in 2012 with Dominguez, just when he was starting to figure things out at the plate. It is not a surprise to me that his BA in the last 10 games at Houston has been 0.257. I was very disappointed that the Marlins took on three of the Astros 2015 responsibilities into the 40 man roster in exchange for Marisnick, and also gave up the competitive 2015 draft pick, plus Moran, to get Cosart.

Morrison, by the way, has a 0.361 BA in his last 10 at Seattle, with an 0.867 OPS in August (seems better than Jones right now). This is without mentioning that Couglan is playing regularly for Chicago. It seems the FO has made some good moves, but also some bad ones. This current FO version, however, is a huge improvement over the results we got from Beinfest since the 2003 WS.


I don't see how Stanton remains a Marlin. Looking forward to flav's stats on a deal. The man Just said, 5 months doesn't replace 5 years. He will look great in pinstripes.
read for yourself: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/08/giancarlo-stanton-miami-marlins-perpetual-trade-rumors-mlb

Dionysus Thelxinoe

yelnats, my guess is that when the time comes, Stanton may be partial to the west coast, all other "things" being somewhat equal ($$$$$$).

That his opinion is what he stated in the interview should come as a surprise to no one (and to the dismay of The Fat One). But that he's willing to say it out loud and be quoted on it is like sort of flipping a bird right at him. Stanton and his people apparently know exactly who they're dealing with.


An Outfield with Him and Trout...or Dodger Blue?
I just see him as a Yankee. we shall see.

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