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Cosart Ready but Cautious; Jennings Returns; Homestand Begins; Stanton Flying Solo

Marlins pitcher Jarred Cosart joked Monday that he still thinks he is a good hitter, but he will not be able to show it when he returns to the mound Tuesday.

After suffering an oblique strain in his first start for Miami August 1, Cosart was forced to miss one start and will be limited at the plate in his return Tuesday against St. Louis.

“I’m probably just going to stand there and bunt tomorrow and then we will work on that going forward,” Cosart said. “But there probably won’t be much swinging going on tomorrow. I’m just trying to get through the game healthy.”

Coming from the American League’s Houston Astros, Cosart hit a high bouncer in his first plate appearance in years in his Marlins debut. He then beat out a barehanded throw for an infield single and cracked a smile at first base.

He had one hit in his entire minor league career and had solely been a pitcher since playing in Double A. He had not hit regularly since high school.

After getting his first major league hit, Cosart started feeling some tightness in his lower back and it only got worse during the rest of his outing and the following day. He took the loss in the game after giving up four earned runs in 5 1/3 innings.

Cosart said he is not sure if the at-bat led to his injury, but he has a theory.

“I didn’t really swing at all before I got here and went out there and tried to swing really hard and run hard, so it’s not a good combination for success.”

Still, he said he could have made his last start if the situation was dire, and manager Mike Redmond decided to rest him as a precaution.

Cosart said the rest was actually probably good for his arm, anyway. Now, he has a simple goal for his second start as a Marlin.

“I’m just trying to stay healthy the whole game … and try to get a win,” he said.


Speaking before Monday’s game, Redmond said pitcher Dan Jennings still has a long way to go in recovering from the concussion he sustained when he was hit by a line drive Thursday, but that Jennings would rejoin the team Monday night for an examination by a team doctor.

“He’s still a ways away from doing any baseball activities,” Redmond said. “The good news is that he’s feeling better and is recovering.”


Monday’s game against St. Louis was the first in Miami’s longest remaining homestand this season.

After traveling to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, the Marlins continue their stint as honorary NL central members by hosting the Cardinals twice more before the Diamondbacks and Rangers come to Miami for four and two games, respectively.

Redmond said his team should not feel pressure as the season winds down.

“This is the time right now where we should be the most relaxed because we still have a chance,” he said. “We should be having the most fun that we’ve ever had right now … because we are better when we play relaxed and loose.”


Including Sunday’s first-inning blast, nine of Giancarlo Stanton’s last 10 home runs have been solo shots. The stretch comes after Stanton hit 13 of his first 19 home runs with runners on base. 

Combined, 15 of Stanton’s 29 home runs, or 51 percent, have been solo homers. Despite the recent stretch, that is still below the 2013 MLB average of roughly 60 percent.

Stanton’s recent glut of solo home runs can be attributed in part to the .193 average current No. 1 and No. 2 hitters Christian Yelich and Jordany Valdespin have combined for over the last two weeks.


> Cardinals (62-54): 1. Matt Carpenter 3B, 2. Kolten Wong 2B, 3. Matt Holliday LF, 4. Matt Adams 1B, 5. Johnny Peralta SS, 6. A.J. Pierzynski C, 7. Jon Jay CF, 8. Oscar Taveras RF, 9. Shelby Miller RHP.

> Marlins (57-60): 1. Christian Yelich LF, 2. Jordany Valdespin 2B, 3. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 4. Casey McGehee 3B, 5. Garrett Jones 1B, 6. Marcell Ozuna CF, 7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C, 8. Adeiny Hechavarria SS, 9. Tom Koehler RHP.


  • Tuesday: Marlins RHP Jarred Cosart (9-8, 4.51 ERA) vs. St. Louis Cardinals RHP Adam Wainwright (14-6, 2.28 ERA), 7:10 p.m., Marlins Park
  • Wednesday: Marlins RHP Nathan Eovaldi (6-6, 3.99 ERA) vs. St. Louis Cardinals RHP Justin Masterson (5-7, 5.94 ERA), 7:10 p.m., Marlins Park


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

At least tis time you didn't call Stanton a jinete de camello

Lou Vales

You can't be gutless nor run scared when you are wrong---Let's keep Stanton. I'll take the 40 games of looking lost. he will win a lot of other ones. I apologize.

Stan M

Lou, as you know, I have always said that Stanton is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Marlins. Great hitting and defense galore. I just can't understand these guys like Flav who are always criticizing him. What's the matter with them? Don't they look at his stats? I'm sure he's ready to admit his errors now. Flav, I hope you can now admit how wrong you were. Someone sure missed the boat here, that's for sure. WE all know who it was, too! Oops!

Marlin Fan

What is going on with Chishek ??? Three out of his last four outings have been very shaky to say the least . But at least he was able to get the save.

A Realist

From the tone of Michael Jong's article it doesn't seem that the Marlins are very confident they can resign Stanton. I'll pose the same question here as I did earlier. Why would this front office be willing to offer Pujols a contract, but not Stanton? Stanton is younger at the time of the contract offer. Definitely not as good defensively as Pujols, despite last night.


I'm glad Stanton is getting his stroke back. The Marlins need him to stay hot for the stretch run to stay competitive. He needs to lay off the low and away sliders and change-ups. I hope he gets signed this winter for at least 5 years. There is still no replacement for Stanton!

Unfortunately, Cishek is now facing more scouting and study from opposing players. They are starting to pick up his release, so he needs to have his slider in top form to keep hitters off balance. I suspect he will likely be traded before the end of this year!

Stan M

He's certainly not worth as much in trade as he was a month ago.

Lou Vales

A Realist, They offered him a deal because they were confident he would refuse it.


Cishek has had this happen to him before. My feeling is he's been pretty good at making adjustments mid-season. Who knows maybe he's tipping his pitches but I expect some changes in the next few appearances. The guy battles and is pretty resilient. We are going to need him down the stretch for sure. I don't think however that Steve will be back next year.

Sunny Dee

What an incredible performance from Stanton. One of the best I have seen in a regular season game. As others have mentioned, he is starting to lay off the low and away sliders more and that is making a difference. The Marlins have to lock him up. He should be the face of the franchise and is worth the money.


I think Stanton will stay if the Marlins show that they are serious about building up this team. That starts with signing McGehee for a couple/few years; signing Cisheck, Ramos, Hechiverria, Yellich, possibly Ozuna, and Stanton to extended contracts. These guys have become more than just teammates. Jose, will probably have to wait another year due to his injury. If they don't do something serious about keeping these guys intact, they will be peeing into the wind.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

They're already against the wind. Do you think it was an accident that with a dire need for a veteran starting pitcher and with the list of veteran starters who were available prior to the recent trade deadline, the only one they pulled the trigger on was a minimum wage pitcher not yet in arbitration? Financially, Cosart's no different than Randy Wolf, Brad Penny, and the rest of the scrap heap. I have no doubt at all that from the Marlins side that is the only reason why Cosart is here now.

In other words, forget about keeping these guys intact. Gargoyle Face Loria is loyal only to his wallet. Every single one of those guys you listed above will be gone from here within the next 3-4 years for financial reasons, assuming their careers remain on track. All of them.

A Realist

You're right, Lou. The front office thinks they are so slick. Funny part is he almost came here if it wasn't for the no-trade clause.

DT hit it right on the head. Some people could say the front office didn't want to spend money in a year where they don't have Fernandez on the mound. This would constitute wasting money, but I look at it differently. You should spend money every year because these guys may not be healthy come this time next season. Stanton and Ozuna were injured this time last year. They didn't spend money, but for lowly Cosart who wasn't wanted by his own team for off-the-field issues. Do you really think they are going to lock up these guys? No way? I predict the only one they really get serious about is Jose' because he is Cuban and more marketable to the South Florida fan base and he is more charismatic on the field, which fans love.

They would love to keep Stanton, but he is gone. He knows it. Why do you think he has been so happy this year. He's playing nice for the cameras. No teams want a cancer in the clubhouse even if the owner is Loria and the team is going nowhere. This would drive down his negotiating value and cost him money. He's being nice and saying all the right things so come negotiating time other teams don't have ammunition against him. They use that stuff. It's a dirty game.

Off topic, but NFL teams offer car services to their players so they don't drink and drive. Let's ay the player uses this service exercising safe judgement. The team then turns around and uses this information against the player during negotiations citing excessive drinking habits and risky behavior. How shady is that? Like it or not they use anything against you.

A Realist

So I say the Marlins take 2 of 3 from the Cardinals and turn around and lose the series to the Diamondbacks. That's this teams M.O. this year. Can't figure them out. They play up to competition and down to competition.

Stan M

DT, there is nothing wrong with moving players as their expense exceeds their worth. I'm not saying that Loria is anything but a scalawag, but this team has several good young players 2-3 years away. So it is probable that some of this present roster will be moved. Look at our rivals in Atlanta and more so in Philadelphia. Both teams are saddled with players barely at replacement level who have untradeable contracts. We have no BJ Upton, Dan Uggla, Chris Johnson or God knows how many Phillies that inhibit our own future. Where would this team be if it had signed Pujols or Prince Fielder as so many desired? Certainly not in any position to even think of keeping Stanton.

Flav, I hope it was obvious that I was putting myself down about Stanton a few posts back. He is starting to convert me. Now if he could only make contact once in a while with a runner on third he'd be superman.


In town from Seattle this week for an interview, going to 1st game of the year and expecting to see Wainright no-hit our beloved fish.

@Realist: The difference w/ Pujols a couple of years ago was the FO wanted to make a big splash going into the new stadium and of course there would have been NO no-trade clause stipulation & Pujols balked. Luckily for the Fish since they would have been stuck with that $200 million albatross of a contract. I expect the FO to offer Stanton the same type of contract with the only difference being that there would be a limited no-trade clause with the only allowables probably being LAD, LAA, and the NYY.

As we all know a huge contract with this FO means nothing without the NOTC because a year later said player will be packing his things to Toronto or Detroit.


nice to see Stanton's power stroke this week. And to split hairs since he'll be seeking that $200 million contract in the near future: If only he were a semi-decent situational hitter (professional / stud) he'd a hit a sac fly instead of that flailing strikeout on the outside one he'd a had another RBI; again splitting hairs why he is not Miggy Cabrera. That's OK because nobody is, now about that $200M contract...

Stan M

Some random thoughts by the old fella:
*Yelich is much faster than I ever realized, especially once he is moving.
*With two or three more good starts, Penny might be a worthwhile trading chip to a contender.
*Prospect catcher Chris is the son of Wallach, that very good 3rd baseman for Montreal. Good blood lines.
*Morris seems to be an excellent pick up, but I think he is being overused by Redmond.
*Redmond learned his lesson from the night before and pulled Koehler at the right time.
*Brent Keys was released, went unsigned and in AA ball has finally started to hit like he used to. Even with his average only up to .240, he has an OBP of.365. I dream of him as our lead off hitter.
*Marisnick went 4 for 4 last night and is now hitting over .300 for the Astros. Small sample size, but....
*Urena looks like a real sleeper, but I hope they leave him in minors for rest of this year. He's still very young. Might be better than Nicolino.
*Marlin top 20 prospects were recently reevaluated, and I think some players are completely misplaced.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan, don't make the mistake of forgetting who it is we're dealing with here. "Scalawag" doesn't come close to describing this Pus Mound Loria. He's an abject liar who is on record as believing that honesty and ethics are unnecessary burdens for doing business. They (Loria and Samson) themselves knew at the time they planted their own rumors that Pujols would NEVER have signed here, nor would have Fielder because they already knew that neither would accept the heavily back-loaded contract that Jose Reyes and others have been dumb enough to accept, based on Loria's multiple empty verbal promises not to trade them.

The only players, especially free agents, who will play for the Marlins while their cost exceeds their worth will be "mistake" signings like Salty. The mistake being, of course, the baseball decision by them.


Let's not dump on Saltalamacchia.
He may not be the best catcher in MLB, but is worth most of the money he will receive until Realmuto proves in AAA that he is ready for MLB. Even though his defense is the likely reason Boston let him go, he at least produces offensively. Mathis is obviously incapable to hit enough, and will soon need to be traded.

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