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Expect only familiar faces for Marlins when rosters expand on Monday

ATLANTA --The Marlins on Sunday traded minor league pitcher Chaz Roe to the Yankees for cash considerations.

Roe, a 27-year old right-hander who was a non-roster invitee to spring training, was 3-3 with a 3.66 ERA for Triple A New Orleans.

President of Baseball Operations Mike Hill said that was the only move the team was expecting to make before Sunday night's waiver trade deadline. In fact, when rosters expand on Monday, Hill said the only new faces we'll probably see in Miami's clubhouse are ones who have already spent time there this season.

"We've always brought fewer players up especially when we're in the race -- players we think will help us win games," President of Baseball Operations Mike Hill said Sunday before the Marlins closed out their road trip against the Braves.

"So obviously the guys we'll see are the guys coming off the disabled list. [Relievers Dan] Jennings and [Carter] Capps. Then, more than likely, a couple arms just to protect you depth wise. We have a double-header later in the month [at Washington on Sept. 26]. Beyond that, an extra catcher, probably a versatile player and maybe a left-handed bat."

The last three players Hill was likely referring to are catcher J.T. Realmuto, second baseman Enrique Hernandez (acquired in the Astros trade) and first baseman Justin Bour. All three have seen time in the big leagues this season with the Marlins.

Realmuto could arrive a little later than the other. Marlins' Double A affiliate Jacksonville -- where Realmuto is playing -- is a pennant race with two games to go in the regular season. The Suns could make the playoffs and if they do Realmuto will remain with his team, Hill said. Triple A affiliate New Orleans is not going the playoffs and the Zephyrs season will end Sunday.

Jennings (six scoreless innings, 8 Ks, 0 BBs) and Capps (3 1/3 scoreless, 4 Ks, 2 BBs) have both pitched games recently with multiple innings for Single A Jupiter. Hill said Capps, whose fastball approaches triple digits, has been explosive since his return to the mound.

"We’re looking forward to getting him back," Hill said of Capps, who last pitched for the Marlins on May 25. "Since we’ll have more pitchers in the pen we won’t overwork any of those guys."

In order to accommodate Capps on the 40-man roster the Marlins will likely move Kevin Gregg to the 60-man disabled list. The Marlins' 40-man roster currently lists 21 pitchers, four catchers, nine infielders and six outfielders.

> Derek Dietrich, who started 43 games for the Marlins over the first three months of the season and still has the most starts by a second baseman for the team this season, could be another player the Marlins bring up.

Sidelined by a wrist injury on July 2, Dietrich returned to action Aug. 17 and played in five rehab games for Jupiter where he hit .313 with a homer and two RBIs. He's played in the six games with New Orleans since being activated from the disabled list and entered the final two games of the season for the Zepherys having gone gone 6-for-21 with a solo home run, three strikeouts and a stolen base.


Second base remains a position of intrigue for the Marlins entering the final month of the season. Although seven players have started there this season, Donovan Solano has started to become a consistent  contributor there now that he's playing regularly.

Solano drove in two runs and had three hits in Saturday's 4-0 win including a solo home run. Counting Sunday's scheduled start, Solano has made 31 of the team's last 51 starts at second base and has hit .274 with two homers, 13 RBI and .333 on base percentage since July 1. The first three months of the season, he made just 11 starts and hit .186 with one homer and eight RBI as a utility man.

"It's good for me to play more continually," Solano said. "You feel better, you feel more comfortable. It's not like it's just one opportunity. It's more fun, less thinking."

Hill said Solano has done a good job taking advantage of his opportunity. But it's obvious Marlins still would like to get a look at Hernandez at some point. The free agent market next season isn't very appealing at second base and Hernandez can hit.

He's batting .254 with two homers and five RBI in 18 games (10 games at second base, five at shortstop and one at third base) for the Zephrys since being sent there on Aug. 13. Hernandez was hitting .337 with eight homers and 31 RBI for the Astros' Triple A team before the Marlins acquired him.

"He can hit. That’s always a nice start when they can hit," Hill said. "He’s young and athletic and can do a lot of things. We like him. We’ll see how he fits with us moving forward. But he’s young and most importantly he’s controllable, which fits as we try to make a roster."

> Hill said the Marlins can't really put their finger on what's led to catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia (13 errors) and first baseman Garrett Jones (13 errors) having their worst defensive seasons in the majors.

"I know both have put in the work to be good defensive players and they’re not historically bad defensive players," Hill said. "We don’t know what to chalk it up to, but we know that we need to get it better. And they know they need to get better."

As for their struggles offensively, Hill said: "I think we’ve seen glimpses of what they both bring and what we thought we were getting in signing both of them. I think their ups and downs have contributed to an inconsistent offense. When you see us rolling you see production form both of those guys, you see production from a lot of our guys."


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Lou Vales

"OUTS" McGehee!!!! Takes that last pitch right over the center of the plate and had audacity to act as if it was out of the strike zone. back to The Land of the Rising Sun, Casey. That FLUKISH first half has played itself out!!!


Both Stanton and McGehee lost the 6th inning opportunity! Stanton also did not come through in the 9th. His week went downhill since the California HR on Monday!


Jax players with stats showing promise for the jump to AAA NOLA:

2B/C Austin Barnes (defense needs to improve)
C JT Realmuto
LHP Justin Nicolino
RHP Jose Urena
RHP Matt Ramsey (reliever)


Jupiter players with stats showing promise for the jump to Jax (AA):

1B Viosergy Rosa (already doing well at Jax)
LHP Chipper Smith (currently on Jax DL)
RHP Reid Redman (reliever, already doing well at Jax)
RHP Blake Logan (reliever, already doing well at Jax)

Honorable mention to RHP Austin Brice, who has done a great job at Jupiter this year, but seems to have tired in August.


Greensboro players with stats showing promise for the jump to Jupiter:

2B Avery Romero (already doing well at Jupiter)
2B Brian Anderson
C Chad Wallach
SS Justin Bohn (already doing well at Jupiter)
1B Felix Munoz (22 yrs. old)
OF Carlos Lopez
OF Austin Dean (not a good August)
OF Cody Keefer (already at Jupiter)
RHP Tyler Kinley (reliever)
RHP Sean Townsley
RHP Domingo German
RHP Matt Milroy (already at Jupiter)

The Marlins do seem to have a good deal of talent at Greensboro!


Batavia players with stats showing promise for the jump to low A Greensboro:

C Chris Hoo (already doing well at Greensboro)
3B Ryan Cranmer
2B Mason Davis (already at Greensboro)
LHP Michael Mader

Batavia also has other good players, but the ones above have shown the most promise this year.


Gulf Coast Marlins players with stats showing promise for promotion to NYPL (Batavia?):

SS Yosmany Guerra (already doing well at Jupiter!!!)
1B Austen Smith
LHP Nestor Bautista

Unfortunately, Tyler Kolek has not yet pitched well for the Marlins!


Dominican Summer League players doing well enough to consider for 2015 promotion to Gulf Coast Marlins:

1B Erwin Almonte (3rd year in the same league)
OF Benito Olivo
LHP Jesus Rodriguez
LHP Jose Quijada
RHP Eliezer Cuello

The Marlins talent in this league does not compare well with that of other teams.


How about the Kendall Pony League players?

sad, very sad

looks like Stanton has just passed on a chance for MVP with 21 Strikeouts in his last 38 At Bats.

A Realist

There you have it, Diane and Flav. Been saying it all along. Stanton will crush a homerun and then fade into oblivion for 10 games. He erupts again only to fade away for another 7 or 8 games. This guy is good, not great. He doesn't deserve the attention that Trout and Cabrera get. He's not an intelligent player. Really, he's not much different than Adam Dunn. Absolutely rakes, but doesn't do much else. I'm not hating on the guy just stating the truth. Set your fandom aside and evaluate objectively. He isn't worth a mammoth contract, but he will get it from someone.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Given Greg Cote's recent opinion piece advocating Pete Rose's reinstatement and induction into the Hall of Fame, I could not have expressed my own position any better than has been done by Marcus Giammati, the eldest son of the commissioner who banned Rose from the game.

"With the debate over Pete Rose's ban rekindled recently, I have been asked what my father might say if he were alive today. No doubt he would applaud law men such as John Dowd and Fay Vincent who provided solid proof why Rose should remain on MLB's ineligible list permanently, excluding him from Hall of Fame induction."

"But regarding Rose's banishment on a different level -- a moral one -- my father might add that Rose does not deserve a second chance without earning it first. Rose has done nothing to earn his way back into baseball. He vehemently denied his actions for 15 years, blaming others for his plight. Then when it was suddenly convenient for him (Rose published an autobiography in 2004), he comically did an about-face, sort of confessed and expected to be coddled."

"My father would seek true remorse, which would lead to the reconfiguration of one's life. It would mean making the effort and having the courage to get help and turn a mistake into something positive, such as spreading the word to kids about the dangers of a gambling addiction. Instead, Rose and those who stand with him seem oblivious to the principles and standards of good citizenry that my father held so sacred."

"The Rose dilemma isn't about how great a player he was. It also has nothing to do with today's steroid debacle or Rose's opinion about whether those accused of using performance-enhancing drugs belong in the Hall of Fame more or less than he does. It's about a broken rule. It's about arrogance. It's about stomping on the heart of baseball by committing its cardinal sin -- betting on the game -- and then somehow believing you should be given a pass. My father treated Rose, the all-time hits leader, with the same force he would have treated a small-time rookie. And he proved to Rose and everyone else that one player was not bigger than the game he loved."



And today Alvarez doesn't feel like pitching. WTF?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hendy "The Mollycoddle Kid" Alvarez, who pulls himself out of a game if you so much as look at him cross-eyed, strained his oblique muscle while lifting his left leg to pass gas in the dugout. Or was it a strained eyelash from blinking? I forget which one it was this time.

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