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Capps, Jennings seeking peace of mind in September; Heaney and DeSclafani promoted

The first thought that raced through Dan Jennings' mind when he was struck in the head by a line drive was that his season was over. And things were looking that way for Carter Capps, too, when he landed on the DL in late May with a right elbow sprain.

But both relievers are back with the club and hoping that September brings them peace of mind going into the offseason.

"Yes, it's definitely a huge confidence boost," Capps said. "I really wanted to go into the offseason not leaving a bad taste in the Marlins' mouths. They obviously gave me a great opportunity to be up here and I definitely want to prove I can pitch up here, and pitch healthy."

The Marlins were counting on Capps to give them a big arm in the back end of their bullpen when they acquired him from Seattle last winter for Logan Morrison. But after appearing in only nine games, Capps went on the DL with a right elbow sprain.

Jennings, meanwhile, is thankful just to be alive after being hit in the head with a line drive in Pittsburgh on Aug. 7. Fortunately, Jennings sustained only a concussion and recovered quickly.

"Obviously, my first thought was my year is over," Jennings said. "To be back and playing again is awesome. I'm sure guys have dealt with stuff that makes it scary for them to get back on the mound. I'm fortunate I didn't have any lapses, or anything like that. I was able to get back out and pitch (on minor league rehab), and it just felt natural. I think it was good timing in that aspect, where it happened in August and I could come back in September. A lot of circumstances went right for me to be here."


The Marlins announced more call-ups on Tuesday, including pitchers Andrew Heaney and Anthony DeSclafani. The club has yet to make a statement giving a reason for the decision, but the oblique injury to Henderson Alvarez might have swayed them to bring up the two rookies.

In addition to Heaney and DeSclafani, the Marlins also called up infielder Kike Hernandez and first baseman Justin Bour.


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curious fan

I don't recall seeing Bour in a game where he played 1st base. He did appear as a DH in few games and did well. He also appeared a few times as a pinch hitter and did not do well. Obviously, when he had several at bat in a game, he did well, but only as DH. So, while he was brought up more than once, we never saw him play both sides of the ball in any games.

Juan Yanes

As per my acknowledges learned in Cuba 55 years ago, the player who bat third in the lineup should have Ave of .300 or over and the player who bat four should be a home run hitter. In The Marlins case is contrary "Mahhggee bat four and Stanton bat third; I wish to know where Mr Redmond learned it; maybe he is a wise?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

What, no Furcal update? Has he progressed past needing a walker? Is he able yet to use a TV remote without any assistance?

Flav C.

I usually refrain from talking about and/or criticizing the ownership of the Marlins, simply because I rather spend my time discussing baseball and its intricacies.

With that said, it is very frustrating and sad to see that this organization thinks that Brad Penny is the best thing they can afford to help a team that, even with a slim chance, still play for a wild-card berth.
The other day, I was listening on the radio an interview with Smoltz and he was asked about when he knew it was time to retire. He said something to the like "you simply know it. when you realize you don't have your stuff anymore and the threatening idea of doing the minor league gigs becomes a reality again, you just stop and say goodbye".

I wish Brad Penny had listened to Smoltz' wise words.


His wife wants the $$$$$$$$$

Lou Vales

Does she look like Jones' wife?????


Hey, the guy dated Milano...

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Wasn't that Pavano, at least until Milano realized his "shortcomings"?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I find myself wondering who else has been out of baseball this entire year, since Miami seems to have become the landing spot for any over-the-hill players who aren't yet ready to face reality. And... hey, it's cause I'm thinking about NEXT year's team!


Her name could have been Alyssa Milano Pavano


Penny, Wolfe, Maholm, Gregg, Furcal, these signings by a team that couldn't afford to keep Qualls. Not to mention the great scouting work that led to Saltalamacchia, and Jones.

Flav C.

DT, last I heard Manny Ramirez was a "hitting-guru" at the Cubs minor-league system. And I think Dontrelle is still looking for a comeback to the majors.

Just food for thought... :)

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav, here's the sad part of that "food for thought" ... how much worse would those two have been than Furcal and Penny?


Calm down, everyone.
Red was simply trying to get his good buddy his 50th career Marlins win. I hope he has by now figured out how futile this will be with Penny as a SP. Hand or Heaney should get the next spot when Penny is due to pitch, and maybe he can join the volt and pick up a win in relief sometime this month.

Juan Yanes

Brad Penny can't win already in the big leagues; Marlins done a mistake bring him back, maybe Dondrelle Willys can comeback because he is still young, it depends if his addiction have gone. Anyway Marlins need reinforce their pitching staff maybe making another trade like they did with Houston recently

Lou Vales

IF!!!! Brad Penny makes another start this year there should be an investigation into unusual amounts of money being bet in Vegas against the Marlins. There are people who understand to the dollar the amounts that should be wagered on each team based upon the line. IF Penny makes another start and there is an inordinate amount of money bet on the opposition maybe they should determine where that money is originating.

the Chin


A Realist

So does anyone think the front office will get rid of Jones and go after a solid 1st baseman this offseason? I leave out Saltalamacchia because I still feel that he can play and I'm hoping next year he'll have whatever funk out of his system. Who would be available anyway? Do we make a trade or do they take a chance and bring up a minor leaguer?

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I think Jones is gone more than anything because his salary jumps from $2.75M to $5M next year. That's why The Fat Pig Virus signed him (and others) to a back-loaded contract.


There are some players a very few in the minor league system outside of pitchers who have earned a shot and deserve a call up.

I would be interested in knowing what consensus the is on who it should be.

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