May 09, 2008

Lineups and More

NatsWASHINGTON -- Getting ready for some baseball here in the Nation's Capital. Jeffrey Loria and David Samson are here checking out their old team (one country removed) and it hasn't rained in some time -- although the tarp is now covering the infield (5:40 p.m.).

It is chilly. Look for some of your favorite Marlins in jackets and toques (that's hockey/Canadian for 'wool cap'). It's now 59 degrees in DC.

As promised, here is tonight's starting lineup for the Marlins: CF Ross; LF Hermida; SS Ramirez; 3B Cantu; 2B Uggla; LF Gonzalez; 1B Helms; C Treanor; P Nolasco.

Exposbanner The Expos: 2B Lopez; SS Guzman; 3B Zimmerman; 1B Johnson; CF Milledge; RF Kearns; LF Pena; C Nieves; P Redding.

-- Mike Jacobs is obviously still out of the lineup with his sore left quad, although he says he wants to play. "It's out of my hands,'' he said. Says Fredi Gonzalez: "If he had a bone sticking out of his leg he would say that. And I love him for it. But I have to be careful with him.''

-- LF Josh Willingham took BP today and looks on track to rejoin the team (he's on the 15 day DL with a sore back) next week in the Natti.

-- Various injury updates from the Marlins PR department: Alejandro De Aza is jogging, hitting, etc; Josh Johnson threw a 25 pitch BP session today, next one coming on Thursday; Sergio Mitre is up to a light toss; Henry Owens threw a BP today, as did Anibal Sanchez.

-- More as we go....

It's Raining in Baltimore -- Updated

DoubledayAnd in Washington too.

Hello Marlins fans, George Richards here. Covering the Fish this weekend up here in Capital City, hoping to get some baseball in.

It's been raining here since last night, but it's let up here the past hour or so (it's 3:45 p.m.) so we may just get this one in. Still cloudy and cool (currently 59) but the tarp is off and the grounds crew is doing what they do best.

Beautiful ballpark here in DC, by the way.

At left is a picture I took today at Arlington Cemetery. It's Abner Doubleday's final resting place. Most baseball fans know Abner for the popular game he helped invent, beach volleyball.

Will be here all weekend folks, check in early and often.