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156 days until Happy Valley


  Not exactly a bad way to start a college coaching career going against the one of the all-time winningest coaches. Just 156 days before Joe Pa greets Mario in Happy Valley.

The 2007 schedule is out and it's another mountain for the Golden Panthers to climb.

Home (in Orange Bowl) against Maryland, Troy, Cajuns, FAU and North Texas.....Away at PSU, in OB for um, at Kansas, at Middle Tennessee, at Monroe, at Pig Sooey, at Arkansas State.

With four straight out-of-conference games to start (PSU, Mary, um, Kansas) we should learn fairly quickly how far the 2007 Golden Panthers have to go.

One thing is for sure after seeing the type of practice (Tuesday) that is going to be run this season, FIU will be prepared and won't be outworked.

Is all the talent there yet? Probably not. But a couple more recruiting classes like last month's and things should start turning around.

There's no sense in making any predicitions on the number of wins this season, especially without seeing the entire team practice yet or seeing who will be playing where.





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We will get a big upset this year.

Pete any info on ESPN2 carrying the FIU vs scUM game? We're all very curious, although the SunBelt just released their national television coverage schedule and it wasn't listed.

i agree w/ FIUrulez, there will be a big upset this year. im not sure where but there will be, especially if we arent underworked. and heres a thought the upset could come day one... against penn state. figure that if fiu just concentrates on that and penn state over looks a 0-12 team from last year... that could be a prime upset

If there is going to be an upset this year, I want it to be a home game so we can all be there and celebrate.

Reading this article is getting me excited about the upcoming football season. Hopefully we will turn a few heads this season and build a great tradition. Only 155 days left to the start of our football season.

Hey Pete, with so many great out of conference games next season do you know how many games will be televised and if so what stations will be carrying them?

i'm setting the win total goal at 5 games this upcoming season. Who's with me?

lol i say lets aim for 6... makes us bowl eligiable... aka more money for recruiting!

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