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Got "rocky" special teams....get Apollo

FIU has a new special teams coach, Apollo Wright from Villanova.

Wright was the running backs coach for five years with the Wildcats before taking over the special teams last season. Speaking with Villanova coach Andy Talley this afternoon, he said Wright was instrumental in developing Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook (a Villanova alum).

Wright also was a strong recruiter of Alabama and Florida for the Wildcats and as we know the theme of the new sports administration at FIU is all about "recruiting".

Mario is huge on special teams and you can bet this year's special teams will be a whole lot better than 2006.



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Thanks for your info, Pete. Yet another coach for our staff. Question. Was he a special teams coach at Villanova for 5 years, and then running back coach...or the other way around?

Wright was the running backs coach for 5 years and took over special teams last season.

Hi Pelegrin,

I have the same question as FIU Fanatic. You wrote, "...was the running backs coach for five years with the Wildcats before taking over the running backs last season." That's confusing. Please clarify. Thanks and as always, go G-Panthers!


Lord,, I certainly hope our special teams improves, I mean it can only get better from last year. How many of last year's loses can be DIRECTLY attributed to special teams? I can think of North Texas, USF, and Bowling Green off the top of my head.

Thanks for your clarification, Pete....

Great that means if I am not mistaken that the coaching staff is set.

Man this guy has some challenge ahead of him. Do we even have a kicker? I cannot believe we have not landed in a kicker in at least 2 years, am I wrong? Good luck Apollo,let's make something happen.

I dont think we need to worry about the kicking situation. The biggest problem last year with the kicking game was the redshirt senior Chris Patullo. He missed the first 2 extra points, one at middle tennessee which resulted in a 7-6 loss and then the very next game missed another extra point and field goal vs. USF which resulted in another one point loss 20-21. Rivest took over after that and did very well the rest of the season. Yes, he messed up at North Texas, but when he has to kick a field goal every overtime because the offense doesnt know how to score, who do you really point fingers at. Plus, most of his missed kicks were blocked, Offensive Line problems??? Rivest is young and has the potential to be a great attribute to the team. Look at the stats before you post your comments, I think he had the most points on the team also.....

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