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New WR coach

Just in time for the opening of spring practice on Tuesday afternoon, former Miami High head coach Frank Ponce has joined Mario Cristobal's staff at FIU as receivers coach.

Speaking with several Dade County high school football coaches, they all say the same things about Ponce: a good offensive mind and a guy who will be a good recruiter especially in Dade since he's been coaching high school football since 1992 in four different Dade high schools.

Ponce certainly has some talent to work with in: Ash Parker, Jeremy Dickens and John Houston Whiddon and plus Mario is bringing in a pretty good receiving class: Marquis Rolle, James Rucker, Greg Ellington and Jason Frierson.

Now who's going to throw these guys the ball?


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wow we need to start getting people to write on this board... where are all the fiu fans lol its good to see that there is at least some sort of blog for fiu

Pete, any inside info on who's going to be the QB? One of the new guys or is McCall going to be able to run the new offense?

Any renderings out there regarding the new FIU stadium?

Thanks for the blog Pete! I look forward to reading it on a frequent if not daily basis

Pete thanks so much for all of your FIU sports contributions in the paper. Its good to know that you, and the Miami Herald, realizes that Miami has two major universities.

I'm looking forward to the kickoff versus Penn State on Sept 1st. Seems like Mario is not only recruiting UM coaches but local High School coaching talent as well. Talk about starting from scratch.

Thank you, finally an FIU Golden Panthers blog, awesome!

Great to see and read a blog devoted to FIU Sports. Thanks Pete for your dedicated reporting all these years about FIU. It seems like a good pick up of a coach for the WR position in Ponce. I'm looking forward to reading your blogs and comments on this site....Once again...Thanks!! Go FIU!!!

We finally have an FIU Blog! GO FIU!

Pete, who do you think will be the next QB?

I think McCall will have to be really strong to not get beaten out by one of the fab freshman.

Great to have this blog Pete! Thank you for adding it. We all have high hopes for the new coaching staff, I hope it begins to show this season. I'll make sure to check this daily, spring practice is almost here!!

Thanks for the blog, it's certainly about time our home town paper increases its support and represents the 100k + alums in SoFla.

Anyway, what's up with some renderings of the football stadium? How does this administration expect me to buy 2008 season tickets when I haven't even seen the stadium? Get your act together PG.

Thanks a lot for the blog Pete!!!!!! i honestly think that we will see Colt Brennan as our new QB after everything is said and done.



Great to see a blog dedicated to the one and only FIU Golden Panthers. I look forward to reading and posting on this blog in the future. The new ERA has begun. GO FIU!!!!!!

Why is Sergio getting a free ride? I hope Pete fires him and makes Danny Price retire. Let's clean house and start new!

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