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Talkin' Baseball

Just got back from covering Miami's professional baseball team (Marlins) this weekend. Taking a look at what Miami's college baseball team (Golden Panthers) did and gotta hand out congrats to third baseman Bryan Pullin for setting the FIU career hits mark and pitcher Corey Polizzano -- Sun Belt pitcher of the week.

Polizzano allowed only one run while walking six against Troy......shows the freshman made some good pitches when he had to.

Could these two players' accomplishments be the lone highlights of the season?

Don't want say this weekend's 3-game series against the Cajuns is big, but ULL Is the best team in the Sun Belt and FIU has been inconsistent all season.

The Golden Panthers will be at the halfway point of the season after Wednesday's game against Harvard and so far there are no signs of a postseason breakthrough.


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Baseball at FIU has been disappointing for the last 5-6 years or so. Price has been there basically from the beginning, and made the program what it is right now but... I don't see this program improving and that is concerning....

Hope our team turns it around soon....

Perhaps its time FIU reconsiders their policy of keeping coaching for decade's time. What motivation can Danny Price and Cindy Russo have if their job status is never in question? Mediocre would be satisfactory to them, its human nature.

It looks like we are in store for yet another Danny Price engineered, mediocre season.

Even Don Shula had only a handful of mediocre seasons before he was asked to retire. What has Danny done in the past six or seven years? Not much, that's what.

New blood is needed. Things need to be shaken up over there. Baseball mediocrity should not be allowed at FIU.

Yeah gotta agree, Danny needs a wake up call. Gotta feeling PG will deliver at seasons end but don't expect him to trounce on Danny after this year. The guy is a legend, that would be a slap in the face that none of us should allow. Tradition deserves some kind of respect and that man built FIU baseball from nothing to what it was and what it could be. PG, tread lightly, this isn't the Stroker.

I think that if Danny does have to quit coaching FIU, he should be given a job within the program. He's indeed a legend and such a nice guy. I would hate to see him go.

What does Turtle Thomas, Laser Collazo and Rod Delmonico have in common ?. They win and they constantly recruit the best talent in Miami (usually from right here in Westchester). PG, check them out.

Great comments by Pantera. With all due respect to Danny Price and his long tenure here at FIU, it is truly time for him to move on. This team does not improve. The staff obviously cannot recruit, they don't go after the local Miami guys. (You're right, Pantera, not even in Westchester) The FIU baseball program should be BETTER than UM. This area is rich in talent that should not be leaving South Florida. When your tuition is 1/10 that of UM, you should be kicking their butts in recruiting.
Coach Price, have some dignity and just announce you retirement before the end of the season. You can get your props from everyone as you graciously exit a program that you have allowed to languish in mediocrity. It is better to leave "on your own terms" than it is to be shown the door.

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