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2007 FIU NFL Draft prospects and kibbles-n-bits

Barnesaction  Just one day before the 2007 NFL Draft gets under way and FIU is likely to have its first NFL draft pick taken in "El Monstruo" Antwan Barnes.  Sfrank

So to honor the occasion, the GPP found some free time to offer its services to NFL general managers leaguewide as to where 7 FIU seniors could fit in.

As for the rest of the NFL Draft analysis, GPP will leave it to our three guest analysts (I'll explain later why these 3 are here). Now on to the draft-eligible Golden Panthers.

Barnes, who could go as high as the second round, would make a perfect fit with the Dallas Cowboys. There the speedy, powerful Monstruo could play opposite former Troy standout DeMarcus Ware, who had 11.5 sacks last year. Another good fit for AB would be with the Colts, who already have sack machines Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis on the defensive line. Indy could use a speed rushing LB after losing Cato June.

Chandler Williams can easily replace Wes Welker on the Dolphins. Right now, the Miami receiving corps is nothing that makes defensive backs have sleepless nights. So why not CW? And as you saw against USF and numerous other times, the man can return kicks -- Welker's specialty. Plus, CW already reminded a Dolphins scout during his workout at the Davie training complex that they have an extra pick because of the Olindo Mare trade.

You know who needs a good middle linebacker? The San Diego Chargers. Hmm, I think FIU had a pretty good one the last couple of years in 2-time Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year -- Keyonvis Bouie. In San Diego, Bouie could play the middle with Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips already manning the outsides. Shaun/Shawne combined for 28.5 sacks last year.

The 49ers signed a top cornerback in Nate Clements from Buffalo, but they still lack a worthy safety and their special teams need help. Alex Bostic did both well towards the end of last year when he was needed to fill in at safety. Plus, he had NFL scouts talking after his FIU Pro Day workout as a defensive back and Bostic has always been one of the better players on FIU's special teams.

Arizona is not known for its Bar-BQ, but Sam Smith wouldn't mind going to run pass patterns there with receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Smith, who has developed his own secret recipe for Bar-BQ sauce which may be on store shelves in the future, just may be an improvement at tight end since the Cards have not had a good TE since never.

Josh Padrick didn't have his best season last year, but a lot had to do with some factors surrounding him. He was an All-SBC passer two years ago and would be well served in a West Coast offense where they can take advantage of his athleticism and accuracy. Chuckie hasn't had a quarterback since winning the Super Bowl with Brad Johnson in 2002. A trip up I-75 to the Bucs might work.

Chris Smith was having a solid senior season before the dance with um. Anyhow, Smith began to evolve at safety when he paired up with Nick Turnbull a few years ago and took the next step last season. Pair him up with Turnbull again on the Bears. Outside of Mike Brown, Chi-town's secondary is nothing special.

You guys got better teams fits for these Golden Panthers? Send them in !! Maybe an NFL GM will read them.

As for our 3 NFL Draft guest analysts: you have Amber (left, below), a former Texas linebacker whose NFL career was derailed, because of an affinity for Milk Bones.

Gals_4 Our next analyst, Sam (right of Amber), was an All-American receiver at Cal before her NFL dreams were cut short due to obsessive chasing of a softball. And finally our last draft analyst, Naya (picture, right), a sleek running back from Georgia, had her NFLNaya_6 hopes penalized, because of excessive chewing.

The GPP invited these 3 to talk about the rest of the NFL Draft, because they probably know as much as any Tom, Dick or Harry that's been on every draft show (yes, you ESPN), magazine or website. They certainly know more than me.

The NFL Draft gets overanalyzed more and more every year and the truth is none of those guys know what's going to happen Saturday. Just look at the surprises every year in the draft (see: Zach Thomas, Tom Brady, Marques Colston). Unless, your job title is General Manager or Head Coach of an NFL team, you know as much about how the draft is going to shake out as these three pooches.

As for the all excess coverage, I'm watching Family Guy. Familyguy_2


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I would love to believe that all these guys are going to get a chance but it is not realistic. The lack of attention over Bouie really surprises me. If there's anyone that I want to succeed in the NFL, it is him. To me, it really doesn't matter who drafts Barnes or how high they do it at. All I want for him and the rest of the guys is success, whether it be on the field or off.

i just hope the killer B's get drafted... they should... anyone else is just a perk

I am praying that all of our guys get a shot at the next level, be it by draft, free agency, or camp invites. But I am a realist, and I know that may not happen. But I will be watching ESPN like a hawk this weekend and listening for the words "from Florida International University."

I think that Barnes would be a good fit in Atlanta. With Brooking having a little age on him, and losing Kearney, I think he could fit in well.
Chandler would be a good fit at Miami, or with any team who needs someone to specialize on punt/kickoff returns. He is excellent at both.
I think Chris Smith to Chicago is a good idea. He is a hard hitting defensive back with enough speed to cover the NFL receivers.
Bouie to San Diego is an excellent choice. Having Merriman and Phillips bookend him would offset his height, keep the other teams focus off him, and allow him to use his ball-hawking skills.
Bostic will be a steal for any team. I would love to see him in Atlanta, as the Falcons secondary has been sub-par the past few seasons. He has the speed and size to step in and make a contribution.
I think Sam would benefit from any team that uses a two TE set at any time. He has great blocking skills and soft hands.
Josh, I think would benefit from a year or two in NFL Europe. I think it would allow him to get back to the level he was at prior to his senior year.

First off i love the dogs, they are really cute.
i have to say that im really glad that you acknowledged our star players. Im a Bouie guy so i hope he goes wherever. as much as i dont like the chargers i would love it if they could pick him up in the 7 round or whenever. it would be nice to have a LB on that team that isnt a juicer. I saw an interesting segment on Barnes on NFL network the other night and im glad hes getting his shot. If there is one person that i think is extremely overrated it is Jon Beason. Barnes and Bouie would be great together. ooohh, maybe they'll both be picked up by the same team.

My prediction, Barnes goes in 2nd round.

I'vebeen teammates with Antwan , Chandler Ke-ke, Chris, Bostic, Sam and Josh and all I have to say is that they are great players and also great people, so let's not fotget about that. It is so hard to find great players like them that have the athleticism and are also great people. God bless those players.

I can't believe that Antwan didn't go on day 1. I thought for sure he was going in the late second or early third round. But tomorrow is another day with 4 more rounds. I feel certain that we will have several guys become NFL players tomorrow.

Lets lobby the Giants to take Antwan. A DT in round 3??! COMEON!!! Antwan should have been taken way before everyone else. If he slips past round 4 then he should fire Drew Rosenhaus. With an agent like that he should have been late 3rd round. well tomorrow is another day and im sure we will see some of our guys called.

Now Antwan can hang out with Willis, Big Ray Ray and Ed Reed...you think he will train in the offseason at the U with the rest of the superstars?


nah Antwan will never forget his FIU family. COngrats Antwan.

Congrats to "El Monstruo". Those of us who have followed him since his very first day here are so proud of him!!!


Great for Chandler too!! Wow! Congrats to him and his family...We are so very proud!

Go FIU!!!!

i cant believe we have had 2 guys selected in the draft (doesnt matter how late)in only our 5th year of existance. I am so proud of all our guys and im so looking forward to watching them. I gotta say that the Minnesota Vikings are not exactly a fun team to watch(my opinion), especially with their purple uniforms, but i hope Chandler can be the Marques Colston of this season. As for Antwan, when the Dolphins play the Ravens ill be in Dolphin Stadium with his jersey on. im kinda sore over the fins' taking Ginn.

Antwan train at the U? Are you totally freakin nuts? El Monstruo is FIU baby! F-I-U!! Represent.

Ronny Silva, much love. Good to hear from you again. Represent those Golden Panthers brother.


I was really hoping for the "killer b's" to play together.. :0)

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