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El Monstruo brings them out; Thanks, Olindo

Barnesaction_2If Wednesday's workout with the Dolphins is any indication, you could picture Antwan "El Monstruo" Dolpjers Barnes (here taking down K-State running back Parrish Fisher) in aqua and orange. Checking the Dolphins current roster, No. 42 is available.

Seems "El Monstruo" -- which by the way I was told I misspelled in the previous post -- had a heck of a workout with the Fins on Wednesday. Frank_2

EM did the typical linebacker drills, along with Pitt linebacker H.B. Blades (the only 2 linebackers to workout for the Dolphins on Wednesday). Defensive coordinator Dom Capers also wanted to see EM work out of the 3-4 defense.

EM lined up at outside linebacker and was asked to perform drills where he would rush the quarterback -- as we all know EM's specialty.

EM said that Dolphins coach Cam Cameron did not come out for any of the workouts that day until the linebackers began working out.

"They told me they liked what they saw on film and that I looked real good on Wednesday. They said to be ready on draft day, but they couldn't tell me anything more because everything is a secret this time of year," Barnes said. Cwpunt

As for receiver Chandler Williams, he too had a solid day at Dolphin camp. Dolphins

GM Randy Mueller was talking to CW while he was about to catch punts, but CW didn't know he was talking to the Dolphins GM.

"I'm in the line getting ready to catch punts and this guy keeps asking me questions if I was ever a punt returner in college. Afterwards, one of the other receivers there asked me if I knew I was talking to the GM. I said 'I didn't even know who the Dolphins GM is".

All CW had to tell Mueller was check out my punt return for a touchdown (picture, above right) against USF last season.

CW also said of the 6 WRs to work out, he was the only one that was asked to go inside and watch film with WR coach Terry Robiskie.

While he was having lunch there, CW said the Fins scouting coordinator came over and told CW that if he doesn't get drafted that he may get brought in as a free agent. But CW had a better suggestion for the scouting coordinator.

"I told him you know that 6th round pick you guys got for Olindo Mare from the New Orleans Saints. You guys can use that pick on me."Om

The scouting coordinator could only smile.

Jersey No. 1 on the Dolphins is also available as a check of the current roster shows.                        

Alex Bostic did not workout, but says he should have a workout soon.


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Great job as always Pete. I can't wait to see our guys on Sundays. As for FIU, have you had any luck digging up the plans for the new stadium? The admin seems very hush hush over the whole project.

WOW this sounds like great news. Thanks for the information Pete. The Dolphins should take both Chandler Williams and Sam Smith. They have a few more picks than usual so i hope they use them wisely on our guys. but what about Bouie????!!

Good stuff, Pete, as usual!! It seems that El Monstruo is well on his way to being drafted, hopefully in the first day...and hopefully more by the Dolphins....CW doing that good is also very encouraging....

Keep them coming Pete!! Thanks a lot...Really!!

bang up job pete love the spunk that CW gave the scouting cordinatoor. shows he wants to be part of prestige team. and hes got the guts to say something like that... would be funny if they actually went trhoughw/ it lol. were you able to find out anything on the stadium? ground breaking? anything.

Best of luck to El Monstruo, Chandler, Bostic, Keyonvis and Sam Smith. It would be great if a couple of them could land with the Fins.
Pete, excellent work on the blog.

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