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...For if they don't get in it's a shame...

Switching gears to FIU baseball now and speaking of gears, if the 2007 Golden Panthers baseball team Base was a car they'd be stuck on the side of the road right now with the up and down season FIU is having.

FIU (17-18, 4-8 in Sun Belt) is currently in 10th place out of 11 teams in the Sun Belt Conference after dropping another Sun Belt series last weekend against Arkansas State. ONLY 8 teams make the conference tournament -- and unless you have a sparkling record like a Louisiana-Lafayette or Louisiana-Monroe -- your team needs to win the Sun Belt tournament to reach the NCAA postseason -- something the Golden Panthers have not seen since 2002.

So much for a sparkling record, the Golden Panthers have enough of a task right now in just trying to reach their conference tournament -- a given in years past.

If Harry Caray were still alive and he was the FIU p.a. announcer, he would have to change a line when he sings "Take me out to the ballgame" from "...for if they don't win it's a shame..." to "...for if FIU doesn't get in it's a shame...".  (Aside: Roman you got to start singing in the bottom of the 7th inning).

Hc    Anyways, back to the point of this post. . .The way the FIU baseball season is shaping up, the Golden Panthers may be playing for their only kind of championship this Wednesday when they take on the Hurricanes at FIU's University Park. Game time is at 7 p.m.

um last Wednesday came back and beat FIU 10-9 in 10 innings at Mark Light Field in Coral Gables. Which by the way, FIU catcher Luis Bautista's titanic two-run home run just landed at Coral Gables City Hall on Sunday, 3 days after he socked the cowhide out of Mr. Spalding.

This Wednesday, FIU has a chance to split the season series when they host um.

I'm told by the FIU athletic department, tickets are still available for Wednesday's home game and can be purchased at 1-866-FIU-GAME (1-866-348-4263).

After Wednesday's game, FIU has 18 Sun Belt games left beginning with a 3-game series against 2nd place Louisiana-Monroe this weekend at FIU. The only breathers -- if we can call them that -- that the Golden Panthers have the rest of the way are a 3-game series at Arkansas-Little Rock (2-9 in Sun Belt), who is the worst team in the conference (Apr. 20) and 2 games at Florida A&M (May 7,8) who FIU destroyed earlier this season.

Can the Golden Panthers still find some consistency and make some noise in the Sun Belt? 

Sure, this is baseball where anything can happen. But the way they've played so far this season, I wouldn't be taking my Herald paycheck to Vegas or for that matter, down the street to the the Miccoussukees or up the Turnpike to the Seminoles.      Veg_3


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Ha Ha! I agree with you, Pete. Roman needs to start singing. I have mentioned the same to him, but he's a wimp. Maybe he can get someone to sing for him. (I'm a wimp too, so don't look at me.)

I love the boys no matter what, but they need to step it up. I'll be at the game Wednesday, cheering them on. Go Golden Panthers!

One more thing, calling UM "UCG" cracks me up. I love it!

Just beat UCG and I'll be happy.

I am starting to support those who want to get rid of coach Price. How long before Pete Garcia gets tired of mediocre seasons. I say one more or s suprise early retirement with fanfare after this season.

When is Danny going to hang up his cleats so FIU baseball can begin to move forward again???

Buzz 'round town is that St. Thomas and even Barry are becoming more attractive to local players than FIU. Not to mention UCG and MDCC. By the way, where is Elih Villanueva ?. Is he doing any good ?

For Pete's sake (no pun intended). We cannot continue to be satisfied with beating UCG. I repeat . . . this program should be head and shoulders above UCG consistently. In another BTW, one of the three best players in Miami Dade County this year, Kenny Socorro from Miami High, is going to be attending Marshall University next year. FIU did not bother to recruit a kid that has been tearing the cover off the ball the last three years at Miami High, and is an EXCELLENT student. FIU did not bother to recruit his older brother, Javy Socorro, another top notch player and student who ended up going to Duke University. Many more examples of these types of things are out there, year in and year out. Seriously, Coach Price, feel free to announce your retirement before the season's out. You'll get your props, your kudos, your parties, etc. and you can leave on your own terms. Let's face it .. this team is going to struggle to even make the Sun Belt Tournament, and that is going to seal Coach's fate anyway.

I would like to add that Roman has no business singing at the games. Come to think of it, neither did Harry Caray. So, I guess, it must be a good idea. Way to go, Pete Pelegrin.

Agreed, Danny deserves to have the stadium named after him for what he has done for FIU baseball but we need new blood in their ASAP.

i'd venture to say we are on eof the worst d-1 teams in the state right now.

I have been a supporter of Price and the program for many years. However, the program has been in decline for the last 5-6 years or so. Something has to happen, as I am also not too happy with the on-field performance.....

Another disappointing loss to UCG tonight after leading the game into the 9th inning. I really like Danny, he's a great person but this is becoming very painful :(.

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