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Swimming with the Dolphins?

Miadolphs   Barn 

There will be some Golden Panthers swimming with Dolphins on Wednesday as

Antwan Barnes, Chandler Williams and Alexander Bostic workout for the Miami Dolphins at the Fins training facility in Davie.

As far all the draft experts go, and I'm sure you all have read the predictions and yada, yada, yada from the Mel Kipers of the world.....Antwan is expected to be drafted anywhere from the second round to the fifth. According to the "experts" all other FIU players are either late round picks or free agent signees.

But let's digress for a moment and think of the needs of our hometown professional football team. As far as linebackers go the Fins are loaded with Zach, free agent signee Joey Porter and Channing Crowder, but a young Antwan would sport the aqua and orange pretty nicely and be a pass rushing force, especially with Zach getting long in the tooth. Antwan -- also known as "El Monstro" as nicknamed by FIU spanish radio broadcasters Jerry Del Castillo and Pepe Campos, for his ability to terrorize opposing quarterbacks -- would likely do the same on Sundays this year. I think the NFL took notice after his monster NFL Combine in Indianapolis in February. By the way, El Monstro is Spanish for The Monster.

Frank                                                                                                             Bos                    Cw_3

With Chandler the Dolphins would be getting a taller and faster Wes Welker, who by the way now has his "caar, paark by the Haarvaard yaard in Boston" with the Pats. Current Miami backup receivers Derek Hagan, Az Hakim and Marcus Vick are not exactly making reservations for Honolulu and the Pro Bowl.

In Bostic, the Fins could get a guy who can play both linebacker and safety. At FIU's NFL Day last month, NFL scouts were talking about Bostic as a safety -- a position he played out of necessity at the end of last season after the suspensions were handed out for the dirty dancing with um. Bostic showed some skills playing safety, especially against Alabama last season.  The Dolphins current defensive backfield -- outside of Yeremiah Bell and when he's healthy Travis Daniels -- does not really make Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and co. shudder.

Now I'm not saying these Golden Panthers are ready to start in the NFL, but all 3 and even more like Keyonvis Bouie should all get a look in an NFL training camp come July. It would be a nice story if that training camp was in Davie.                                                                                                      



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i was thinking about this today!!!! I keep hearing that some teams are holding private workouts and i kept wondering if any of our guys had been asked to attend any. im glad that our guys are getting a chance to workout. but why no love for Bouie? He was back to back SBC defensive player of the year and he's had over 100 tackles for the last two seasons. I hope the fins take chandler and any of our other guys. i have to say that im really hoping the NY Giants take Antwan in the draft. They need a guy like him.

I don't care where these guys play. I just want them to make a name for FIU.

I am glad to see that some teams are taking notice of us. Our defense was stellar last season, though our record didn't show it. I hope that Bouie, Sam Smith, and Chris Smith get an opportunity as well. GOOD LUCK, GUYS!!

It would be amazing if all those players in the NFL next year.

Barnes was amazing last season, he lived in the backfield regardless of the caliber of competition, I'm sure he will do amazing things in the NFL.

Pete do you think the suspension for the brawl is what dropped TE Sam SMith's stock? his junior year several publications gave him alot of ink as NFL Prototype TE. I am stunned he is not getting more love.

I'd love to see all of them make it. I truly love, and have used the nickname "El MONSTRUO" (sorry..the "u" is there..) that the Spanish station announcers so aptly nicknamed Antwan through his years at FIU. It would be a coup to have more than one drafted, and Antwant drafted in the first day.....Also kind of wierd, if you only look at our 0-12 record of last season.

Keep them coming, Pete!!

I think Bostic is one of the most underated guys in the team, I've seen him play and he has a lot of heart and talent, he never gave up on a play, and he used he is very smart to read the offense. I think he will make a good safety in the NFL if any team take chance on him. I don't know him off the field, but he along with the other killer B's seem to have their heads on their shoulders. I more golden panthers can join Turnbull in the NFL, that will help us more in recruiting top talent, and keep getting better

Barnes will indeed be a monster on Sundays. That guy is a horse of a football player. The Dolphins need speed and if he would have gone to UCG he probably would be a 1st rounder so they could be getting a steal. Make it happen people!!

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