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"Those days are over, son!" -- The Sequel

Sequels are usually bad: just think Caddyshack 2, Speed: Cruise Control and anything with Steven Seagal.

But the sequel to "Those days are over, son!" got rave reviews on Friday night.

Spring football is over and what a way for it to end at Friday night's Blue/Gold Game.

If I was stranded on a deserted island for X number of years like Tom Hanks in "Castaway" and someone had dropped me at FIU Stadium on Friday night, I could have sworn I was in a "real" college football town. It reminded me a little of the environment when I was in Maryland last season covering the Golden Panthers game against the Terrapins.                             Th_2

At this moment, all of FIU should raise their right hands and place them over their left shoulders and pat themselves on the back, because the university, the athletic department and the football team put on one heck of a show on Friday night.

Maybe now, some who were confused by TDAOS can understand the point of the post "Those days are over, son!". If any of you folks missed it, you can scroll down and look for the blog featuring Einstein and Homer Simpson.

Anyways, we'll get to the football team's scrimmage performance in the next blog, but here let's digest what went on Friday night outside of the 100 yards of Astroplay surface.

Pork_4   For starters, there was an actual tailgate party. In previous seasons, there were a few gatherings of tailgating before regular season games, but nothing like you fans did on Friday night. My compliments to the chefs of the roast pork. I'm not a big pork fan, but those sandwiches were pretty good. Those were the type of sandwiches that could find their way onto the "Subrageous" menu across from FIU -- which may be the best sub shop in Miami.

As for the attendance, some players said after the game that they were worried they'd be playing in front of the usual get-togethers that have comprised the attendance at home games the last few years. More than 2,400 fans showed up -- for a 5-year-old program's spring game. More than 2,400 fans.....When the 2006 FIU season officially went in the tank after the Rocky 7 auditions against um at the OB, there were NOT 2,400 fans in attendance at the last 3 home games. (Has Sly gotten to Rocky 7, yet? I lost count after Clubber Lang) Rocky

Then you add to Friday evening, the sale of retro FIU athletic uniforms and gear, which went rather well I'm told and that's a good start to the pre-game festivities. Not to mention all the giveaways that were provided.

And from the many e-mails you folks have sent, everyone got a kick out of the new head coach's impassioned halftime speech. The same energy has been on display in every practice this spring. If for some reason, Cuban coffee ever becomes extinct, for some people their lives may come to a halt, but I think Mario will be just fine.

On Oct. 10, 2006, the eyes of the "Sleeping Giant" were opened when FIU hired PG as AD. On Dec. 20, 2006, the Sleeping Giant stretched and stood up when MC came on board as head coach. Now Apr. 20, 2007, the Sleeping Giant took a first step when it showed what it's capable of when things are done right.   

Giant_3  And remember TDAOS is not going to guarantee a win at Penn State on Sept. 1, but since Oct. 10, FIU has drawn one step closer.


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